The cadets meet jacks stranded in jungle


the cadets meet jacks stranded in jungle

Stranded In The Jungle by The Cadets Meet The Jacks on Ace Records. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN.. 1. Stranded in the Jungle 2. Lets Rock"N"Roll 3. Fools Rush In 4. My Clumsy Heart - The Jacks 5. Annie Met Henry 6. Rollin' Stone 7. The Cadets Meet The Jacks: Stranded In The Jungle ( Ace CD Remasters) LP called "The Cadets Meet The Jacks" on Ace CH in January

If a local hit started to break out in the Los Angeles market or if there was a chance to grab some action on a national hit particularly one on a smaller labelthe group would be rushed into the studio and their cover record immediately issued. Although both the Jacks and Cadets featured the same personnel, their lead singers differed: Most of their covers were far better than the originals.

The origins of the Jacks go back to Los Angeles in the late s and the formation of the Santa Monica Soul Seekers, a spiritual group. Baritone Lloyd McCraw came to L.

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His resume included time with the Dixie Hummingbirds and the Royal Four. Bythe other Soul Seekers were: In the spring ofthe Soul Seekers approached Modern Records for a recording deal and were sent to arranger extraordinaire Maxwell Davis. They all agreed, except for Glendon Kingsby, who left the group to continue singing spirituals. The Soul Seekers signed with Modern on April 10, A real family affair, Modern had lots of subsidiaries not all of which were in existence at that time.

You may recognize a few of the other names at Modern: These were pen names used by Jules, Joe, and Saul when they decided to give themselves writer credit for other artists' songs.

  • Stranded in the Jungle [Ace]

Joe Bihari who had a sharp eye for local hits with national potential was the one who dubbed the new group the Cadets. He also selected all the group's songs and, along with Maxwell Davis, supervised their sessions.


Its flip, "I Cry," was fronted by Ted Taylor. Since Joe Bihari thought the Cadets would be great on it, he rushed them into the studio.

the cadets meet jacks stranded in jungle

This would be the pattern: Joe Bihari had been right; the Jacks did such a good job on the tune that they obliterated the Feathers' version from the charts. There were two other releases of note in June: There was one backup that they didn't do, however, according to Aaron Collins. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

In Julyfor unknown reasons but probably to give one more chance to songs to which they owned the copyrightModern reissued the "B" sides of the first two Cadets records as a single disc: Also in August, they backed up Richard Berry again, although it's a bit complicated.

The record wasn't sent out for review. Fortunately, Pete Fox was able to help me sort out who's on what songs, because there's no way to group them into sessions. The end of the tour found them at the Apollo Theater as part of a Dr.

The Cadets Meet The Jacks - Stranded In The Jungle - Ace Records

His replacement was Thomas "Pete" Fox, a tenor from the original Flairs, who had broken up by this point. In March, it was reported that the Jacks had been signed by the Buck Ram management agency.

the cadets meet jacks stranded in jungle

In his case, he wanted to concentrate on a solo career. Accordingly, they threw newly-signed Prentice Moreland into the session. Moreland, possessor of a wonderful voice, was with many, many groups for example, the Dominoes, the Du Droppers, the Colts, and the Hollywood Flamesbut didn't seem to be able to stay with any of them for long.

the cadets meet jacks stranded in jungle

However, by the time "Memories Of You" was released on a single, in Februaryeither Moreland had re-recorded it or the Dread Chorus had been overdubbed over the original; either way, the Cadets are nowhere to be heard.

Once the "Stranded In The Jungle" session was over, the guys decided to remain with only four singers. At this time, the first rumors appeared in the trades that the Jacks and the Cadets were the same group. One of those "Why wasn't this on the Stage series?

Marc De Bruyn emdebe village. The Cadets version of the song was actually a cover of the Jay Hawks original version, although much more polished and energized. The band members recorded 20 singles over a three year period from to under two separate identities It was Modern's Joe Bihari who came up with the idea of having one group with a split personality, envisioning the Jacks as a ballad harmony group 6 releases on the Modern label utilizing the writing talents of Aaron Collins and the Cadets 14 releases on the RPM label as an up-tempo and novelty song quintet who mostly covered other acts' material.

The band on most of the group's sessions was lead by tenor saxophonist Maxwell Davis. Davis and Collins would later join the Flares inwhile Taylor would enjoy solo success as a blues, soul, and gospel vocalist. Jones joined the Coasters in and remained there for over a decade.

The public was quickly tiring of the whole "Annie" phenom, however, so DJs flipped over the 45 and gave the B-side, "So Will I", the push instead. In earlyPrentice Moreland replaced Ted Taylor.