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meet thomas henry the green engine promo

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As Edward was unable to move the train himself, the Fat Director offered to let Henry out of the tunnel to help. Henry performed very well, and the Fat Director promised him a new coat of paint, since Henry's existing paintwork had been spoiled more by his stay in the tunnel than it would have been by the rain. Henry asked to be painted blue like Edward. However, many people confused him with Gordonto the bigger engine's annoyance. The matter was worsened after a trip to the Works when Henry was given spares of Gordon's buffers.

meet thomas henry the green engine promo

Unfortunately, Henry was to suffer humiliation when he was hosed with water by an elephant he frightened. After Gordon and James had suffered humiliations of their own and all three had become thoroughly fed up having to do their own shunting and fetch their own coachesthe big engines went on strike. The Fat Controller naturally disapproved of this nonsense and locked them in the shed for several days.

However, they were let out again after promising to work hard. Henry developed steaming problems, which he complained constantly about, though he found little sympathy, especially when it caused him to run late. A period came when the Main Line engines were supplied with a poor delivery of coal and Henry had a very difficult time of it indeed.

He had strength to pull trains only sporadically, in spite of numerous parts replacements. At last the Fat Controller looked into it personally, and asked the opinion of Henry's fireman, who told him about the poor coal and Henry's firebox being too small to burn it efficiently.

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The fireman also suggested purchasing the high-grade Welsh coal used on the Great Western Railway. Sir Topham Hatt agreed to purchasing some in order to give Henry "a fair chance".

When the Welsh coal came, Henry's performance vastly improved, such that he was comparable to Gordon. He continued to use the coal until he had a collision with a goods train at Killdane while pulling "The Flying Kipper" and was sent to Crewe to be rebuilt in Henry was rebuilt into a Stanier 5MT.

Sir Topham Hatt had connections with Sir William Stanier, so this may be the reason he managed to get Henry rebuilt so quickly. After returning, Henry was added to the rotation for the Express, and pulled it so well that he made Gordon jealous. Gordon tried to get even by rudely criticising Henry for whistling loudly at stations, but had to eat his words later that day after his own whistle valve jammed open. Some time later, Henry was taking a slow train.

As he passed under a bridge, four boys he had assumed to be railfans dropped stones on him and his coaches. He paid them out on his return journey by "sneezing" ashes that collected in his smokebox at them. But the day before, while he was idling at the station his smoke blinded a painter, who fell along with his paint pot onto Henry. The paint splashed over Henry's boiler, and as painting over it would take too long, Gordon was given the job instead.

When Duck arrived in to take over Percy's duties as station pilot, Henry, along with Gordon and James, teased him and tried to give him orders, as they had been doing to Percy. Duck, with Percy's help, blocked the big engines from entering the shed. The Fat Controller arrived and told the two tank engines off for causing a disturbance.

meet thomas henry the green engine promo

Henry and the others laughed- until the Fat Controller shouted for silence, and told them they had been worse, as they had made the disturbance. He told them that Duck was right - he, Sir Topham Hatt, is in charge. Henry respected Duck more after that. Henry's good opinion of Duck would be briefly spoilt in He and the other main line engines were growing very tired of Duck's incessant talk about the Great Western Railway following City of Truro 's visit.

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A Diesel sent to the island on trial quickly developed a grudge against Duck, and spread nasty stories about the main line engines to the trucks, stories he falsely claimed Duck had told him. He felt sorry a few days later when he became the next target of Diesel's slander, and when Duck returned after preventing an accident Henry cheered for him loudly.

When Gordon started feeling depressed inHenry, thinking Gordon was just moaning and groaning, teased him and told him he should get a wash-out, and would feel much better.

When Gordon's brother Flying Scotsman visited Sodor, Henry was jealous of the visitor's second tender. Duck and Donald explained, and while Henry took the point he still was vain enough to want an additional tender. Duck, deciding to bring Henry down to earth, told the big engine that he had in his possession not one, but six spare tenders, which, as a tank engine, he had no need of.

Henry accepted, and all the engines waited to see him go past. In the book Sodor: Reading Between the Linesit is said that Henry looks very much like a Stanier 5MTwhich suggests that he is not totally identical to one of these engines. It is not clear why Christopher Awdry should have felt the need to contradict his father, who was, of course, the original author, but it may be simply a result of copy-editing errors and publication deadlines — there is a second error or misprint in the same book, the character Mavis is correctly described as a Drewry Class 04yet is inaccurately said to be an Portrayal in TV series[ edit ] In the television series, some degree of technical consistency was achieved.

Unlike his Railway Series counterpart, Henry was never portrayed as a ; always a But there were major differences between the TV version and the Book versions of Henry, in his old, and new incarnation.

His old shape is quite similar to his newer one. The only difference appears to be the presence of a top feedand Belpaire firebox. This could have been done for ease of the changeover to his "Black Five"-esque appearance.

If looked at closely in the episode The Flying Kipper when Henry is wrecked, his top feed from his new shape is already fitted.

meet thomas henry the green engine promo

In another continuity error, during a head-on shot after Henry has returned from his Crewe rebuild, his old shape without external steam pipes is used. Henry was never portrayed in the TV series as being blue, as he was in some early Railway Series stories; this was likely done so that young viewers would not confuse him with Gordon as young readers had once doneas well as to save production costs.

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In the television series, he has his firebox flush with the running boards. His dome is mounted like a Black Five 's, close to the cab. He has a cutoff third splasher, that is flush with the firebox. The front of his frames below his smokebox door are angled sharply, like a Black Five, instead of being rounded as in The Railway Series. No external steam pipes are evident at his smokebox. In The Railway Series Henry lacked splashers.

In Season one the producers followed this rule of thumb, but since Season two he gained a set of 3 full splashers. Henry's original cab was identical to his new shape save for window shape, angled inward vs. Awdry's Model[ edit ] C. In this incarnation he was a rather sickly engine until "Henry the Green Engine"when he was found to run well on Welsh coal in real life, high-calorific anthracite which supplied the GWR.

In that book he was involved in a serious accident and sent to Crewe. They were similar to his "Jubilee" 5P express passenger loco, but with slightly smaller driving wheels to give it ability to haul freight as well as passengers. They show the hallmarks of Stanier's distinctive standard LMS style, a practice he brought with him from his previous employers, the GWR of Churchward and Collett, with the purpose of using interchangeable parts on very different locomotives. Stanier's ideas led the way for British Railways' standard designs of the s.

The model Henry made by the Rev W Awdry is said to have had as many problems as his fictional counterpart, according to the Reverend himself in this text from his Model Railway Scrapbook: I had a lot of trouble with this loco at first.

Bought second hand, it reached me in a deplorable condition. But, when all the dirt and fluff had been removed from the wheels, gears and motor, it proved quite a useful engine. The main disadvantage was that one had to start it with full regulator away, then with throttle down immediately afterwards. This made smooth starting impossible, and shunting difficult. Racism allegation[ edit ] Henry was the central character of what might be the most controversial story in the history of the Railway Series.

In the story 'Henry's Sneeze'the character blasts some troublemaking schoolboys with soot. The story was attacked in due to the fact that it stated - in question - that the boys "ran away as black as niggers ". Awdry himself claimed that it was a case of oversensitivity on the part of the race relations board. To solve the problem, he changed the offending sentence to "as black as soot", which has been used in subsequent editions of the book.

This series featured a number of original episodes that had not been adapted from The Railway Series stories, some of which annoyed Awdry with their lack of realism. The story that particularly angered him was called "Henry's Forest", written by the series' current head writer, Andrew Brenner. This episode begins by explaining that Henry's favourite place on Sodor is a forest through which the line runs. He likes to stop here and admire the scenery. A storm damages the forest, making Henry sad.

The episode ends happily, with new trees being planted to replace the ones lost. Awdry's complaints were directed at two aspects of the episode in particular. One was that it was unrealistic to have a railway running through a forest, and that sparks from an engine's funnel could cause a wildfire.