Boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

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boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

A visit to Walt Disney World promises fun, excitement and thrills. . You will then either have to wait in another character line or put up with a fussy child. assisting cast member about being the first to see Fairy Godmother. Prioritizing the Magic Kingdom Characters – Locations, Pictures, Wait Times, Best Times to Meet etc. . A parent can save the child's spot in line at the Bow and Arrow Lesson or the First, you'll meet a Fairy other than Tinker Bell. .. Interaction: Pluto is usually more excited to meet you than you are him. Unsurprisingly, Robin Hood is somewhat reluctant to let his kid be Tinkerbell suggests happy, while Regina responds she'd just be weak.

She realized this was a bit of a mistake as nix's face turned sour, again, something that was all too easy to do. Seeing this tink continued "anyway, zerina learned just about everything about boats from captain hook and when I asked her she told me everything she had learned. Though that did give her pause for thought as with how long zerina was working with captain hook she wondered if she could read human writing?

That was something she would have to ask later but for now that was not important. This revelation did not sit very well with the other, or tinkerbell for that matter as last time a boat came to neverland it brought pirates with it. The remaining scout then flew ahead forming a line near nix. Tinkerbell then felt a hand on her shoulder pushing her back making her turn to see terance once again trying to protect her from a potential threat.

Once again great full but she had to wonder what he planned on doing if there wear pirates? While nix had settled down quite a bit after the neverbeast incident she was and always would be a vary duty oriented pixie. So for her having yet another potential threat on her hands, so close to pixie hollow no less After all they had already had to deal with pirates once when hook tricked zerrina and they did not need a repeat.

Tinkerbell had long decided to ignore such looks and just kept talking "well see we have been here on the shore for a while now right? Nix clearly thought about this for a minute before nodded a second or two later. To Which tink saw as a sight to proceed "well if there wear other people or pirates here shouldn't we have heard them by now?

Nix then turned away from tinkerbell and the rest of the group looking ahead at the boat in question while also not giving up on her grip on the quil. Pondering the tinkers statement there was some logic to it "tinkerbell is right. So unless the went inland or are asleep the boat should be empty. Coming to the conclusion that it should be relatively safe she began to direct her scouts "you two check are perimeter.

Keep watch and alert me if you see anything. Looking to her second the dark skinned and curly haired scout "you're with me. We need to scoop out the interior" she commanded the last scout to receive a curt nod as the pair flew towards the ship. Or they would have if the had not heard footsteps and wingbeats behind them turning around nix and her second saw silvermist, terence and tinkerbell following them much to her dismay.

Tinkerbell just put a hand on her hip something she did often with looking down upon authority. This cased nix to growl and a scoul to form on her face. While tinkerbell and her friends had fixed and or prevented a number of disasters as well as casing a few on more than one occasion.

Nix also did not like none scout fairies getting involved or intervening in scout business which investigating this boat clearly was. But instead of trying to tell the two pixies and sparrow man that she simply turn round and said "if you coming lets go.

The scouts could hear the triumphant of the tinker and her friends as they went to get closer to the ship. Truth was she was not going to even bother try and stop them.

There would not have been a point as even if she did they would have just followed a few minutes after they left anyway. As the group left they could hear clank and bobble saying "ah miss nix will stay out hear and watch the perimeter and will shout if we see anything. Moments later clank hesitantly quipped in "Y-ya that's right will stay out hear and guard the cart as well. Stay safe, and stay hidden" tinkerbell replayed to the pair as they looked for a way inside.

As the pair looked for a way inside tink gauged that the ship was about the length of the gryphons house, just not as tall. They could also see writing on the bow of the ship but tink could not read it making her wish she spent more time studying human things. However when she did manage to get inside the was the entrance that surprised both her and tarence.

While nix sil and the other scout went in through the top of the boat. She and tarence had walked all the way to the other side of the boat to find and opening, and when they did they see why the boat had run ah ground. There was a massive hole in the side of the ship easily as tall as or captain hook. The hole in the ship sat just above the water line meaning the rest of the boats floor was under eating.

Going in even further tinkerbell was honestly surprised the boat was still in mostly one piece as there were several massive cracks in the floor and outside walls. Over all the ship was a mess structurally and that was not taking the inside into account as it looked even worse than the lost boys home.

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And that was saying something. Looking about terence and tinkerbell could see what honeslt looked like a small house inside a room about the side of the gryphons living room. Though it was in poor condition as there was burn damage to a few of the walls.

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There was a table but it had fallen over and was broken in half. And on the far side the part that was under water there was what looked like a kitchen area with every manner of things knocked over. The place looked like a fast-flying whirlwind had hit the inside and that was if you forgot the fact that half the boat was under water. The puzzling part though was that all the damage looked recent, like only a day or two old recent.

So it made tinkerbell wonder wear the humans wear. Walking inside further to see more of the interior as they did the inspected the side more and looking at their surroundings it truly did remind the pair of the gryphons home. By this point it was clear that who ever this ship belonged to was ether gone As they forged undeeper being careful to avoid puddles of pooling water to keep their wings dry.

They stopped suddenly when they heard a sharp cracking sound under foot. Looking down the pair saw what they wear standing on was a human image thing photo. They realized that they wear so distracted by the interior that they had failed to notice what was under there feet. The wooden phram was broken and the glass holding the photo was smashed which was what caused the sound when terance stepped on it.

boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

On closer examination tinkerbell saw what looked like an older human man with graying hair and a mustache wearing a black suit with hat.

While standing next to him was a woman with long dark hair and clothed in a fine dress AN old school polaroid film was in exclusive black and white no color. And in the women's arms was a small cloth bundle in her arms which made tink curious as to what it could be. Over all the people in the picture looked This took terence and tinkerbell aback as they stared at the photo dumbfounded not sure what to make of it. Then it hit think like a barrel of bricks, looking around at the formerly cosy interior and all the homy things.

Terence looked at tink oddly for a moment before looking back at the photo himself. Terence then returned his gaze to tinkerbell opening his mouth to speak however was unable to say anything as "BANG! Covering their faces to guard against the dust that was stirred up.

‘Once Upon A Time’ recap: Is Tinkerbell ‘Quite a Common Fairy’?

Once the dust has settled they seen flying in through the now doorless doorway was nix and her second followed closely behind by sil. At first tink was tempted to ask how nix got the door knock off, and why she did not just open the door instead of kicking it down. But then threw these aside thinking about it the door probably was already badly damaged to the point of falling apart.

So it made sense both how, and why she just knocked it in. As soon as nix and her group spotted them they flew down and landed to meet them While sil looked around nix aprotched tink and terence before asking "did you two find anything? Tinkerbell and terence both just shook their heads "no" terance replayed first "minus the mess we haven't seen anything Nix also shook her head saying no "unfortunately As she walked into a near perfect circle around the pair taking in the surroundings.

I mean asid from the obvious human items. Once again it was terrance who answered as tinkerbells mind was to absorbed in the photo. We haven't seen and humans just this mess" he said motoning to the destroyed interior. Nix just gave a quick shake of her head "no nothing. Or in the rooms upstairs ether. The place looks like it might have been abandoned. This news did not bode well as nix finished her quick serva of the room they stood in "my guess is that the humans are likely wondering never land.

Once we do we hit them with night shade we can carry them back to the main land before anyone misses them. Even though it looked like tink was not listening she was, and she heard the whole plain that nix laid out to terance. She also listened as the pair discussed wear the human could have gone while she continued to examine the picture trying to make sense of it.

Specifically the bundle in the woman's arms she had never seen anything quite like it before. She had been to the gryphons house several times and heard about all manner of things from lizzy.

But not once did she see anything like this. I mean it reminded her of the baby doll, but that could not be right as baby's had arms and legs.

This all came to a stop when sil called out to them again "everyone. As tinkerbell she silently thought to herself 'her findstuff is becoming a recurring habit' and looking around at her fellow they were thinking the same thing.

Sil however was not looking so good as she honestly looked like she might be getting sick as her face was turning a bit green. Worried that she might have been getting sea sick again, something that was very bad for water fairy's to get given their jobs. If not for the serious look on seal's face tinkerbell would have started to laughing right now. So instead she decided to try and work sil through it "sil take a deep breath and explain what wrong.

Silvermist nodded her head before taking in a deep breath of air holding for a few seconds before releasing.

Now it was nix's turn to speak as she simply asked "now would you please tell us what's going on? Silvermist looked at the group for a second as if trying to figure out what to say.

After about a half minute of this she finally answer with "yes I am fine. Sil then turned around to face the water she was hovering over before saying "and I found the humans This immediately got the attention of all present as nix flew up to meet silvermist and tinker practically grabbed onto terence as he followed nix.

One tinker the to scouts and terance who tink was holding onto hand in hand, silvermist pointed to a place in the water. It was hard to see what she was pointing to through the dark murky water there wear silhouettes but it was hard to tell what they wear.

Though no sooner did the group think to ask sil why she thought she saw humans did she cup her hand together before pulling them apart. This cased the water to part also leaving an empty spot wear the water was revealing what silvermist had seen casing tinkerbell to let out an audible gasp. In the spot wear the water used to lay wear two full sized humans laying face down in the soggy boat floor.

They wear a few feet apart from one another and it was clear that there positions wear not natural. As it looked like the why there bodies wear contorted that they had been thrown and landed in their current positions.

It was tink however who recognised them "Terance look, there the same people from the picture. At first all she received was odd looks even from terance, but a moment later the light in side went off in the sparrow mans head.

And he was right the man with white hair was wearing a simply white shirt and gray pants while the woman was wearing a far planer blue dress without all the frills from the picture. The could also see she had a lovely shade of brown hair similar in shade to one of fawns dresses. However one thing that was perfectly clear to all fairies was that these people wear no longer living having long since gone.

So with this new found information sil let the water slip as she could not keep it at bay any longer. Once the humans wear covered up they flew back down to there previous spot near the picture being careful to avoid the glass. The mood was rather depressive as even though they would have likely had of treated them harshly in order to catch them and bring them back to the mainland Fairy's live extremely long lives as does any creature born in neverland as even short lived animals like mice can live for decades if born in neverland.

However even despite this fairies wear not invulnerable to age and they respected life, all life no matter how. And looking about the group of fairies it was easy to see they all felt the loss Tink was leaning up against terrace unable to trust her own feet as they felt weak to stand as a few tears slipped down her face. Terence had put an arm around tinkerbell which she did not refuse and he had also taken his hat off in respect.

Silvermist was full on crying unable to contain herself anymore as she was the most sensitive in matters like this. Even the scouts wear affected nix's second looking away with her face downcast from the news.

And nix herself was also taken down a few notches as she cradled her spear unsure of herself. The group was quite for several minutes none daring to speak the only noise coming from the creaking boat and water as well as silvermists tears of sadness. Not even nix said anything as she was also affected heavily. While cruel and unforgiving to anything she deemed a threat these people had done no harm to anyone. So for her to see innocent lives taken especially given what she almost did to the neverbeast However nix eventually did overcome her temporary grief and put up a facade of indifference.

Taking stock of her fellow she decided now was as good a time as any to rally the fairies. Once she was sure she had there attention she continued her speech, "it's clear now that they wear the only ones here.

Once we do that we will head back to pixie hollow and inform queen clarion of what happened. After that will come back with greater number so we can give these people the respect the diserve.

The others wear slightent for a few seconds more but tink eventually chimed in leaving terances arms. Looking over to silvermist it was clear she was hit the hardest and given how sweet and innocent she was it was not hard to see why.

She wanting to give the girl a chance to distance herself "sil why don't you go and tell clank and bobble what happened, then go and find the other scouts as I'm sure they will want to know what happened.

Silvermist said nothing as she tearfully nodded her head before flying out the hole in the side of the ship. As sil flew away tink could not help but say "I'm starting to regret letting her come along. Nix then stepped inline beside "don't feel guilty she volunteered. Besides there's no way you could have known. Even if she did not mean to make her feel better tink was glad for the words nix shared as she was right.

The people in the boat wear probible long gone before it even made shore. So even if they had known there was likely nothing they could have done to save them. In the end all they could do was give them the proper respect they deserve. Nix then began discussing with them if someone should stay to watch the remains a wailing cry rang out through the ship. Nix immediately readyed her quill spear and her second readyed a bow with night shade arrow that tink had wiped up recently.

The sound was strange something that none of them had ever heard before. A mix of the filmilure and the bizarre all at the same time. It was high pitched like when some let out a screen of pain, but different as it did not sound of pain rather Whoever or whatever this sound was it was coming from the lower floor they wear on and from the sounds of it coming from a room behind the stairs near the front of the ship.

Nix then let out a grown of annoyance before saying "the one time I wish fawn was around she had the week off. As having the animal fairy right now would be useful in identifying what it was.

But she had the rare week off because she had worked herself to hard and passed out, so she was given some time to rest and a slap on the wrist for forgetting to sleep. Nix and her second wear the first to move towards the sound as tinkerbell without her wings could not fly away. While terence reached a hand for the pouch of emergency dust he had started to carry around even before tinks probation. After all with friends like tink it pays to have a little extra "just incase.

Upon noticing the door nix snapped her finger and her second flew forward with nix not far behind. They stopped with nix pressing up against one side of the door and her second on the other. They both waited quietly for a few seconds listening carefully to hear if there was anyone else in the room with the thing making all the noise. A short time later nix concluded that this creature was alone or at least it sounded like it was.

Looking over to her second who gave a nod of affirmation before she watched the curly haired scout try and open the door. However after trying the door knob with no successes it was easy to see that it was stuck. Clicking her tongue in frustration she too no time to look down towards tink and terence. And judging from the look in the tinkers eyes she had the same idea. And just like that with in seconds terance deposited tinkerbell onto the jammed door.

It took next to no time at all to see what was wrong with it being some the key still being in the key hole. Before nix could think of a plain incase what ever was in the room would attack the door with tink suddenly swung in words. The the door now open they could now see that was on the other side and much to their surprise it was a small bedroom.

There was a large bed which faced towards the pointed noise of the ship with a few small but reasonably sized windows that showed outside. There was also a dresser on the starboard wall.

Almost immediately nix and her second changed forward checking the opposite side of the bed the only reasonable place to hide. However much to there relief and confusion they found nothing behind the bed. When the scouts looked back to tink and terence who wear still near the door and gave a no to them And the sound was clearly coming from this room, unless there's a trick going on which is unlikely. So then wear is it coming from?

boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

Her gaze then went to the suspicious looking tower structure in the middle of the room in front of the bed. As they approached the pair of scouts took notice of their actions flew over to join them and as the did the wailing started up again confirming they wear on the right track.

Both pairs arrived at the strange tower structure at about the same time. However what they saw when they got there would be the biggest surprise that pixie hollow would likely ever see. What they saw was a tiny human. Everyone present stood completely stunned by the sight before them. As not only was this human vertraly unscached at least compared to the rest of the boat, but also the fact that it was so small.

The human if one could call him that due to his size was small even smaller than the neverbeast. And while the neverbeast was big even by human standards full sized humans wear many times larger. The human was currently flailing about clearly very upset by something while wearing a blue pair of pajamas. Nix's second was quite for a few seconds before continuing "well Thinking about the question for a moment she realized she had seen a rather small human once, that being one of wendy's brothers.

However wendy's brother, what was it michal?

boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

Look for semi-official looking people with blue shirts and walkie-talkies or headsets. Be aware that characters appearing outdoors on hot days will take much more frequent breaks than those hanging out in air-conditioned digs.

Are there PhotoPass photographers at the character greeting stations? Some, but by no means all, character greetings have a nearby PhotoPass photographer to capture your memories. They are totally used to doing this and are happy to help. Do you have any tips for getting a good photo with a character? Touring Plans contributor and all around photo god Tom Bricker has some great tips for getting better family photos in the Disney parks.

Watch the position of the sun. Perhaps you can ask the character to pivot a bit for less glare. Or maybe save character photography or any human photography for times other than mid-day.

Your flash will wash out your subject. Figure out your camera settings and learn how to take a decent indoor picture without using the flash. It matters what you wear. Take a quick glance at the background of your shot. Is there a tree behind little Katie that makes her look like she has horns? Can this be fixed quickly to make your overall photo more attractive?

boy excited to meet tinkerbell wait

Photo opportunities with several unrelated characters are rare, take advantage of this if you find an opening to do so. Can I take more than one photo with a character? Sure, but try to be as efficient as possible. However, there are some particular favorites that require the group pose plus an individual shot of just one of the girls with the character.

Or imagine any other of a thousand unpleasant scenarios that might occur if characters held children. A semi-private character greeting is part of the Magic Kingdom Family Magic tour.

It depends on what the sign says. Can I take video of my child with a character? But please be aware of the other guests and their desire for character interaction. A few seconds of video is fine, enough footage for an hour-long documentary is not. Are there age limits for meeting characters? This is not even a little bit weird at all. In fact, I absolutely insist that every grown-up get at least one photo with Mickey without a child in the frame.

He put it on himself! Is there anything I can do to increase the quality of my interaction with a character? If the characters are super busy, you might not be able to get more than a quick hug or hello. But there are many times when you can get a more substantial or personal interaction with a character.

The trick to get characters to engage with you, is to give them an opening or hook they can latch on to. One of my personal favorite character interaction stories happened this past Christmas, which we celebrated at Walt Disney World.

You could tell that Duffy himself was reeeeeally ready for a vacation himself. He insisted on putting on one of the hats and posing for photos in it. This bit was simultaneously funny and ironic, as well as completely personal for our family. There are many characters available during the RunDisney races that are much more unique and memorable than Mr.

I was just too tired to stop for them. Sometimes, but not often. Lilo and Stitch are also somewhat easy to find as a set. But most other characters only greet alone. Are there places other than meals where I can be sure to meet a character without waiting in line?

There are a few tours that include character experiences. But you will have to pay for these experiences like you would if you get character interaction as part of a meal. Are character greetings ever impacted by the weather?

Any outdoor character greeting will be either cancelled or moved during rain and possibly even during extreme heat or cold. Is it possible to have a character at a private event at Walt Disney World?

You can get Mickey or almost any other character to appear at your wedding reception or other private event. Be aware that this level of character interaction does not come cheap. Speak with your Disney event planner for details and pricing. A photo with the Dapper Dans can be just as iconic as a photo with a character. Can Mickey Mouse or another character give my child his birthday present? Maybe, but this would really be a spur of the moment thing handled on a case by case basis.

If you happen to have a small gift for your child and there is a character present, and few other guests around, then go ahead and ask the character handler if you can work something out. Can I arrange for Mickey or another character to help me with a proposal? Mickey is a busy mouse so this kind of thing can be a challenge to work into his schedule. I have, however, heard stories about this happening in an impromptu fashion. Are there people other than characters that I should be getting a photo with?

To me, these folks symbolize Disney as much as many of the traditional characters. My daughter got to ride on Dumbo with Minnie. This was the start of a long relationship with Disney for our family. How can I make this happen? She is expected to move alongside Donald to the Character Landing in the near future. Daisy met with Donald in her Halloween costume outside Storybook Treats. Epcot — Minnie greets at Character Spot in her traditional polka dot dress along with Mickey and Goofy. Waits are usually 15 to 30 minutes and it may be ideal if you want to meet the other characters.

Waits are usually shorter. Beach Club — Cape May Cafe for breakfast only in a beach-y outfit. When it opens, the Mine Train will sit in front of it. Park open through 30 minutes before regular Park close.

She greets during morning and evening Extra Magic Hours. Verify times at https: The queue is covered, but outside. There are actually two Ariels here, so wait times are half of what they would be otherwise. The setting is a cute clam shell.

Guests enter the queue next to the standby line and wait a minute or two before meeting Ariel. They only let one group in at a time, so the meet is among the most intimate on property. Waits usually peak in the 35 to 45 minute range in the afternoon. I would pop in before doing Journey of the Little Mermaid in the morning. Ariel met in the same location in the same outfit. Buzz Lightyear — To Infinity and Beyond! And Then Beyond That!

Watch out for that laser — it could take your head off! He is not particularly chatty, but he does pose and interact the best way he can. Buzz usually has wait times in the 20 to 25 minute range in the afternoon. There, he normally appears with Woody and a statue of Hamm. Wait times are usually much longer there, making this an easier place to meet him unless you visit him in Hollywood Studios at a highly recommended time.

Minnie and Daisy greet in the same tent, but their line is separate. Their line wraps around in front of them. These costumes are more elaborate than usual, resulting in some fun meets. Donald and Goofy are less popular than Minnie and Daisy and their wait time is usually 5 to 15 minutes shorter. Expect to wait 10 to 20 minutes in the afternoon. Wait times are also much lower in the evening, particularly after 8pm. You could plan to visit them later in the evening as well. He usually appears with Pluto, though they also appear individually.

Wait times are usually slightly longer there. Waits are typically 20 to 30 minutes but you have the benefit of meeting the other two characters. He normally appears with Pluto.

Lines are variable, but usually longer than Magic Kingdom. Waits were similar during the day and much longer after 6pm. Around the winter holidays, he also dons a wreath. Wait times are comparable to Magic Kingdom, generally speaking. Animal Kingdom — At Tusker House Restaurant, he takes pictures and interacts with diners before they are seated.