Meet the press inmate video

GTL Now Offers Video Attachments with Inmate Messages | GTL

meet the press inmate video

With video visitation, attorneys can do just that. At HomeWAV, we made it simple for attorneys and inmates to schedule their meeting online and all sessions are. jail. We offer onsite video visitation and at home visits through our smart phone app for family & friends. Onsite visitors must meet our dress code standards. By scraping information from news articles, social media, and Google . It's a much friendlier environment than the one at the jail or the video.

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  • The end of American prison visits: jails end face-to-face contact – and families suffer
  • GTL Now Offers Video Attachments for its Patented Inmate Messaging Product

Our presenter will be Kelly Lindman. Kelly has extensive experience in creating and managing mobile websites and applications.

meet the press inmate video

GTL offers friends and family members of inmates, trusted and economical options for staying in touch with their loved ones. Legal and Privacy GTL Tablet Solutions In the push to reduce the recidivism rate, correctional facilities are moving away from a traditional layout to one that is designed for inclusiveness and keeping inmates engaged with outside society.

meet the press inmate video

Studies have shown that maintaining a support structure is a key component to keeping inmates on the right path to successful reintegration into society after release. In Australia, a new maximum security prison opened this year that includes no cells.

Inmates have access to technology that connects them with friends and family members, news, books, movies, education, games, and more.

Provide the Opportunity for On-Premise or Remote Video Visitation

They are required to work for up to five hours during the day and pursue education and other programs in the remaining time. It is only logical that providing them with technology and programs to learn and better themselves through those access points is the direction that corrections is taking.

More than delegates from over 70 countries attend this prestigious conference. GTL and two collaborating organizations will present on two topics that relate to the use of technology in aiding the corrections and criminal justice systems.

meet the press inmate video

To find out more, I took that drive over the bridge across the Mississippi to Gretna, where the Jefferson Parish jail is located. Inside, the Securus logo is prominently displayed on posters. For those without access to a smartphone or a computer, the new visitation center is their only option.

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There, an old elementary school building has been converted into the center. Inside, three guards are gathered and laughing around a cellphone behind a glass wall, but outside the parking lot is empty. No one is visiting.

meet the press inmate video

I stop by the Jefferson Parish public defenders office. Attorney Andrew Duffy, a public defender in Jefferson Parish, already has some concerns.

meet the press inmate video

I hand him the flyer and he types in the Securus video visitation web address. As the page pulls up, he rears back his head and raises his eyebrows.