Meet the queens season 6 drag race

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Six: Meet the Queens (VIDEO)

meet the queens season 6 drag race

This beauty queen left her mark on Drag Race Season 9 with her some extremely iconic moments on Season 6, making her a fan favourite. New season. New queens. Pick your faves! Drag Official · Home · Quiz · Rankings · Gallery · About. Tweet us your favorites! Picture. Which RuPaul's Drag . The sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing February 24, RuPaul then announces to the queens that the season premiere will be split into . choice to portray actress Maggie Smith is met with skepticism from RuPaul, while.

This gender-blurred, Icon Ebony-Fierce of Manhattan is ready to show the children what matters most: Vi is not afraid to stray from the norms of drag and those norms out a 10 story window.

meet the queens season 6 drag race

Look out below, bitches! Darienne is older and wiser than the rest. Her hair is always huge, and her jokes hilarious.

meet the queens season 6 drag race

It would be awesome to see a big girl win, but with fierce competition like Bianca, Courtney and Laganja, she should just enjoy the ride. Will be interesting to see how she handles herself among these high-flying performers and fishy goddesses. Vivienne Pinay is probably the most fishy queen in the history of the show, but she was flicked like a booger last year.

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Joslyn needs something more than looks to stand out. Hopefully she has some secrets up her sleeve. This gorgeous black queen is polished, sultry and hungry for the crown.

meet the queens season 6 drag race

Her dying mother told her to audition for the show and she made it on the first try. Someone has to go home first. We have such a diverse scene in Philly. With the talent that lives among us, we really need to get these local girls some airtime stat.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 cast revealed: Valentina, Latrice Royale, more |

The cotton candy queen may have gotten lost in her emotions in her season, but on All Stars, she wants to prove to the world that she's more than just a cry baby and take her place on a pink pedestal in the Drag Race Hall of Fame!

When she came for Valentina in the Season 9 reunion, claiming that her best friend abandoned her, and uttering this iconic line… Stan Latrice Royale Season 4 and All-Stars 1 She's large and in charge, chunky yet funky… she is Latrice Royale!

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  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six: Meet the Queens (VIDEO)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six: Meet the Queens (VIDEO)

She's back in the werkroom to prove that an OG queen can serve it to the younger queens. Those dramatic lip syncs. Gia wants to show that she's more than sassy catchphrases from Season 6. She's fully seasoned and ready to snatch that crown! When she coined the phrase, "Aaaaabsolutely feeling my oats".

meet the queens season 6 drag race

Since Season 7, Jasmine has gone viral on social media making her the ultimate "meme queen". But Jasmine wants to prove she packs more than a punchline and has the skills to take home the crown.

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When she entered the stage in a "cocoon", much to the bewilderment of the judges. She's back to prove she can outperform the best of 'em and to show the world you should never underestimate the tall, pretty fashion model. Having the longest legs in the game and working the runway like a pro. Fresh off of Season 10, she's back with a fire lit under her padded butt to serve some polished looks and prove she has everything it takes to soak up the All Stars crown!

Meet the Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 6

A unique use of kitchen sponges. She's got a closet full of campy couture and the comedic chops to make Manila an All Stars thrilla. When she showed up as a pineapple.