The great mouse detective meet ratigan song

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the great mouse detective meet ratigan song

A page for describing Characters: Great Mouse Detective. Heroes A detective, based on the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes. His main goal is to get Professor . The story revolves around the great mouse detective in question, Basil (a play He meets his end early on during Ratigan's song when he drunkenly calls his. Ratigan's song "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" is my favorite villain song. The Great Mouse Detective is a Disney DVD re-release of the classic.

Ratigan tosses Fidget overboard to lighten the load, and he attempts to drive the dirigible himself. Basil jumps onto the dirigible to confront Ratigan, causing it to crash straight into the Big Ben clocktower.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan song

Inside the clocktower, Basil manages to get Ratigan's cape stuck on some gears. He rescues Olivia and safely delivers her to Hiram. Ratigan breaks free and attacks Basil, eventually knocking him to the dirigible. When the clock strikes However, Basil grabs a part of Ratigan's dirigible and saves himself.

Back at Baker Street, Basil and Dawson recount their adventures. After the Flavershams leave the house, a distraught new client arrives and solicits Basil and Dawson's help, with Basil noting that Dawson is his trusted associate, prompting Dawson to remain and assist Basil.

His main goal is to arrest Professor Ratigan and rescue Olivia Flaversham's father, while simultaneously preventing a royal assassination. There are a few differences between Basil in the book series and in the film version, such as mood swings in the latter.

He also plays the violin quite well in the film, whereas the book series stated Basil's violin playing was atrocious—instead, Basil played the flute. Vincent Price as Professor Ratigan, Basil's nemesis. He is based on Professor Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories. He plots to seize control of the British monarchy.

He and Basil are long-established arch-enemies. In the book series, his given name is Padraic and he is a mouse; in the film he denies that he is a rat.

At the end of the film, he falls off Big Ben and disappears into the fog below, following a savage battle with Basil, similar to the Sherlock Homes story " The Final Problem ".

Val Bettin as Major Dr.

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Dawson, previously of the Queen's 66th Regiment in Afghanistan. His character is based upon Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories. The interaction between him and Basil mimics that of Watson and Holmes, as Dawson is constantly amazed by Basil's quick-witted deductions. He eventually becomes Basil's associate, friend, and personal biographer. Dawson also serves as the film's narrator. Susanne Pollatschek as Olivia Flaversham, An eight-year-old female mouse of Scottish descent who seeks Basil's help in finding her toymaker father.

Candy Candido as Fidget, Ratigan's bumbling bat right-hand henchman. He tends to do the dirty work for his boss. He has a crippled wing and a peg leg, and, as a result, he cannot fly. Ratigan throws him off the side of his flying machine near the end of the film, and he falls into the Thames. He survives the fall in the book how is not explained. Candido also voices a reprobate in the pub. Frank Welker as Toby, Basil's loyal basset hound. He technically belongs to Sherlock Holmeswho lives above Basil.

In the Sherlock Holmes canon, Toby who is not a basset but "half spaniel and half lurcher " is owned by a Mr. Shermana " bird-stuffer " and owner of a menagerie, who willingly lends him to Holmes whenever requested. He works as a toymaker, and is kidnapped by Fidget to make the Queen Mousetoria robot for the evil Ratigan. Frank Welker as Felicia, Ratigan's large and pompous pet cat. Ratigan calls upon her by ringing a special bell to dispose of traitors or anyone who makes him angry.

the great mouse detective meet ratigan song

She is chased by Toby and eaten by Royal Guard Dogs during the climax of the film. Diana Chesney as Mrs. She adores Basil, but gets very annoyed when he mistreats her good pillows by shooting them with a pistol. Fidget rushes over to a drain grate, lifts it up and disappears below. Inside the barrel, Ratigan was approaching his throne, being cheered by his men.

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He sits down and holds out his cigarette. Several hands offer lit matches, and he lights it and inhales, blowing out several smoke rings. My friends, we are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme of my illustrious career.

A crime to top all crimes Most of his men are cheering at that bit of news, save one mouse, Bartholomew, whose attention is focused on his empty mug. He holds it upside down and watches sadly as the last drop of beer falls to the floor. Ratigan holds up a newspaper featuring the Queen's picture on the front page. Tomorrow evening, our beloved monarch celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

He burns her picture with his cigarette. The thugs became frighten with a gasp. Ratigan messes up his hair and collar. As his men cheer for him, he calmly pins his collar back and smoothes his hair, then saunters down the red carpet as a spotlight shines on him and an evil tune plays.

One of his men hands him his top hat, which he rolls down his arms before putting it on. He gives an evil laugh and begins to sing.

Meanwhile, Ratigan twirls his cane around a rope. Now comes the real tour de force. Tricky and wicked, of course And yanks on it, causing wine to pour out onto a fountain. Tricky and wicked, of course Bartholomew's tail is wagging at the chance for more liquor, and he tosses his empty glass over his shoulder, and rushes over to the fountain, drinking from one of the spouts. My earlier crimes were fine for their times But now that I'm at it again. Ratigan kicks Bartholomew into the fountain.

An even grimmer plot has been simmering In my great criminal brain Thugs: Worse than the widows and orphans you drowned? Bartholomew drunkenly climbs out as the rest of the thugs lift Ratigan up into their arms, spinning him around.

His men pull back as Ratigan was seated at a harp. The lighting becomes blue as he plays. Thank you, Thank you. But it hasn't all been champagne and caviar. I've had my share of adversity, thanks to that miserable second-rate detective, Basil of Baker Street.

He directs his gaze to a small mouse toy dressed in a detective suit, needles poking at it. The Thugs boo heavily. Mock crying For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans.

I haven't had a moment's peace of mind. Bartholomew sniffles and begins to cry! The lighting turns red as the illusion is shattered. But, all that's in the past! This time, nothing, not even Basil, can stand in my way! All will bow before me! His thugs bow as the lighting becomes normal again. Bartholomew drunkenly finishes the verse To Ratigan, the world's greatest rat! His thugs gasp in terror as Ratigan spins, towering overBartholomew. What did you call me? Oh, oh, he didn't mean it, Professor.

I-it was just a slip of the tongue. Ratigan ignores the thugs and lifts up Bartholomew by his sweater. Yeah, a big mouse! Ratigan throws Bartholomew to go outside. He rolls and shakes his head as he sits up. Oh, my dear Bartholomew I'm afraid that you've gone and upset me. Ratigan pulls out the bell from his vest pocket. Dramatically You know what happens when someone upsets me Ratigan rings the bell, and his men gasp in terror as they look to the alleyway, where a shadow was approaching.

An enormously fat cat — Felicia - was approaching the oblivious Bartholomew.

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To Ratigan To Ratigan The cat has picked up Bartholomew and all we see was the shadow of the mouse hovering over the cat's open jaws. A gulping noise was heard along with the cat's content meow. Two of the Thugs remove their hats and the third wipes a tear from his eye. Ratigan was cooing over his cat, wiping her mouth with his handkerchief.

Oh, Felicia, my precious, my baby.