Synopsis of the five people you meet in heaven

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synopsis of the five people you meet in heaven

The Five People You Meet in Heaven tells the story of Eddie, a bitter, crotchety, nondescript maintenance man for a carnival at the fictional Ruby Pier. He feels. I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom, over the weekend. It was a tremendous book! Come read my book review!. The novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven was published in and is about a character named Eddie, who is a crippled veteran of World War II.

While in Vietnam, Eddie and his fellow soldiers were captured. For months, they were held in captivity and forced to work in a coal mine. Finally one night, Eddie was able to distract the guards with his juggling skills and the rest of the men took out the guards.

After the escape, the soldiers burned down the village with gas and fire. As the village was burning, Eddie thought he saw a shadow in one of the burning huts.

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  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven

To get him out of there, the captain shot Eddie in the leg and they got out of their safely. The captain then shares his story. Once Eddie was discharged due to his leg injury, he returned home. The captain kept going with the team and one day, he was driving down a path and came to a gate. He went to open the gate and walked around. On accident, he stepped on a land mine and was blown up.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Book Review

Ruby explains to Eddie his relationship with his father. Eddie had been so angry with his father because he thinks his father has ruined his life. He blames his father for all the bad things that has happened to him.

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It eats you from inside. At this point, Eddie realized how great a man his dad was, even with his quirks and felt sad he showed anger towards him.

synopsis of the five people you meet in heaven

Marguerite was the only woman Eddie ever loved. Eddie still loved Marguerite with all his heart. Upon seeing her in Heaven, he was overwhelmed with emotion.

synopsis of the five people you meet in heaven

He missed her so much and was happy to see her. They talked about their past and how things ended. She became sick at 47 years old and passed away.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Book Review

Eddie wishes he could have spent more time with her on Earth. Tala is the girl who was in the fire and was the shadow that Eddie saw. Tala is a young girl and badly burned. She was told by her mom to hide in the hut when the soldiers were burning the village.

The events in Vietnam are certainly sad, but Tala has a different view on it. Throughout his entire life, Eddie had been influencing and helping kids stay safe through his work.

He walked around Ruby Pier and made sure all the rides would not break down.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Synopsis

Focus on our own work and let the world take you where it needs you most. Rather, I will look to be a person who asks good, penetrating, and thoughtful questions and who is a good listener. Eddie ran into the street to get the ball as the Blue Man was driving by.

The Blue Man swerved out of the way, terrified that he would hit Eddie. Eddie ran safely back out of the street but the Blue Man was still extremely anxious having almost hit him.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

His anxiety caused him to drive recklessly and hit another car, which killed him. The Blue Man teaches Eddie his first lesson, which is that events are not random and lives intersect for a certain reason. After this lesson, Eddie finds himself back on a war ground, which resembled that on which he fought during WWII. There, he meets his second person in heaven, his former war Captain. During WWII Eddie fought in the Philippines and he, the captain and a few other soldiers were taken as prisoners of war.

synopsis of the five people you meet in heaven

Through a juggling act, Eddie is able to distract the captors so he and the other prisoners can kill them and escape. When they leave the camp, they decide to burn it down for revenge. Eddie swears he sees a small shadow crawling in the flames and runs in after it. The other soldiers tried to get Eddie out of the fire; however, he was so insistent that he saw a child in the fire that he kept trying to get in the hut.

The Captain did not want Eddie to die, or to leave him behind, so he shot him in the leg so the others could get him out of the fire. This is how Eddie got the injury that made him very depressed for the rest of his life. The Captain teaches Eddie the second lesson of sacrifice. Eddie finds out that the Captain died trying to make sure the path was clear for the rest of his men to cross. He says that he sacrificed Eddie's leg to get him out of the fire alive, and also that he sacrificed his own life to save the lives of Eddie and the soldiers.

Eddie then finds himself in a mountain range. He finds a single diner at the bottom of the mountains and through the window he can see his father sitting at a table. He meets Ruby who tells him that it is her for who the pier is named. She shows Eddie a horrifying scene where Mickey Shea almost hurt his mother; Eddie's father saw what happened and chased Mickey Shea to, possibly, kill him.

Mickey falls off the pier into the sea and Eddie's father saves his life.