Where did dr king and his wife meet

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where did dr king and his wife meet

Martin Luther King met his future wife when both were students in Boston ( Globe File Photo) Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King at. In Coretta Scott met Martin Luther King Jr., They faced some resistance from the Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and his wife, In spring Martin received his Ph.D. The. Prepared by her family, education, and personality for a life committed to social While in Boston she met Martin Luther King, Jr. who was then studying for his.

Botolph Street, he was not particularly active in the neighborhood. While he was involved with Boston University campus activities, and several churches in the city, particularly the Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, he was not a visible leader in the immediate area. He joked around, he dated - he was a man about town with a new Chevy.

But Cartwright was also quick to point out that just because King was not the political or civil rights activist he would later become, it doesn't mean Boston didn't have a profound effect upon him - or he upon Boston. Howard Thurman, who was dean of Marsh Chapel in the s, one of the first black men to be appointed to such a position on a predominantly white campus, was also a mystic who had gone to India on a goodwill mission in the '30s and had met Gandhi. When King arrived in Boston, Thurman, who was a friend of the young scholar's parents, took King under his wing, becoming both a role model and a friend.

My wife and I always wondered just what would have happened to the civil rights movement if in fact he'd gone. According to Cartwright, King left the speech spellbound, thinking that he had found a way to bring about a social change in a peaceful, loving way. But I must tell you, if King hadn't met Coretta, I don't think his life would have been what it was," said Cartwright.

But perhaps one of Boston's greatest contributions to King - and its most difficult to quantify - is the influence of the city itself. In the s, the intersection of Massachusetts and Columbus avenues where King lived was the heart of a vibrant black community filled with renowned jazz clubs, pool halls, and restaurants. Here, well-dressed patrons, black and white, arrived night after night, hopping from club to club to hear world-class music.

Along with his wife, he ran a clothing shop far from their home and later opened a general store. He also owned a lumber millwhich was burned down by white neighbors after Scott refused to lend his mill to a white male logger. Coretta's maternal grandfather, Martin, was born to a slave of Black Native American ancestry, and her white master who never acknowledged Martin as his son.

He eventually owned a acre farm. Because of his diverse origins, Martin appeared to be white. However, he displayed contempt for the notion of passing. As a self-taught reader with little formal education, he is noted for having inspired Coretta's passion for education.

where did dr king and his wife meet

Cora died before Coretta's birth. Jeff Scott was a farmer and a prominent figure in the rural black religious community; he was born to former slaves Willis and Delia Scott. In addition, she also mentioned having been stronger than a male cousin and threatening before accidentally cutting that same cousin with an axe.

His mother threatened her, and along with the words of her siblings, stirred her to becoming more ladylike once she got older. She saw irony in the fact that despite these early physical activities, she still was involved in nonviolent movements.

Coretta quoted her mother as having said, "My children are going to college, even if it means I only have but one dress to put on. The bus was driven by Coretta's mother Bernice, who bussed all the local black teenagers. Scott directed a choir at her home church in North Perry Country.

When Martin met Coretta

After being accepted to Antioch, she applied for the Interracial Scholarship Fund for financial aid. Coretta said of her first college: Antioch had envisioned itself as a laboratory in democracy but had no black students. Edythe became the first African American to attend Antioch on a completely integrated basis, and was joined by two other black female students in the fall of Pioneering is never easy, and all of us who followed my sister at Antioch owe her a great debt of gratitude.

She also became politically active, due largely to her experience of racial discrimination by the local school board. The board denied her request to perform her second year of required practice teaching at Yellow Springs public schools, for her teaching certificate Coretta Scott appealed to the Antioch College administration, which was unwilling or unable to change the situation in the local school system and instead employed her at the college's associated laboratory school for a second year.

Additionally, around this time, Coretta worked as a babysitter for the Lithgow family, babysitting the later prominent actor John Lithgow. Coretta was the only one remaining after Powell named two girls and King proved to not be impressed with the other.

Scott initially showed little interest in meeting him, even after Powell told her that he had a promising future, but eventually relented and agreed to the meeting. King called her on the telephone and when the two met in person, Scott was surprised by how short he was. King would tell her that she had all the qualities that he was looking for in a wife, which Scott dismissed since the two had only just met.

You don't even know me. She readily accepted his invitation to a weekend party. Two weeks after meeting Scott, King wrote to his mother that he had met his wife. Edythe was able to tell her sister had legitimate feelings for him, and she also became impressed with his overall demeanor. However, since King possessed many of the qualities she liked in a man, she found herself "becoming more involved with every passing moment.

While the Kings had tea and meals with their son and Scott, Martin Sr. After Coretta did not respond to his questioning of their romance being serious, Martin Sr.

where did dr king and his wife meet

Once the two obtained Edythe's number from Coretta, they sat down with her and had lunch with her. During their time together, Martin Luther King Sr. Edythe insisted that her sister was an excellent choice for Martin Luther King Jr. With a wedding set in June, only four months away at that time, Coretta still did not have a commitment to marrying King and consulted with her sister in a letter sent just before Easter Vacation.

Coretta had the vow to obey her husband removed from the ceremony, which was unusual for the time. After completing her degree in voice and piano at the New England Conservatory, she moved with her husband to Montgomery, Alabamain September Before long, we found ourselves in the middle of the Montgomery bus boycott, and Martin was elected leader of the protest movement.

As the boycott continued, I had a growing sense that I was involved in something so much greater than myself, something of profound historic importance. I came to the realization that we had been thrust into the forefront of a movement to liberate oppressed people, not only in Montgomery but also throughout our country, and this movement had worldwide implications.

I felt blessed to have been called to be a part of such a noble and historic cause. It was a sacrifice for Coretta, who had to give up her dreams of becoming a classical singer. Her devotion to the cause while giving up on her own ambitions would become symbolic of the actions of African American women during the movement. Coretta became a member of the choir and taught Sunday school, as well as participating in the Baptist Training Union and Missionary Society.

Wallace, she "captivated her concert audience. In JanuaryKing answered numerous phone calls threatening her husband's life, as rumors intended to make African Americans dissatisfied with King's husband spread that Martin had purchased a Buick station wagon for her.

By the end of the boycott, Mrs. King and her husband had come to believe in nonviolent protests as a way of expression consistent with biblical teachings. The three were not harmed. Yolanda was their first grandchild.

where did dr king and his wife meet

King's husband joined them the next day, at dinner time. During Martin Luther King Sr. King picked up her daughter and went upstairs, which he would express dismay in later and tell her that she "had run out on him. With a performance sponsored by the Omicron Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, King changed a few songs in the first part of the show but still continued with the basic format used two years earlier at the New York gala as she told the story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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The concert was important for Coretta as a way to continue her professional career and participate in the movement. The concert gave the audience "an emotional connection to the messages of social, economic, and spiritual transformation.

Her husband was arrested outside the courtroom for "loitering" and "failing to obey an officer. At that time, she learned that he had been stabbed while signing copies of his book Stride Toward Freedom on September 20, King rushed to see her husband, and stayed with him for the remainder of his time in the hospital recovering. The three were invited to hundreds of engagements.

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The two returned to the United States on March 10, The two went to the rear of the home, where Yolanda was sleeping and Coretta called the First Baptist Church and reported the bombing to the woman who answered the phone. He was confronted by an angry crowd of his supporters, who had brought guns. He was able to turn them away with an impromptu speech. Ernest Walters, the lone witness, did not manage to get the license plate number because of how quickly the events transpired.

The two arrived nearly at the same time, along with her husband's mother and brother. Coretta's father Obie said he would take her and her daughter back to Marion if his son-in-law did not take them to Atlanta. Coretta Scott King tirelessly carried the message of nonviolence and the dream of the beloved community to almost every corner of our nation and globe.


She was the first woman to deliver the class day address at Harvard, and the first woman to preach at a statutory service at St. A life-long advocate of interracial coalitions, in Mrs. Inshe re-convened the Coalition of Conscience for the 25th anniversary of the March on Washington.

where did dr king and his wife meet

In preparation for the Reagan-Gorbachev talks, in she served as head of the U. One of the most influential African-American leaders of her time, Mrs.

King received honorary doctorates from over 60 colleges and universities; authored three books and a nationally-syndicated newspaper column; and served on and helped found dozens of organizations, including the Black Leadership Forum, the National Black Coalition for Voter Participation, and the Black Leadership Roundtable. During her lifetime, Mrs. King dialogued with heads of state, including prime ministers and presidents, as well as participating in protests alongside rank and file working people of all races.

A woman of wisdom, compassion and vision, Coretta Scott King tried to make ours a better world and, in the process, made history. King died in