The glass menagerie tom and amanda relationship quiz

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the glass menagerie tom and amanda relationship quiz

A summary of Scene Five in Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Amanda nags Tom about his disheveled appearance and his smoking habits. In The Glass Menagerie, family means obligations. after their parents; Tom leaves the family just as his father did, and Amanda wishes her daughter were as . Quizzes · Theatre Guide Comics · Top 5 Shows of the Week · Top 10 or 10 Ways Theatre Review: 'The Glass Menagerie' at Vagabond Players The collection of glass ornaments by Laura which Amanda calls her Glass Amanda sees her own life in review from her relationships with gentlemen callers.

The curse suggests that because Taylor didn't win the honor for that role—the Tonys were not established until a year after Taylor's run—no one will. Cherry Jones scored a nomination inand Sally Field did the same in But neither took home the Tony.

the glass menagerie tom and amanda relationship quiz

InThe Glass Menagerie became his first produced screenplay. The perturbed playwright later declared this a " dismal error.

The Glass Menagerie Quotes

In the play, the plot to woo a suitor fails. Tom decides to move out, and his sister is left without hope of finding a husband. He wrote to Rapper, "I think it is all right to suggest the possibility of someone else coming. And that 'someone else,' remaining as insubstantial as an approaching shadow in the alley which appears in conjunction with the narrative line, 'The long delayed but always expected something that we live for'—it strikes me as constituting a sufficiently hopeful possibility for the future, symbolically and even literally, which is as much as the essential character of the story will admit without violation.

Against Williams's wishes and behind his back, the studio reached out to screenwriter Peter Berneis to give them the happy ending they wanted. Berneis created a second suitor named Richard, reasoning that Laura's tale could go from one of woe to inspiration. When Williams saw the final film, he was shocked and furious.

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He dubbed the film a " travesty. The play was adapted for television four times between andincluding a version that starred screen legend Katharine Hepburn as the tenacious Amanda. Then inPaul Newman directed a big-screen adaptation with his wife Joanne Woodward in that coveted role.

the glass menagerie tom and amanda relationship quiz

All of the above earned acclaim. Woodward and Allen achieved Independent Spirit award nominations, Malkovich scored an acting award at the Sant Jordi film festival, and Newman's efforts were nominated for the Cannes Film Festival's prestigious Palme d'Or prize.

As a child, Tennessee's older sister Rose Williams was an extroverted girl of " good spirits ," but as she grew older, she became withdrawn and "nervous. To cure Rose, her mother turned to a trendy medical procedure believed to work wonders, a prefrontal lobotomy.

Sadly, the operation made matters worse.

"The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, Scenes 1–2

Rose spent the rest of her life in hospitals. Amanda determines that since she tried, and failed to get her daughter started on the path to being a career woman, she would need to find Laura a husband. And to find Laura a husband, she will need to fix the apartment up so that it's suitable for visitors.

For this reason, Amanda gets a job selling magazines.

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The family tensions come to a head when Amanda confiscates a book from Tom, who is a grown man who single handedly supports the family. Tom attempts to flee the argument by going to the movies, which is something he does frequently.

The Glass Menagerie Quotes by Tennessee Williams

Amanda accuses him of lying constantly about going to the cinema, when he is actually getting drunk. Tom says some incredibly harsh things to his mother, and she tells him that she won't speak to him until he apologizes. Infuriated, Tom attempts to flee, but in his haste he accidently breaks a one of Laura's beloved glass animal figurines.

He does finally leave, and returns early the next morning intoxicated. Laura wakes him up only an hour after he goes back to bed, and the tension between them is still palpable. Finally, Tom breaks the silence between them at breakfast, and apologizes for the unkind things that he said. Amanda has a difficult time accepting the apology, but expresses concern about both of her children. She is especially concerned about what will become of Laura, and pressures Tom to introduce her to a potential husband.

Tom decides to ask a coworker at the warehouse to dinner one evening. Facing these brutal facts, she makes Tom arrange to have the gentleman caller arrive.

the glass menagerie tom and amanda relationship quiz

But Amanda is full of other paradoxes. She wants only the best for her children, but then she fails to understand that what they most want is quite different from what she wants for them. She does gear her whole life toward their happiness because she doesn't want them to make the same mistakes that she made and yet in devoting herself to them, she has made herself overbearing and nagging.

Amanda's refusal to see that her children are quite different from her causes her many uncomfortable moments.

The Glass Menagerie Summary

She cannot understand why Laura cannot develop charm and gaiety but Amanda's idea of charm differs vastly from that of Laura's idea. Amanda can, at any moment, turn on a volley of chatter, be exceptionally lively and gay; Laura, on the other hand, lives in a quiet, sensitive world.

But Amanda possesses strong attributes. She does devote herself to her children. She does possess a great determination and strength.