The jetsons meet flintstones intro song

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the jetsons meet flintstones intro song

If you can hum a few bars from the theme song for "The Flintstones," "The Jetsons " or one of the more than Flintstones, meet the Flintstones. 2) The show's famous theme tune, "Meet The Flintstones", was not used until the third series. The musical theme for the first two seasons was. “Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones, They're the Modern Stone Age Family. The song never tells you that they lived millions of years ago. In The Jetsons, the only time you see the ground is in the opening, which shows you.

In addition, Gazoo appears in a scene in Duck Dodgersa show set in the 24th Century. If Gazoo is present then, and can be sent to what he considers a Stone Age, it would actually be more evidence that The Flintstones are the distant future rather than the past. This indicates an era in which animals from the Ice Age, humans, and dinosaurs all co-existed at the same time.

There is no period in our history in which this occurred. Large mammals came to be after the dinosaurs died off, and humans pretty much showed up two minutes ago as far as evolution is concerned.

the jetsons meet flintstones intro song

The mere existence of all these creatures at once, with the added feature of domestication, would indicate a period in history which we have not arrived at yet. As a matter of fact, Dino continually outsmarts both Fred and Barney. In the end, Dino agrees to go home and play the role of a pet.

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So in theory, Dino has not neither lost his ability to speak nor his ability to outsmart humans. Dino gives Fred a daily reminder of this when he meets Fred at the door every day. All of the animals and dinosaurs in the Flintstones universe speak.

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They have also developed a sense of peace with their human neighbors. In The Jetsons, the only time you see the ground is in the openingwhich shows you the Earth.

Otherwise, you are flying in the air in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The robots demonstrate a clear artificial intelligence, as well as the ability to collude together. This would indicate on some level that The Jetsons exists some where between Machine Wars, the first of which ended very much Matrix -like with a scorched sky.

In The Matrix Revolutions, you see the sky above where it was scorched. This would be where the cities in The Jetsons would be built.

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Man, in his hubris, figured that he had solved the problems associated with artificial intelligence and robots. This gives us the fairly benign era of Rosie and other robots possessing artificial intelligence, but not yet having rebelled again. By the time you get to the even more far-flung future depicted in The Flintstones, animals have been genetically engineered to fulfill those roles, and the sky is no longer scorched.

There is also no electricity used, which could mean a future in which electricity was deemed too dangerous to exist. Did you know that the Planet of the Apes cartoon actually is closer to the novel than the movies are? Technological and societal advances will erupt, and then be forgotten about. Shows like Revolution demonstrate how quickly things can revert without the prevalence of electricity.

Fifty-five years later, it remains as relevant as ever. There was even a nifty commercial that recently reimaged the opening credits. But there are some things you might not know about the Jetsons! It takes place in the year The cartoon itself never states the specific year, though characters often refer to living "in the 21st century.

Only 45 more years to go!

the jetsons meet flintstones intro song

But it was inspired by a book predicting life in the year According to Danny Graydon's The Jetsons: The Official Cartoon Guide, the artists looked to books about futurism for a creative spark. A primary source was And the Changes to Come by Arnold B.

Barach, which featured a man flying a jetpack and L. Take a look at some more pictures from inside the book. It was the first color show broadcast on ABC. Of course, most viewers in could not watch the Jetsons in its full glory.

The number of color televisions sold in the U. It lasted just one season.

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As hard as it is to believe, The Jetsons only originally ran for 24 episodes, from — If you grew up watching reruns over the next couple decades, you were seeing the same stuff recycled again and again. The cartoon was revived for 51 more episodes in Astro has the same voice as Scooby-Doo.

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You are excused if you ever confused the two toons in your mind. Don Messick provided the voice to both cartoon Great Danes. It was on The Jetsons that Messick rerfected ris roice rith rall the Rs.

the jetsons meet flintstones intro song

Scooby would not come along until The voice of Jane Jetson was famous for playing another cartoon icon. Penny Singleton provided the voice of Jetsons mom Jane.