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speech for meet the candidates images

Oct 31, Many of the candidates, mostly Democrats, already marked Ocasio-Cortez meets potential voters in New York City on Sept. Christine Hallquist gives a primary victory speech at the Skinny Pancake on Aug (Photo: BRIAN JENKINS FOR THE BURLINGTON FRESS PRESS VIA USA TODAY NETWORK). Mar 22, a portrait on Feb. 17, in Sioux Falls, S.D. (Photo: Sam Caravana / Argus Leader) More: Meet the candidates in Sioux Falls' City Council races . I, as mayor, would respect their right to "Freedom of Speech." Council. Oct 26, In his most animated speech on the campaign trail this year, he accused Gov. ( Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Obama.

Kamala Harris, New York Sen.

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Kirsten Gillibrand and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe among them -- who have not yet discussed campaign plans with Obama.

The Democrat did not describe these meetings as sessions where Obama gave each candidate specific advice about running for president -- "This is not about where you put your Sioux City, Iowa office," the source joked. Instead, the source said, Obama spends "much more time on how to respond to the President, positioning and broader challenges with the party. Obama has also had conversations with several Republicans, namely the ailing Arizona Sen.

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Jeff Flake, who has become the most vocal Republican opponent to Trump. Some of the interactions are spurred by contenders reaching out to Obama, while others are part of ongoing personal relationships he has with prospective candidates. For example, Obama has kept up a personal relationship with Biden, his former vice president, and Holder, who regularly gets Obama's advice on the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

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Sanders and Obama, who are not personal friends, met in mid-March and discussed the future of the party and the two leaders discussed their different roles in the future of the Democratic Party. They later met and discussed the future of the party, Richard Cordray's run for Ohio governor and Trump. Obama's public involvement in the election has so far focused primarily on fundraising. I'm proud that Labour's manifesto has a fully-costed plan that centres around building an economic recovery that is fair to everyone.

I will bring real-life experience to parliament. I will work hard to deliver sustainable, evidence-based and economically credible policies and I'm not going to blindly toe the party line - Shrewsbury needs an MP who can think for themselves; who will work hard to represent Shrewsbury in Parliament with determination, energy and individuality, and that is who I am.

Since unemployment in Shrewsbury has halved, and I will continue to support local businesses and apprenticeships so that we can grow the economy to fund vital public services. My top priority is to continue to fight for fairer health and education funding and improves services.

speech for meet the candidates images

It is important to invest in our infrastructure, improving road and rail links as well as investing to improve mobile connectivity and broadband in the county, and to provide ongoing advice and support for constituents. I urge voters to think very carefully. Is a vote for the same old system really going to change anything for the better? Should we not be brave? Should we not seek something better? Children of the Atom are serious about eliminating poverty, about equality of opportunity, about green living and working, about ethical free market capitalism and protecting our planet from damaging population growth.

If you really want a better future, do something extraordinary. Vote Children of the Atom. Charlotte Ann Barnes Liberal Democrats: People of working age should have the opportunity for somewhere affordable to live and work. The elderly and the vulnerable should be treated with dignity and respect. With health we need to treat mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing equally. With the Liberal Democrats you will get a stronger economy and a fairer society.

speech for meet the candidates images

Ludlow constituency is fantastic but together we can make it better. To ensure all this, we need a strong and growing economy under a Conservative majority Government. By supporting me on May 7th you can have a powerful, independently-minded advocate and a party who will: Oppose cuts to public services, instead cutting Trident, and HS2 and increasing the minimum wage.

Invest in renewables and restore railways to public ownership.

speech for meet the candidates images

I stand for a strong British economy, living within our means, not piling more debt for our children and their children to repay. Only with a strong economy, can we afford the public services we all value.

speech for meet the candidates images