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Lyrics to 'Flirt' by Raxstar And DJ Surinder Rattan. Look I don't normally do this / And before you start making excuses / I can see it in your face that you're. Raxstar laces a brand new verse and enlists a powerhouse of talented and versatile MC's from around the world who all push the artform to it's limits in their own. Stream Raxstar & DJ Surinder Rattan - Flirt by SimplyBhangra Music from desktop or your mobile device.

I need to whisper in your ear can you lean forward?

If I call you by your name does it mean more? I'll give you something you can scream for This the kinda track that a King will need a Queen for Boy meets girl, girl ticks the boxes Built for a boss she got the body of a Goddess Honest, I'll tell you how she's honest She could break your heart but she'll never break a promise So sober but you got me drunk off your love it's the drug that you know I want Sanu sochan vich paa gaye e Dil nu cherh ke tu kereh passe jaa reyeh Gal sunja you know I aint the type to chase you Insecure girls always find a way to hate you But you got it, girl you know you got it Everybody talking about you like a trending topic Kinna tenu chahva, dil di sanavah Ek vari gal sun ja Akhan na milondi, nakhre dekhondi.

Gal sun ja Nai labna mere varga, Nai labna Ajaa vekhle, yaari sadi vekhle Life is kinda hectic, it's hard to find someone who gets it right from my perpective I aint perfect a man will make mistakes but a will be man enough to say man I need to change I'm a changed man take me out the game man I been winning since I put you in my game plan When you're shining they want to throw you some shade man But you're so bright they can't even see you with Ray Bans Tere vargi hor na koi honi vekhiyan batheriyan to soniya toh soni Had them all falling for me but none of them could get me Lafza di lorh nai tu akhan naal kehgi So let me whisper in your ear can you lean forward?

I'll give you something you can scream for This the kinda track that a King will need a Queen for Kinna tenu chahva, dil di sanavah Ek vari gal sun ja Akhan na milondi, nakhre dekhondi. Gal sun ja Nai labna mere varga, Nai labna Ajaa vekhle, yaari sadi vekhle Paas tu aaja, tere Ranjha bahnjavan Kerhi galon sangdiyeh Heeriye Operator Codes: Ess Kay Ji Instagram: Glo Bar Studios Website: Y'all so ridiculous Lilly, let'em know LEH Still got tuition bills to pay LEH Swiping daddy's card at the club LEH Tweeting 'bout life being hard LEH Say you hate mama, cause she's dumb LEH Living free, eating good food, no rent Say you hate drama queens like your friends But girl you the one with the crown on your head Drive around in your mama's car LEH But you frontin like it's yours LEH Chip in gas money Thinking you a gift to women LEH Internet the only way you getting with'em LEH You really really thinking that you pimpin boy HEH cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men Grow a beard sucka!

LEH Rockin open-toes in the snow LEH Making out with your friends man LEH But then you say that you hate hoes LEH Instagram pics, no filter? LEH Trying to get all the boys to double-tap Blurring everything in the pic, but your rack LEH Flexing all your muscles when you take a pic Spending more time checking girls, than working out Sucking in that gut every time you walk around LEH Overprotective of your sister LEH But with all the other girls you switch it LEH Always complaining about your haters LEH But you the one talking all behind your friends back LEH Never pay it back in the end LEH But you buying bottles with your crew LEH In debt, getting trashed in your booth LEH Now it's 2am, and you're drunk Listening to Drake, and you're crunk So you grab your phone and you text Look at that, big surprise, who you messaging?

Colin Tilley Video Producers: Vinnie Hobbs Production Company: The Archery Club www. Badshah Full Video ft. Download Proper Patola from iTunes: For exclusive updates on Punjabi Music like us on: Badshah performing Proper Patola. Look I don't normally do this And before you start making excuses I can see it in your face that you're ruthless I aint said nothing why you throwing up your deuces?

Akhan naal keghai dil tera sajana With her eyes she said I'm yours Why you wana take take take and not give give give I just want to show you how I live live live, You aint gotta tell them what we did did did, Everybody wants to know what my business is, But we could start off with a hanji hello, she was like naa ji N.

LOL that usually never fails, Still got a soft spot for ghetto girls, I like them with brains though they got to be smart, These days some of them are too chalaak cunning Like kuri mere haan di a girl similar to mePlease never leave like Peer Tere Jaan Di The pain of you leavingYou should stay for a while, Every time I see you its making me smile, So why you wanna settle for a cash and carry?

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Sheena Chauhan Hair and make-up: AK Music Publishing Release: Bikram having penned the romantic couplets to the original song himself, laid the vocals while recording the album with Tigerstyle in Scotland, some months later, having collaborated with Gunjan on some other recordings Tigerstyle invited Gunjan to record on Kawan, the song was completed and after release became a timeless classic. So why revamp this timeless classic?

Collectively we all felt this song never really got the justice it deserved, as budgets were limited at the time we put the album together and Bikram being a new artist, the label didn't have enough confidence in the project to shoot a separate video for the song, so it just appeared as part of a medley video. For years Bikram and Gunjan have been performing the song around the world, and the amount of love the song has received is a real inspiration for us all as artists to continue making good music.

This time with the revamped song, Bikram has really put his heart and soul into making sure the song is well highlighted with a good music video. For Artist information, interviews or bookings: Hope you guys like it! Thanks for watching and subscribe for more!

EGO Remix - SunitMusic - Raxstar, Fateh, TaZzZ, Badshah, Kaly, Humble The Poet, RKZ

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Surjit Bindrakhiya, Other Album: Mukhda Dekh Ke Song: Tera Yaar Bolda Singer: Dupatta tera satrang da Singer: Dupatta tera satrang da Song: Lakk Tunoo Tunoo Singer: Lakk Tunoo Tunoo Song: Kacheriarn Ch Mele Singer: Dil Da Pata Nahi Singer: Sap Ranga Suit Singer: Lally Mundi Female Vocalist: Monica Arnal Vidal Mastered: Mario Poljac Concept by: Kaka Mohanwalia Post Production: Vikas Vashisht Artist Fitness Trainer: Bull 18 Networks Publicity Design: Maan ho janda Duna jatti da.

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