Steven universe and connie meet the press

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steven universe and connie meet the press

Connie Maheswaran is Steven's best friend and a member of the Crystal After meeting Steven, she slowly began to learn about him, the Gems, and Media. Connie helps look after Beach City while Steven is busy. Lapis Lazuli and Peridot (for the first time) meet Connie in the bathroom, Peridot reasoning that she. Steven Universe is the show my twelve-year-old self wanted more than anything in the world. about the woman everyone else misses deeply but he never got to meet. Great Connie Episodes: “Bubble Buddies,” “Lion 2: The Movie,” writing is how it embraces what diversity means in all-ages media.

Connie then rewords the letter poetically, in an attempt to let Jamie down easy. As the lessons progress, Connie becomes a very skilled sword fighter, but Pearl's influence on Connie start making her obsessed with protecting Steven with her life.

Concerned with her safety, Steven follows Connie to one of her lessons and convinces her that they should fight together. After arguing with Pearl, she is convinced that Steven and Connie would both be great knights. The episode ends with Connie still taking lessons from Pearl, now with Steven by her side. Connie comments that at home she does not have any music other than movie soundtracks and classical music.

Greg responds by playing The Philosophy Majors for her.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Steven and Connie dance, causing them to fuse into Stevonnie accidentally. They quickly unfuse, startled, and Connie panics, asking Greg not to tell her parents. Greg tells her that he is probably the only human being on the planet who would understand.

steven universe and connie meet the press

He then tells Connie and Steven a story about him and Rose and tells Connie if she ever needs someone to talk to that he is okay with talking with her. Connie's mother discovers the sword and confiscates it, and takes it back to the hospital with her to check on her patients.

Connie and Steven sneak into the hospital to retrieve the sword but are caught by Connie's mother. Before anything can happen, the patient wakes up and begins attacking them. Steven reveals that the patient is a gem mutant, and Connie pleads with her mother to let her use the sword to help fight. Her mother refuses to back down on a rule, so they run out of the room and attempt to escape the hospital.

They are cut off by another gem mutant, and Steven bubbles Connie and her mother to protect them. Connie continues to plead with her mother to allow her to use the sword, but her mother still refuses to listen.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Steven insists that Connie has been training to use a sword for a long time, but Dr. Maheswaran insists that she know more about her daughter than Steven does. Connie then remarks that her mother does not know anything about her, as she has not even noticed that Connie's glasses no longer have lenses, despite the lenses having been removed almost a year prior.

The New Crystal Gems

Connie then grabs the sword and defeats the gem monsters, before she, Steven, and her mother leave the hospital. Connie apologizes to her mother for lying so much about Steven, and her mother realizes that she and her husband may be too controlling. Her mother promises to back down on some of the rules and to keep an open mind about everything that has been happening.

Connie and her mother then embrace. She is shocked to learn that Steven is fourteen years old and therefore older than her.

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After Greg shows her a picture album depicting Steven's several birthdays during his life, she is surprised to see that he has not grown up in his last few birthdays.

Connie asks Greg to talk in private and asks him whether Steven is going to grow up. As Greg says that he is not sure, Connie is visibly concerned. When Steven uses shapeshifting to make himself look older, Connie is impressed and amazed at his change. They spend the rest of the day together. Later on the same day, Connie and Steven are stargazing when she decides to confess that she was worried that they would not be able to grow up together and that she was relieved to see that she was wrong.

This revelation causes Steven to lose control of how old he feels and revert into a baby. Connie gets desperate and takes Steven to Greg. She tells Steven that she will always be with him no matter what age he is, which makes him stop crying. She wakes up the next day to find Steven back to his normal age. She notices a single hair on his face and is relieved to see that he is growing up, although slowly.

Connie nervously runs over, excusing Steven by saying that Kevin looks like another guy they know. Peridot's skill with her ferrokinesis powers appears to have improved with time and practice: In this episode, she can levitate an entire car several feet in the air with relative ease though then she pushes it too far showing off.

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Peridot mimics Garnet's thumbs up from " Log Date 7 15 2 ", something she previously despised. While Peridot asks if she is doing a good mimic of Garnet, Lapis retorts by saying that she was doing well until she made "so many questions". This is the second callback of one of Garnet's characteristics of not asking questions, the first being in the episode " Know Your Fusion ".

When Connie says that Lapis and Peridot are acting like children, Lapis remarks that they are both thousands of years old.

steven universe and connie meet the press

Lapis was indeed present during the Rebellion 5, years ago when she got trapped in a mirrorbut it is unclear if Peridot is actually that old. Peridot's insistence that they actually behave like the main Crystal Gems when trying to perform their roles seems to be an indication of just how deeply ingrained the caste system is on Gem Homeworld.

Fusion Cuisine

As seen in previous episodes, each caste is designed to do exactly one thing and that is their only purpose to the point that Peridot and Lapis feel that the reverse is true. Similarly, it is as if Peridot sees each member of the Crystal Gems as a caste-role unto itself, trying to exactly copy Garnet and Amethyst's mannerisms to fit their "role".

Seemingly no attempt has been made by Steven and the Crystal Gems to retrieve the Rubies stranded in Earth's orbit, despite the fact that he specifically said they would try to pick them up on their way back. When Connie is seen sleeping in Steven's bed, the picture of her from previous episodes is still there.

Connie is wearing the same outfit from " Crack the Whip ".

steven universe and connie meet the press

Errors The middle finger part of Garnet's right glove was not colored in when Connie was saying how Lion behaved himself. Connie's cellphone is still a flip-phone, even though she was shown using a smartphone previously in " Mindful Education " and later again in " Storm in the Room ". When Peridot lets Mayor Dewey's Van down, it has doors whereas it does not have them in other scenes.