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Preceded by, The New Super Friends Challenge of the Super Friends. Followed by, Super Friends. The World's Greatest Superfriends is an American animated television series about a team of "The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein" - Aquaman and the Wonder Twins are not seen this episode, they are visiting the city of. Beginning with Challenge of the Super Friends, several of the heroes' . In one animated short, Aquaman and Wonder Woman meet the Powerpuff Girls. The following day, all of the Super Friends meet at the Hall of Justice. of the Super Friends series under the new name The Challenge of the Super Friends.

Superman must take the Supermobile to go to the site where Krypton blew up and get the Blue Kryptonite in time to save the other Super Friends. Using the ray device the three villains stole from Superman, he sends the Kryptonian villains back to the Phantom Zone. He proposes for the Legion of Doom to travel back in time and prevent them from existing.

Cheetah cheats in a tournament and becomes Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor becomes Green Lantern. They travel back in time and rectify Luthor's meddling and gain back their teammates.

The three Kryptonian villains used "Terror from The Phantom Zone" were new ones created for this series and have never appeared in DC comics original continuity. In this story the Super Friends have to stop an energy draining monster which exists on computer tape and can appear anywhere at any time. Wonder Woman and Superman, during one scene, go undercover as a science expert and Clark Kent, in an attempt to learn how the energy creature can be destroyed.

One of the scientists working in the lab turns out to be the culprit responsible for unleashing the energy creature. The story borrows heavily from the national headlines of the time during the concerns of a looming energy crisis.

Gorilla Grodd attempts to take over Gorilla City a society of super-intelligent apes with a mind-altering vapor that induces fear in its inhabitants. However, King Solovar has protected himself from the vapor and has Grodd banished as he was before for attempting to overthrow him.

Brainiac has created a brain-wave amplifier to control anyone in a mile radius. Grodd convinces him to use it to take over Gorilla City. Solovar escapes before its activation and asks The Super Friends for their aid in stopping The Legion of Doom, who now control all inhabitants of Gorilla City and wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting Africa.

The Super Friends must stop the plans of a conqueror named Torhana who seeks vengeance on the people of the surface world by freezing everything in his path. Torhana and his crew travel by ship, freezing oceans and continents and people Aquaman uses his telepathy to summon sword-fish to cut him out of the ice and take him to Atlantis.

Torhana and his crew appear to have the upper hand but by episode's end the Super Friends regroup and come up with a clever plan to melt all of the ice that's engulfed the planet. This is one of the few episodes in the series that features Aquaman at his usual base of operations in the comic books: The Legion of Doom makes a deal with an old swamp sorceress and her demon — an equivalent amount of the power of good in exchange for an equivalent amount of the power of evil.

In order to gain that power of evil, the Legion decides to give the demon the Super Friends as the power of good. The Super Friends are captured and put to sleep in coffins. However in the Legion of Doom's greed for more power, they capture the demon believing he would give them an infinite source of power and pays the price for it when he uses his powers to escape. Offended by this, he summons his army of zombies to attack them. This forces the Legion of Doom to release the imprisoned Super Friends.

The old swamp sorceress tells them of a tactic to defeat the zombies in exchange for letting the Legion of Doom go. However, feeling the balance of power must be balanced for her performing a positive spell, she turns on the Super Friends and reveals that she and the entity were the same being.

While in space Batman and Superman become possessed by brain creatures. The brain creatures ultimately take over the minds of Wonder Woman, Robin, and Aquaman when it appears that the Wonder Twins are successfully defeating Batman and Superman's asteroid attack of Earth. Batman and Superman, while under mind control, continue to attack the Earth by firing huge asteroids on the surface.

Superman uses his speed to hurl multiple asteroids at the Earth's surface which causes fissures, fires, and floods. Wonder Woman uses her mental powers to overcome the mind control and with the help of a magnetic cloud the brain creatures are expelled from the brains of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Robin, Batman, and Superman.

Wonder Woman then devises a plan to send an electric current throughout Earth and trap the brain creatures which Superman uses a laser gun and sends the brain creatures many light-years away from Earth.

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The Legion of Doom has suddenly started acting heroic, much to the shocking surprise of The Super Friends. When a distress signal is transmitted to the Justice League computer, the Legion of Doom acting as The Legion of Good offers to help instead, but this proves to be a ruse in order for them to travel far into the year to finally conquer the earth, aided by a savage group of aliens.

With the Riddler leaving cryptic clues easily broken by Batman, the Super Friends learn in a further century about their takeover and travel to to foil them. A crooked space circus proprietor, Zarnum, uses a device to turn protected animals that have been illegally captured into beasts to boost attendance at his space circus.

Sensing that the Super Friends are onto his scheme he uses the device to change Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins into space creatures. It's up to the rest of the Super Friends to track down the elusive space circus, rescue the captive Super Friends, and bring an end to the poaching that's been taking place. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Apache Chief — as well as their sinister adversaries — are sent to another universe to engage in a series of contests where the losers will be eliminated.

The other Super Friends and Legion of Doom members search for their missing colleagues. Zarnum's name is loosely based on circus legend P. Batman and Robin head off to a planet named Texarkana after receiving a distress alert that a local villain, The Capricorn Kid, is terrorizing the planet. After defeating the Kid and putting him in jail the Kid vows revenge.

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He and his group of outlaws travel to Earth, break into the Hall of Justice, and plot their revenge on all the Super Friends. The Kid's group successfully places each of the Super Friends in dangerous situations and they deliberately force Batman and Robin into freeing each person In a show-down Batman and the Kid meet up in an old-fashioned shootout. Toyman develops a device that can project anyone into the pages of a storybook.

The three villains trap the three Super Friends in the treacherous books. However when Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Black Vulcan catch on, they trick Sinestro, Giganta and Captain Cold into helping them rescue their teammates by claiming that Cheetah and the others are still trapped inside the books.

At the start of the episode the Super Friends are involved in an intense outer space battle. Moments into the battle Wonder Woman gets a telepathic message from Aphrodite to help save the planet from a disturbance.

Afterward all of the Super Friends show up and Aphrodite praises them on their great work and good will. An envious Hera gets into an argument with Aphrodite on Mount Olympus which triggers the wrath of Zeus. Hera criticizes Aphrodite for praising "mortals" such as the Super Friends and she suggests to Zeus that the Super Friends are not as powerful as Aphrodite claims. Zeus then creates a contest in which each of the Super Friends must do battle with mythological demons in an effort to prove they are worthy of Aphrodite's praise.

Batman and Robin must battle a Sphinx and solve its riddle, Aquaman has to fight a demon that protects the golden fleeceSuperman battles a minotaurand Wonder Woman has to battle Medusa.

The Wonder Twins get mixed up in all of this when they see Medusa in the shadows and mistake her for Wonder Woman Gleek manages to escape Medusa's clutches and ends up aiding Wonder Woman in removing Medusa's necklace. By the episode's end the Super Friends prove to be worthy of Zeus's praise.

wiki challenge of the super friends meet

The three villains decide to kill the Legion of Doom for their betrayal, until the Super Friends find out this is just a ploy to get them distracted. Aquaman is exposed to a radioactive substance that turns him into a prehistoric sea creature from which he evolved.

In order to cure him, Superman and Wonder Woman, inside the Supermobile, are shrunk down to microscopic size and sent within the creature's veins to attempt to give it another dose of radiation in the hopes that it will reverse the effects of the radiation and return Aquaman to normal.

In the meantime the rest of the Super Friends have to do whatever they can to limit the creature's destructive nature all over the city. The Super Friends mourn the death of Batman a. Bruce Wayne and have gone into hiding after The Legion of Doom unearth a crystal called "Noxium", created by one-time member Dr.

It can then kill all of the Super Friends. The Legion of Doom then plans to take over the world after they have disposed of the Super Friends and the crystal, only for it to be found and disposed of in deep space allowing the Justice League to stop The Legion, who finds out too late they were in hiding and had really killed off their android clones.

The Super Friends are visited by Mister Mxyzptlk who comes complete with a script for a movie that he wants the Super Friends to star in.

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The imp uses his 5th dimensional mind control to cause the Super Friends to act out the script In one scene in "The Rise and Fall of the Super Friends", a zombie Lois Lane shows up in a wedding dress wearing a kryptonite wedding ring. The Earth is in ruins after an unexplained catastrophe occurs.

Both the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom have been destroyed, as well as the human and animal population of Earth, rendering it dead. Natural disasters triggered by human or alien activity were often shown, and environmental themes featured strongly in the program. When animation company Hanna-Barbera acquired rights to the DC Comics characters and adapted the Justice League of America comic book for television it made several changes in the transition, including the change of name to Super Friends.

Nevertheless, team members sometimes referred to themselves as the Justice League on the show. Thus, Cartoon Network was not able to air the series until after the merger of Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting System was completed. Plot lines for the later series involved many of the familiar DC Comics super-villains but the first incarnation of the Super Friends did not.

Instead, like the comic books, they focused on the far-fetched schemes of mad scientists and aliens, who were invariably revealed as being well-intentioned, and simply pursuing their goals through unlawful or disreputable means. Typically, at the end of each story, a peaceful and reasonable discussion would typically be performed by the heroes to convince the antagonists to adopt more reasonable methods.

wiki challenge of the super friends meet

The All-New Super Friends Hour departed somewhat from the previous series' formula by featuring villains using more elaborate methods to further their goals; as a rule they could not be reasoned with, requiring the heroes to use direct force to stop them. Beginning with Challenge of the Super Friends, several of the heroes' arch-villains from the comic books such as Lex Luthor and The Riddler began to feature prominently in comic-style stories.

Throughout the series, plots often wrapped themselves up neatly in the final minutes of an episode in the fashion of the typical comic books and deus ex machina. Characters There were multiple appearances by many other JLA members on the show, including some created specifically for the series such as Apache Chief and Black Vulcan but originally the show centered around a core group of five members.

Superman Superman - Superman displayed all of his usual abilities including; heat vision, super strength, super speed, flight, x-ray vision, etc.

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