Tf2 meet the pyro items one command

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tf2 meet the pyro items one command

The following dictates the Pyro voice commands. Note that Voice Menu 3 does not display Contents. [hide]. 1 Voice Menu 1; 2 Voice Menu 2; 3 Voice Menu 3 . of the animation. This does not include voice responses or voice commands. Associated items, Description, Kill Icon The Pyro adjusts their stance and fires one shot killing an enemy at close range. The Pyro spins the Lollichop in their hand, laughs and raises it victoriously as in Meet the Pyro. [hide]. 1 Pre-Release; 2 Video transcript; 3 Notes; 4 Trivia; 5 Gallery; 6 Related Merchandise; 7 References; 8 See also; 9 External links A short clip of Meet the Pyro was teased in Valve's video "Perpetual Testing . Bold items are part of item sets. . Meet the Pyro · Responses · Taunts · Voice commands.

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tf2 meet the pyro items one command