Meet the sniper mlp pegasus

Meet the Pyro: A Killer Unmasked (Part II) - Meet the Team: Pony Fortress 2 - Fimfiction

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

MLP:FIM Imageboard - Image # - artist:metal-kitty, comic, crossover, crying, discord, fluttershy, medic, meet the sniper, misspelling, rarispy, rarity, safe, . Waking Nightmares is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Team Fortress 2 crossover fan fiction written by Jonathan "KnightMysterio" Spires. My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2 crossover fanfiction archive with over 61 stories. Pyro leads the lovable men of Tf2 into the land of ponies, magic, and friendship. A pegasus named Icicle Breeze, who welds the Element of Intelligence is.

She flinched backwards, twirling her bat to block the next two blows from the axe. Pinkie stepped back and delivered an even more powerful hit to the struggling pegasus' weapon. The bat removed itself from her grip and struck the ground with a metallic clang. Pinkie leveled the axe at her throat. At least you tried, Dashie. I'm going to beat you if it's the last thing I do! I'll make this less painful just for you, Dashie.

Close friends, in fact. A friendly game between two friendly I merely had to gauge the extent of their friendship. It went somewhat like this Should she die before it can be repaired, she will not respawn. Suddenly, the sharp edge of the Axtinguisher at her throat became that much more threatening.

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

Evidently Pinkie noticed it, too. I can't really describe it. I mean, it was you. You'd never hurt me, right? I think I've got a nasty bruise on my leg. I'll bring you back to your base. I don't think so. The vulture, still perched on his shoulder, gave its master a brief look of contemplation.

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

Not that day, at least. It was a battle at Gorge. She refused to fight. It was a personality shifting spell.

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

I simply made it such that she wouldn't be capable of refusing to fight again. That's what I need to explain to you. This is the first time she's spoken since she started staring at me like that You should know how he works. It was an order. An order to continue killing regardless of the situation.

And she did it for you, Rainbow. Rainbow glanced at Twilight, her mind working on overdrive to process what she had just been told, and then back at Diana. Thing in a gasmask and fireproof suit, called Pyro. Fluttershy moved as far away from the Medic as she could. I also see a bunch of good for nothing slackers! Why are you people not on the field!? But this had better not cut into my killing time" He sat down in a huff Another flash, and a man carrying a rifle in one had and Rainbow Dash on his shoulder stepped out.

I'll explain it to him when he gets here" "So these here ponies are from another land called Eque-" "We have taken the enemy intelligence! Dash stirred slightly at the sound, mumbling in her sleep "God that thing is annoying. Now I think we should help 'em get back, seein as they showed up in our base" "We have dropped the enemy intelligence! A last flash, and out stepped a boy in baseball attire, cursing in a thick Boston accent.

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

I had it and Wait" Scout looked down at the Rainbow maned pony at his feet. No way" She reached up with a hoof a poked him in the stomach. He's only my favorite Class in Team Fortress 2!

Suddenly in the vents something started banging around, like a frightened animal. It worked it's way Toward the opening, falling through a grate onto the Heavy's head. He picked the Grey pony up, Staring it in the eyes Even though those eyes weren't staring backlooking angry. I like these ponies!

Pony Fortress 2: Meet the Sniper, a My Little Pony + Team Fortress 2 Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

I can try to supercharge my teleporter to get y'all home. But it'll take quite a bit of time. Someone'd have to take over my job" " What if I did it? I think we could all take on one of the classes for a while" "Heck yeah! I suppose you could. I'd have to modify the guns a little. If Y'all are okay with that" Murmurs of approval went through. Fluttershy looked concerned, but she didn't say anything.

meet the sniper mlp pegasus

Spy leaned over to AppleJack. Heck, she could write her own" Applejack turned to Fluttershy "I expect you'll be goin' Medic? She squeaked in fear, hiding behind the Sniper's legs. I'll go medic, you wimp" Trixie walked over to the Medic "Bah.

I refuse to be shown up by a bunch of girly ponies" His Shovel fell out of his back pocket.