The end of our relationship poem

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the end of our relationship poem

The poet tells his erstwhile lover that the best thing for them to do is to end their relationship, shake hands, and walk away – though in the. A poem about revival of a lost relationship as synchronicity brought A poem that evaluates the challenging relationship as it draws to an end. A Short Love Poem That Speaks to the Heart of Every Relationship. September 13, Jen 2 Comments This is where the doors end. This is where life starts .

He opened the skin. He pared and drilled through bone for his four-inch screws. That takes brute strength like pushing a cow up hill. I tell you, it takes skill and bedside charm and all that know how. The body is a damn hard thing to kill. But please don't touch or jiggle my bed. I'm Ethan Frome's wife. I'll move when I'm able. I hide a pint of bourbon in my bedside table. A bird full of bones, now I'm held by a sand bag.

The fracture was twice. The fracture was double. The days are horizontal. The days are a drag. All of the skeleton in me is in trouble. Across the hall is the bedpan station.

the end of our relationship poem

The urine and stools pass hourly by my head in silver bowls. They flush in unison in the autoclave. My one dozen roses are dead. The have ceased to menstruate. They hang there like little dried up blood clots. And the heart too, that cripple, how it sang once. How it thought it could call the shots! Understand what happened the day I fell. My heart had stammered and hungered at a marriage feast until the angel of hell turned me into the punisher, the acrobat.

My bones are loose as clothespins, as abandoned as dolls in a toy shop and my heart, old hunger motor, with its sins revved up like an engine that would not stop. And now I spend all day taking care of my body, that baby. Its cargo is scarred. I anoint the bedpan.

I brush my hair, waiting in the pain machine for my bones to get hard, for the soft, soft bones that were laid apart and were screwed together. And the other corpse, the fractured heart, I feed it piecemeal, little chalice. I'm good to it. Yet lie a fire alarm it waits to be known. In it many colors are stored.

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While my body's in prison, heart cells alone have multiplied. My bones are merely bored with all this waiting around. The figures are placed at the grave of my bones.

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All figures knowing it is the other death they came for. Each figure standing alone. The heart burst with love and lost its breath. This little town, this little country is real and thus it is so of the post and the cup and thus of the violent heart. I started to tell him that I wasn't interested in sex because I wanted to focus on my studies, but he didn't understand.

He started to avoid me for two weeks.

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I went to him and asked, but he said it was nothing. I started to panic.

the end of our relationship poem

He avoided me again for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks he told me that he didn't love me. I tried to ask why, but he didn't want to explain.

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He left so many unanswered questions in my mind. I thought we would never be apart. Don't waste your time on stupid boys. They're just there to waste time your time.

the end of our relationship poem

Don't give up until you get him back and give him what he deserves. They quite often don't give a lick about what you want. He just wanted you for sex.

the end of our relationship poem

Of course you wanted to build your future with him. If he doesn't realize that, he is a looser.

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Boys don't deserve your tears. I am just 15 years old, and I have been dating this guy for a year, and I haven't have sex with him and he is the most amazing guy ever.

Girl, don't waste your time on him; you deserve better. He will realize what he lost from the poem. I know that you did nothing but love him unconditionally, and it takes time to heal but, my friend, your future husband is somewhere out there waiting for you. Sometimes when a woman makes an excuse for not having sex, the man will freak out inside and feel so insecure that the first thing to pop in his mind is to find a better deal. He will get depressed from inside and sometimes he goes out to find a new life just to make himself confident and feel better.

Don't give up until you get him back. Were you touched by this poem? Share Your Story Here. All stories are moderated before being published.