Arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

The Question Remains:"Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon" (Chapter Bottled Up Tight)

arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

Half an hour after the accident,Arnav reached the wounded and Aarav,NK and Khushi barely left Arnav's side ever. Today the two on Khushi. Think of something. . You can come and meet him if you. Khushi closes Arnav's eyes and brings him to a dark room. Arnav asks what Khushi says in her mind, that's what I wanted.. you to concentrate fully on this game so I can prove my doubt wrong. Khushi now . Aarav tells whereever Khushi goes accidents happens. Pricipal He meets Sheetal and Aarav outside the room. Episode starts with Arnav telling Dadi that her parents had accident and then a lot about Khushi and I will meet her and her family tomorrow on shagun's time. Khushi's mother says she is not feeling well and tells Buaji to handle Dadi ji.

Arnav called Khushi first, no longer worried about whether he can call her. Chhote, why are you worrying so much?

arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

Why did they need to— Arnav begins, before cutting himself off, Di, I think there will be a delay in the havan because of those two. Shyam tries to hide his glee, while Nani asks where Chhote disappeared off to.

The first stirrings of genuine worry, of panic, begin inside him, and then increase when he notices broken red bangles on the road.

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He recalls Khushi and NK talking about her bangles before the havan. From the one she left in his car after the guesthouse, to these ones on the road, to the ones she will leave in his car during the contract marriage, to the ones that break on the day of their second wedding, they represent times when Arnav is dangerously close to losing Khushi.

Arnav picks the broken red bangle up and starts to look more closely at the scene of the accident - broken glass, spots of blood - and when he asks the passer-by about the accident again, the man frustratedly repeats that a girl got into an accident and that she was with a boy.

arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

Panic Arnav chases after the retreating ambulance and trips on a golden shoe. She now asks, does she love as well?

arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

Arnav says, a lot. She loves jalebis a lot. He asks Khushi, what are you trying to ask?

arnav thinks khushi meet with an accident

Now I am really feeling sleepy and I want to sleep. Khushi says, but I wanted to ask you that. Sheetal now comes to Raizada house with Aarav. Nk calls junior to Aarav, and Aarav says, I am not junior. Nk says, it might be.

He then welcomes her inside. Sheetal says, I am trying to find keys. Khushi says in her mind, for school admission form. Khushi tells Sheetal, I will also come with you. Arnav says that he will drop them. Nk says, I am also free. I will also go there with Sheetal ji… and then he says, I mean. Anjali says, you promised Nani that you will go to temple with her on monday. Nk says, I forgot.

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Khushi whispers, to show an angry face to everyone. Aarav stares at her and then says, reading. There are libraries in your school right? Principal says, of course. Principal then gives a form to fill out. So she lost lots of blood and could not save her as her whole body got damaged. I am sorry Mr. Raizada, but it's the truth Arnav wakes up all drenched in sweat. He looks around to find himself in room.

The bright sun rays on his face. He glances around the room to find himself alone Then he remembers his dream. He had lost her Anjali others see him running down yelling for Khushi. Khushi ko kuch nahi hua. He sees everyone looking at him Anjali comes to him and tries to talk to him.

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Khushi, who was coming stood rooted there itself not understand what's going on and why Arnav was hugging her. A day ago he called her filthy and gold-digger and cursing her about her death and now he was hugging her. Then, she looks at all members standing front Arnav loosens the hug and kisses all over her face. After a while he stops and asks her without her any reply.

He was desperately kissing, caressing and asking her He was not in control today She holds Arnav's hand then puts her hands on his both cheek and caresses his cheeks.