The strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

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the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

Original lyrics of Meet Me In The Bathroom song by Strokes. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Strokes lyrics. Watch official video, print or. Meet Me In The Bathroom lyrics: When they say promises They mean promises. They'd say, "that's ok, Long as we can celebrate" You see, my uncle. The Strokes- Meet Me In The Bathroom Lyrics When they say promises They mean promises. They'd say, "that's ok, Long as we can celebrate" You see, my.

It's one of the most seminal works of literature in my own life as a journalist and writer.

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When I was starting to assemble my own attempt to tell this story, one of the reasons I knew it could be done this way is because Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain had done it. Brooklyn, especially the Williamsburg section of the borough, became the creative epicenter for alt-rock bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the National, and TV on the Radio. Could you elaborate on that? Brooklyn has become a stand-in brand kind of name for New York cool and New York in general.

the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

At the beginning of one of my interviews -- I think it was with James Murphy -- I was broaching the subject of Brooklyn and this idea of this place that was just a bunch of shitty houses in Williamsburg, and now it's this concept of cool that the world was attempting to emulate.

This is the story of gentrification, the age-old story of how art happens in a space where it's possible to be born. I think that's what Brooklyn offered people, a place where there was enough nothing going on to make people frustrated and also give them the opportunity to fill it with something. As these alternative rock bands were emerging, the business of traditional music industry was declining, fueled by the popularity of Napster.

These artists came up during a time when there was the decline of the infrastructure that used to support rock 'n' roll. It was a time of a lot of change and a lot of the artists covered in the book really bridged the gap between those two worlds. In the book, Interpol's first record ['s Turn on the Bright Lights] comes out in this 20th century music industry world and even though they're on an indie label, that has a certain identity that comes with it, and there's a culture around that.

The rate of adjustment that artists had to go through during that period of time, in terms of figuring out what the business is versus what it had been, is really dramatic and also really fascinating. It goes without saying almost all of those bands would have sold shitloads of records in a previous era.

The Strokes - Meet Me In The Bathroom Lyrics | SongMeanings

They have not for the most part been benefited by the decline of the system that used to exist. So it changed the kinds of artists we have and what we hear. The Strokes dominate the book regarding leading the rock revolution from that era. And you knew the band's guitarist Nick Valensi before the Strokes finally broke through.

The Strokes synthesized all of the things that would come to define this era and allow it to be disseminated throughout the world as reborn coolness, this sense of aloofness. They're all really handsome, good looking, seem-to-be bad-ass urban creatures. The aesthetics, the sound, the aura that they were able to carry It felt at the time so obvious: The directness of the appeal of what they were making was so complete.

A lot of their peers say this in the book, they were just the coolest and they were the kings.

the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

That's why their story is so important and part of the scaffolding in telling this entire story. You couldn't do it without them. When I first met Nick, it was the summer of I was in school in Philadelphia and came to the city and got this job at a restaurant, and Nick just graduated from high school and was working at this restaurant and we were bored summer city kids trying to get out of work together.

He was good at that, and he was teaching me the ways of avoiding work. We stayed in touch and stayed friends as I went back to school and he kept up with the band, obviously. He gave me a copy of his band's stuff. It was very lo-fi. They really weren't what they became, it was just my friend's band. Maybe it was okay for him to drop out of college.

This is so cool. Through all the interviews you've conducted, what was perhaps the most fascinating to you? For me personally the DFA [Records] stuff. James [Murphy] and Tim [Goldsworthy, the co-founders of DFA] -- they were kind of the big arm of the story that I didn't know very much about and also didn't know any of the players.

I was only into LCD Soundsystem much later. It was going back and researching a story that I was living but didn't know about. Getting into that part of the story was really personally gratifying and fascinating because it was unfolding in front of me.

Meet Me In The Bathroom

They were willing to go there about everything they've been through. James and Tim, in particular -- that relationship was fraught obviously, really intimate and then really destructive in some ways. I really felt inspired their willingness to talk about all the stuff they've gone through as a team, making this amazing work.

the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

New York City rock really went beyond the Big Apple, but also nationwide and overseas, as indicated by your interviews with such acts as Kings of Leon, the Killers, and Jack White. I probably had quoted almost percent of my sources as saying none of this would have happened without the Strokes.

THE STROKES LYRICS — Meet Me In The Bathroom : The Strokes - Room On

Whether they were fans of the Strokes or not, their success opened up all these doors. If you played guitar and were in a band and you were successful in America and England from on, it's because of New York City and because of what was happening there. Whether you are the Vines in Australia, [the Killers'] Brandon Flowers working as a bellhop in Las Vegas, or Caleb and Nathan [Followill of Kings of Leon] writing country songs that are too dirty in Nashville for people to appreciate, there's this sense of permission that was unleashed by the Strokes success.

Please don't ad block PopMatters. The single was then released as an exclusive on online download services. During November and December the Strokes did a promotional tour for the still unreleased album, which involved doing one-off shows in major cities around the world. Their third album, First Impressions of Earthwas released in January to mixed reviews and debuted at number four in the US and number one in the UK, a first for the band.

the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

In Japan it went gold within the first week of release. It was also the most downloaded album for two weeks on iTunes. Fraiture claimed that the album was "like a scientific breakthrough". The album was somewhat a departure from the band's two previous albums.

the strokes meet me in bathroom lyrics

One reason for this was a switch of producers from Gordon Raphael to David Kahne. Inthe band played 18 sold-out shows during their UK tour. In March, the band returned to the US with their longest tour yet. They then toured Australia and Mexico in late August and early September, followed by the second leg of the United States tour.

During this final tour Casablancas stated to fans that the band would be taking an extensive break after it finished. An e-mail was sent out soon afterwards by Strokes manager Ryan Gentlesconfirming that "much needed break".

A new band website went online in May along with the release of an alternate video to their single "You Only Live Once" directed by Warren Fu. The video also featured a brief interlude with "Ize of the World", also from First Impressions of Earth. Aleksandra Cisneros became the Strokes' assistant manager in late This album would be different from the first three in that it would feature music written by the other four Strokes, rather than Casablancas writing ninety-five percent of the material again: The song was available as a free download from the official Converse site.

According to Chiccarelli in an interview with HitQuartersthe two camps first met in and, after finding they shared a similar mind space and similar thoughts on the potential direction of the new record, tried out some tracking. Only one song from these recording sessions, "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight", remained on the album's track listing. Inspired, in part, by bands like MGMTArctic Monkeysand Crystal Castlesthe Strokes decided to experiment with various production techniques, [22] and recorded the rest of the album's material at Albert Hammond, Jr.

They were also sub-headliners to Pulp at Leeds Festival during the bank holiday weekend in August. On June 9,at Dingwalls London, England, the band played a secret show under the name 'Venison' to a crowd of just This was their first live gig since October The band did not play any new material. They revealed that the music video should be finished by the end of the month. In mid-Marchan interview with ShortList magazine revealed that the Strokes had already begun working on their fifth studio album.

However, sessions were delayed due to the mixing process of Angles. Julian Casablancas and Nick Valensi both confirmed that there was material in the works as well as plenty of leftover material. Fraiture added that the band would record their fifth album in the same manner as they put together Angles, with each member bringing in his own ideas and putting them together in the studio.

The band decided to pull a media blackout with the album: On October 15,the band revealed that they were looking to "return to the scene" in On November 12,it was announced the band would headline Primavera Sound in for the festival's 15th anniversary. Hyde Park festival on June 18,[46] the band's first London show in five years.