Thomas and friends meet lady snow

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thomas and friends meet lady snow

Snow White's mother wished for a girl with skin as white as snow, lips he decides to marry the day after meeting her (because it's a fairy tale, . Then Snow White gets coronated and looks out over the throne room to all her friends, . Lee on The Odd Thomas Movie Is Better Than You Think (Because of. 1 Cranky Bugs; 2 Horrid Lorry; 3 A Better View For Gordon; 4 Lady Hatt's Birthday Party Backwards; 24 Duncan Gets Spooked; 25 Snow; 26 Rusty and the Boulder; 27 External links The Fat Controller: In that case, I've met one at last!. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. . Katrina Law in Snow Bride () Patricia Richardson and Bobby Campo in Shop owner Alice Chapman is nervous about meeting her future in-laws at . Scott Thomas Reynolds.

It's what an engine really needs. May I suggest you speak to the Fat Controller about your problems? You're no good, Oliver. Percy's far too busy to be bothered with the likes of you! Happy Ever After Percy: We've got to find a good luck package. Do you know what that is? Something old, something new Something borrowed, and something blue. But where do we find them? They're probably staring you in your smokebox. Now, I have to fetch my special train.

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I'm taking guests to the wedding. Did you enjoy your kiss? It's rude and flies much too low. So I can see! Please take us up, Harold, before there's another disturbance. Is there anything we can do to help? Yes, indeed, there is. This is the life, isn't it, my dear?! He's no use to us at all.

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Around the yards, he'll puff and blow. You're much too slow to pull all of us.

thomas and friends meet lady snow

We want another engine, or we'll be struggling up the hill all night! You can puff and blow! But on that hill, you're still too slow! Make Someone Happy Cranky: Hey you, down there! I'm playing Lucky Dip in the tramper's hold and all these are for you! Wooden horses, for the carousel ride! It's going to be a very exciting fair! You were quite right, Thomas. Making someone happy does cheer you up. Busy Going Backwards Toad: I'm always going backwards, Mr. I have forward-thinking views.

I could be a leader, if you know what I mean. You can't be a leader without a train to follow you. You don't have a train. Oliver, if I caused you any embarrassment. That's all right, Toad. So, what do you think of going forwards? But from now on, I'll be happy to look forward to the future, busy going backwards, so to speak! Duncan Gets Spooked Duncan: They'll come back to spook you and your special funnel.

And who's to say you're not afraid of ghosts?!

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Things that go bump in the night? Well, I'll tell you a story that'll make your funnel quiver. A long time ago, a little engine was returning home. It was a misty moonlit night. As the engine crossed the Old Iron Bridge, he suddenly lost control, and plunged over the side, into the swamps below. He was never found again, but many a workman will tell you that when the moon is full, they have seen the little engine trying to get home. But he never reaches the other side.

So, what do you think of that, Duncan? It's as tame as a pet rabbit! No one knew that the heat from Skarloey's engine had helped to make an igloo. It's a snow house. They cleared away the ice, only to find Skarloey's driver and fireman drinking cocoa, as if nothing had happened!

If Skarloey survived a snowfall, surely, a big, proud engine like you could do the same. I'm a Great Western engine. I shouldn't have to shiver. Begging your pardon, Mr. But I think snow is splendid.

Our snowman has eyes in it's tummy! Oliver's a wonderful snow engine! Thank you for helping me.

thomas and friends meet lady snow

But please tell The Fat Controller because I don't like fish. The Runaway Elephant Skarloey: Duncan think's he's fast. But he's just a bossy boiler.

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Better safe than fast. You must wait for the brake van. I pushed heavy loads in plenty of times. Let's go, Duncan, but we must be careful.

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Peace and Quiet Harvey: What's the longest train you've ever pulled? Have you worked Mersey? Have you ever crashed? I want some peace and quiet and I don't want to share a shed with chatterboxes. We're only being friendly, matey. I'm sorry that I was cross. I'm very pleased to share a shed with you. And we're pleased to have your company. It reminds me of a story. The Fat Controller wants you to work at the Smelter's. But I'm the pride of the Cement Works. The Fat Controller says I'm better than you.

I love working here! Diesel told Fergus that you wanted him at the Smelter's forever. You are the pride of the Cement Works. I shall send Diesel to the Smelter's, and you can go back to the Cement Works tomorrow. Bulgy Rides Again Thomas: Bulgy, what are you doing here?

I'm going back on the road. I think you'll be helping the new farmer. He needs to deliver his vegetables across the island. I'm going to carry passengers! You can have them both! The farmer still needs help with his vegetables. Hey, that's not such a bad idea! Harold and the Flying Horse Percy: Don't forget to come the the Vicar's party!

Thanks for the invitation, but duty calls! That's a funny name for a horse. It's the name of a flying horse in a very old story. Harold's not going anywhere today. But I've been looking forward to the grand opening all week! And I, my dear, will find a solution. Topham, you cannot be serious! Me, ride in this?! The wind direction is perfect.