Waterloo road dynasty and kevin first meet quotes

Waterloo Road (series 10)

waterloo road dynasty and kevin first meet quotes

Note: First appearance of Vaughan, Olga, Justin and Leo Fitzgerald, and Allie, Floyd Note: Final appearance of Dynasty Barry. The police descend on Waterloo Road when Kevin's computer hacking on a multinational . The final line of the series is a quote from Grantly Budgen, the show's longest-serving character: ". Barry Barry and his two younger sisters, Dynasty and Kacey Barry, are from Liverpool. Barry is one of Waterloo Road's many troublemakers, he is always the first to blame He is perfectly capable of extorting people into unfair deals, notably Kevin Quotes. "Why are them trees following us?" "Maybe it's a spy goat.". Jul 30, Kevin was actually the very first person I ever worked with in the antiques industry . you might have guessed from the Smurfs in the intro quote—but we also Benjamin Miller: But maybe no, you know, “The Second Day of the Battle of Waterloo” or. So, let's dive into talking about this Qing Dynasty map.

He glanced in through the glass shocked when he saw Holly and Arianna except Arianna was on the acoustic guitar and Holly was on the piano. They were harmonising beautifully. It was a beautiful song he'd not ever heard before. He was shocked as they continued to play but were now talking about both him and Leo. Anna have you told Kevin!? You can't keep something this serious a secret.

To be honest I'm shocked you didn't even tell me! I always have one on me just in case. I am worried about the future you know. After what happened to me because of my mum I don't want the same happening to someone else. So tell me about Leo? It was just like you said it would be. I mean just like what you said you feel with Kevin. I've asked him to the flicks tonight with me.

Do you think he'd ever consider contacts? I mean he'd look even sexier without his specks although they are pretty hot. Kevin feeling amused had called Leo over and they were hiding in a cupboard listening in on their conversation Leo blushing wildly. Sorry but he's not even fit and besides he tries way too hard. I mean everyone knows if he got the big stick out of his arse Bonnie Kincaid would actually like him. I'm sorry he's probably lovely really but with a brother like Leo who needs to care about it?

Embarrassing question but first date what would you do? He could have I don't know. I mean is Kevin you know? Do you think Leo is? Look don't scare Leo ok? He does look like the kind of guy who'd crap his pants if you mentioned any of this to him! Take it with you and keep it. Besides which I have more of them anyway.

I'd suggest wearing skinny jeans ok? Look I did it too yesterday. I mean you never know do you? Come on we'll be late for class. What is it anyway? Maybe I'll stay awake during it this time" she said laughing as they ran from the music room not noticing both boys each watching the girl they liked in awe before snapping to it and running off to class as well. In science he sat beside her catching glances at her every so often knowing she was unaware he was doing it.

waterloo road dynasty and kevin first meet quotes

After school Holly rushed home to the school house to get ready telling Leo she'd see him later on. She went into Arianna's third drawer and removed the brand new lingerie set. She didn't opt for the skinny jeans though. She chose a grey coloured knee length shift dress and some brown high heeled boots. She slipped on a long necklace, some dangling earrings and a simple swipe of lip gloss. Grabbing her handbag she put her phone and purse inside. She made sure that the front of the dress was a bit low cut but not too much so you could see her a bit of the spicy black lingerie but not too much either.

Leo got into some jeans and put on a shirt. He then put on a dog collar chain and some cologne. He used some gel to place the front of his hair to one side slightly. He left telling Vaughan where he was going and to not bother waiting up for him. Vaughan was shocked but agreed and sent him on his way. He arrived just as he did. He saw her the sight taking his breath away. She smiled and waved at him before tottering over and giving him a big hug.

You know you do look amazing outside of school Leo! Come on in and lets see what's on shall we? He may well get a girlfriend oh wow. He was only sixteen and she was seventeen but wow!

You look so beautiful by the way! Look there's nothing of interest on here what do you say to going dancing with me instead? She called Kevin and Arianna to see if they were free and even suggested Connor and Imogen joining them but they weren't free so she continued on.

They entered the bar to find out that it was jazz and swing weekend. They were playing the Charleston and all sorts of other swing music. They both knew nothing about how to dance like this but decided to give a go none the less.

He gripped her hands as they swayed really fast with him twirling her in and out. They had such a wonderful time. She was madly giggling as they stumbled about trying to dance.

Looking up into his deep blue eyes she felt her heart stop and her breath hitch. Leaning in they shared a long and passionate kiss. She removed his glasses for a moment looking at him before kissing him senselessly. If you could feel me heart now you'd feel it racing.

I'm mad for you! The night I mean. I've never been so forward but fuck it. Leo will you be my guy?

Dynasty Reveals a Secret to Kevin: Waterloo Road

Yeah alright go on. I was going to ask you that actually but you got there first. I've never been more happy oh Holls! Hope you don't mind the nickname it's cute like you. I swear his kisses didn't half daze her.

waterloo road dynasty and kevin first meet quotes

He dropped her home with them exchanging many more kisses and numbers. He returned home in a happy daze laughing at Vaughan's shocked expression. We did go to the swing club nearby to dance. Neither of us were any good but she's agreed to date me.

I'm happy dad and that's all you need to know" he said blushing before heading up to bed. When he arrived there he got a text. Thanks for a fab night Leo, miss you loads xxx No problem I had fun, miss you too xxx Meanwhile Kevin entered the flat to see Arianna sitting there smirking.

He gulped thickly looking at her. He was beyond aroused now and she was all his. Do with me what you will oh fair man of my heart!

waterloo road dynasty and kevin first meet quotes

He ran at her grabbing her and kissed her senseless. As he picked her up he lead her into the bedroom laying her on the bed. He kissed her neck and all up and down her arms making her feel so special. They both jumped as her phone rang.

Kevin told her to answer it. Listen me and Leo ditched the flicks as there was nought good on and we're in the dance lounge dancing.

Do you and Kev wanna join us? We could ask Connor and Imogen too? See you later on and you can tell me all about it ok? Call over sometime tomorrow afternoon with Leo and we can all chill out and talk yeah? As he slipped down south she let out a loud wail as his tongue hit just the right spot at the right time. Soon enough he entered her breaking through her barrier gently giving himself to her for the first time.

It was slow and loving lasting a total of two hours and making her feel so special and loved. She fell asleep in his arms feeling more special and loved then she ever had. Kevin fell asleep, his girlfriend in his arms feeling like a man for the first time. They awoke late in the morning to ringing sounds.

Someone was calling Arianna and she cursed. Her eyes bleary she managed to find the answer button and put it to her ear saying hello. There was a loud squeal and lots of rambling. Why are you calling me? I'm delighted for you. I'll see you later on and we can talk properly then as I'm pretty wrecked right now and so it's not gonna make much sense to me until I'm awake.

Kevin stirred kissing her neck gently and making her smile. I could stay in your arms forever but I do need to rise so do you want some breakfast? I'll nip out and get some things" she said seriously jumping as he flew up out of bed panic on his face. Chalky made me learn in case I ever wanted to visit him and use his car. Hand me the car keys please. I'm getting breakfast and then I'm going to bring it to you in bed like any good boyfriend would!

She threw him the keys to the car and he left. He was an exceptional driver actually. He returned making bacon and eggs with toast and some tea.

He placed all of this including a flower in a small vase on a tray and bringing it in to her where she was up now reading a book. Afterwards she showered and dressed in some of the clothing she'd brought around to leave at the flat yesterday. Soon after Holly and Leo arrived. Leo and Kevin stayed in the kitchen to make everyone tea and talked while Arianna and Holly went out onto the balcony to have a chat.

How was your date yesterday? I asked him to date me but I just got there before him. He was about to ask but in my nervousness I did it first. He's a great dancer actually shame I'm not. Oh yeah and it's Rihannon's birthday on Wednesday so Mrs Budgen is holding a sixties themed birthday party for her. We'll all be going in fancy dress. She says the sixties was the time of rock and roll and romance so it should be fun or something. Do you even know what they wore then?

The last foster mother I had told me about it! Looking inside Arianna burst out laughing as sitting on the counter talking to Kevin was Leo playing his psp. Thankfully none of the boy noticed them.

As they re-entered the flat he placed it on the centre of the table as Arianna went practically purple from trying to stop laughing. She burst out as she couldn't control it. She was laughing so much tears were falling from her eyes. It's just a private joke with Holly that now makes even more sense.

Kevin do you have a psp? That's why you've probably not seen it" he finished. The laughter had died down and then Arianna told everyone she was cooking her favourite meal and inviting Connor and Imogen around for it too.

Both Connor and Imogen agreed to come delighted with the change of scenery. Kevin was intrigued as to what she'd be making. As she left to go to the shops she was approached by a girl she didn't recognise who looked pissed off. I was actually back for him but hey if he chooses you then that's fine! But I am not giving up I'll fight for him you know" she said sassily. She came back in foul humour.

Why in the hell did some weirdo in the street come up telling me she was going to fight for you and that you'd already dated before? I swear to god Kevin I hate fighting but if this silly little girl puts a toe out of line I will not hesitate to deck her one. Get out I've got to prepare the damn dinner! Possibly the reason why none of the girls complained when it was created. Philip and Ros eventually become this after she makes a pass at French Teacher Jo Lipsett and then accuses her of initiating it, and his struggle to deal with it causes them to break up.

Headteacher Michael Byrne and his newly hired ex who herself has recently married Sian Diamond in Series 7. There's still Unresolved Sexual Tension though.

The real life Waterloo Road romances revealed - Mirror Online

Vaughn and Allie look set to become this after splitting up at the end of Series 10 Part 1. Frequently used, in all formats of the trope. George Windsor takes on this role after Budgen dies. He even resigns when new headteacher Vaughn Fitzgerald introduces a number of community involvement schemes, Lampshading that there's no longer a place for a teacher like him at Waterloo Road. Gabriella attempts to be this in Series 10 but faces a lot of hostility from both staff and pupils.

Several times, notably in the series 4 opener. Also the end of Series 7 when Kyle Stack smuggles a crossbow into the school. In a school that routinely encounters serious social issues, has a lot of violent pupils, and where a disproportionate of number of teachers and pupils have died in the past decade; this is practically a requirement. Standing up to the woman he loves and putting himself between a thug with a knife and a student, all in one day?

Who expected that from Chalky? Tom Clarkson, stood up to Earl Kelly amongst others. Nikki Boston is a former soldier and not to be taken lightly. When Grantly Budgen discovers he has incorrectly accused Harley Taylor of plagiarism, while still on kidney dialysis he does everything in his power to make amends. Tragically, the physical strain becomes too much for him and he dies.

Carol Barry fakes a leg injury to try and get a compensation payout from the school. Vaughn Fitzgerald visits her at home, methodically picks irrefutable holes in her storyand then sacks her. All without even raising his voice. Rachel Mason breaks up a fight between Michaela White and Lindsey James and - though she professes never to give up on a student - threatens Michaela with losing her exams and future if she continues the girl gang warfare.

Michael Byrne managed to stop his ex-pupil from his old school Wayne Johnson from holding Linda hostage. He also stops a gang from taking Finn away. He even stops Kyle Stack from a dangerous crossbow attack during the time the school has permanently closed down which the target ran straight into Josh.

When Leo's incompetence leads to Kevin's computer hacking of multinational technology firm Wire-Data being traced back to the school, Kevin enacts one. Working from a laptop hidden behind the school stage, he hacks into Wire-Data again and releases a data-corrupting worm that acts slowly but is scheduled to rapidly speed up in an hour. He uses this as leverage to get the owner of Wire-Data to sign a contract promising not to press charges.

All of this is done rapidly and calmly despite the very real threat of prosecution and imprisonment being on the horizon and the fact that he's still recovering from a stroke. The really amazing thing is that it works and gets him a job offer from WireData. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted with Imogen when is she injured in a fire caused by Connor.

She suffers very visible scarring to her neck that takes a while to heal. Normally Kevin would be the prime suspect for the Wire-Data hack but because he's still recovering from a stroke, nobody believes he's capable of it and he's left off the list of suspects put together by the teachers. Lindsay is quick to offer a death threat to anyone who hurts her sister.

A Bolt from the Blue

And increasingly, Mr Mead tends to lose it whenever one of his students are endangered or harmed. Gabriella utterly loses it when she discovers that Lisa and Shaznay have vandalised her dead sister's room. Implying that Barry Barry is a boy and not a man is a good way to get him to try and ruin your life.

Floyd does not take the news that Justin is sleeping with his sister Tiffany well at all. The majority of times when a character is in danger, it becomes this trope.

Steph saving Jack from being set on fire by clonking Lewis Seddon over the head with a fire extinguisher. Josh pushes Finn out of the way when Kyle tries to murder him with a crossbrow, with it narrowly missing Josh and gashing the edge of his arm.

When Gabriella falls into her swimming pool and is knocked unconscious, Kacey puts aside their previous animosity and saves her. Birthday Suit Surprise Party: Narrowly averted when Connor prepares afternoon tea for Imogen and greets her wearing nothing but an apron and a chef's hat only for Kevin and Dynasty to walk in as well.

He later mentions that he considered not bothering with the apron at all. The second season finale, everything seems to be going right for the school and then a teacher gets stabbed to death right before the closing credits.

It was left open as to whether she was actually dead until the start of the next season, probably because the actress was involved in contract negotiations. Crops up here and there In Series 3, building contractor Stewart Hordley blackmails headmistress Rachel Mason with the information that she was once a prostitute so that she will secure the school's building contract for his company. In Series 5, underperforming teacher Helen Hopewell tries to blackmail the school's executive head and her ex Max Tyler with a sex tape of them.

At the end of Series 10, George successfully blackmails Vaughn into giving him his old job back with an as yet unspecified piece of information about his personal life. When Floyd catches Justin and Tiffany on his bed eating pizza by candlelight, they tell him that the lights went out and give an I Have to Go Iron My Dog excuse of getting a new bulb. But Floyd is easily able to dismiss this since he's right next to the light switch. The very bright Bonnie Kincaid gets a makeover during the summer and starts to conform to this but still shows prominent shades of her real personality at times.

While Series 1 stands at eight hours, and Series 2 at twelve, the trope is averted for all seasons from Series 3 onwards. Realising his mistake, Kevin builds the robot for Austin Healey's visit and saves Chalky's job. Kevin agrees to move back with Chalky and the pair bond over the situation once Kevin persuades Chalky to give evidence against the Care Worker who abused him; Kevin also decides to change his name to 'Chalk' In episode 19, Kevin and Chalky invent a mobile phone game 'Chalk and Cheese' which has the whole school hooked.

Lorraine Donnegan immediately takes to it and asks Kevin to look over a contract to help her sell it. When it comes to the actual pitch on the same day that Kevin changes his name from 'Skelton' to 'Chalk' it turns out Lorraine does not want Chalky to be part of the process, only Kevin. Chalky agrees but Kevin refuses, not without Chalky. Kevin and Chalky argue about this until Kevin persuades Chalky and calls him his dad.

Kevin and Chalky both meet Julian Styles, Lorraine's partner on cyber-entertainment and Chalky is offered a job at his head office in London, Kevin accepts on Chalky's behalf. He later admits that he would have rather stayed at Waterloo Road and Chalky decides not to take the job. Kevin then attends Connor and Imogens wedding as Connor's best man and afterwards tells Chalky to take the job and leave, saying he could stay in the school house until he is The Summer Term sees Kevin living in the school house and pursuing a spark between himself and Dynasty Barry, in episode 21 Christine describes them as 'an old married couple', in episode Dynasty is annoyed when Connor and Imogen tell her that Kevin goes tongue-tied when any fit girls appear, commenting that he never shuts up around her.

In episode 23, Dynasty takes on Kevin in the Chess Tournament, however her ex-boyfriend Stevo Malone turns up and she prepares to leave to Liverpool. After learning he stole school computers, Dynasty leaves Stevo before playing the sexiest game of chess with Kevin.

At the end of the episode the two kiss and afterwards Stevo threatens Kevin, warning him to stay away. During episode 24, Kevin hides away from Stevo, and tells Barry that he and Stevo have broken up, leaving Dynasty and Kevin to meet in secret at Chalkys flat where they sleep together.

Oh no, there's been an error

The next morning Stevo breaks into their flat, Dynasty goes to school while Kevin stays at the flat to get the locks changed. After Barry tells Dynasty that Stevo plans to put Kevin n hospital, Dynasty dumps Kevin leaving them both heartbroken, later that day Stevo rapes Dynasty. In Episode 26, Dynasty reluctantly told Kevin what Stevo did, not admitting it as rape.

Kevin then goes on a warpath dragging Connor with him to Stevo, he plans to shoot him at the docks using a gun that Barry Barry gets for him. When Kevin arrives at the docks, the gun is not there Barry betrayed Kevin and Connor to Stevo who attempts to shoot Kevin however the gun is not loaded, Barry set Stevo up after he raped Dynasty. Stevo, Kevin and Connor are arrested, Kevin and Dynasty later get back together and Dynasty agrees to move in with Kevin.

But, Barry refuses to let his sister live with Kevin and tries to persuade him that Dynasty needs to stay in the family home, this turns into Barry punching the lights out of Kevin until Dynasty, Connor and Imogen come to his aid. In the next episode, Carol Barry tries to split Dynasty and Kevin up by requesting that they are put into different classes, Michael tells her that their relationship is nothing to do with the school.

Carol eventually gets herself and Dynasty on the Julian Noble Show, with the headline "my daughter's boyfriend has poisoned her mind against me".

Here, Kevin comes face to face with his mother, Daisy, for the first time in seven years, it is revealed Kevin was put into care when he was ten years old. His dad walked out on him when he was six and his step dad threw him out of the house when he was ten. Daisy blamed Kevin for her miscarriage, but Kevin protests that he didn't know she was pregnant and he didn't even have a bead. Christine Mulgrew the newly appointed head stops the show and Carol slaps Daisy uttering "some mothers don't deserve to have kids" Carol and Barry finally accept Dynasty's new boyfriend and Kevin becomes one of the Barrys.

He co-hosts the End of Term Charity Auction with Connor Mulgrew, offering six hours of help with maths homework, and winning the auction of Dynasty Barry's one-hour massage with an aromatherapy oil. Kevin is present when Tom Clarkson falls off the roof and tragically dies. Series 9 Kevin starts Series 9 with a hidden talent for conversational mandarin and amazes everyone including languages teacher George Windsor. In episode 3, Kevin kisses Princess Windsor, George's wife, and after a confrontation with George about his missing pills Kevin falls over in the hall and insinuates that George pushed him.

Kevin later acknowledges that Mr Windsor did not push him and apologises. In episode 4, Princess prepares to leave George however George locks her bag in his cupboard and cuts up her credit cards. Kevin breaks into George's cupboard and steals the bag back for Princess and asks to leave with her, they agree to meet at the train station after school. After taking Kevin's money, Princess leaves alone in a taxi promising she will repay him, Kevin realises he doesn't love Dynasty anymore and breaks up with her.

Later in the series, fed up with his single life, Kevin starts Operation Dynasty in Living History Week, where he sets up a romantic picnic in the forest to woo Dynasty back, Dynasty agrees to give their relationship one more go and they kiss.

In the spring term, Dynasty starts a feud with Gabriella Wark which concerns Kevin over Dynasty's wellbeing. He pleads with her to tell him what's wrong in episode 12, finding out she got rejected from a university and lecturing Dynasty when she sets a lynch mob after Gabriella. In episode 16, Kevin prepares to go to Edinburgh for his university interview, Daniel Chalk returns to take him although; Kevin decides he wants to go by himself.

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After a row with Dynasty, Kevin has a stroke, caused by a blood clot in the brain. It is revealed that Kevin isn't going to live unless he has a risky operation. Maggie has to make the choice on the spot, which causes tremors between her and Chalky. Nonetheless Kevin pulls through and gains consciousness, much to the relief of Dynasty, Carol, Maggie, Chalky and the whole school.