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meet the medic secrets aura

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Athena can heal nearby allies simply by having her shield out. Claptrap can cause the team to regen health simply by dealing elemental damage as well as causing a healing explosion either around enemies he kills or himself when his shields are destroyed.

meet the medic secrets aura

In the Syndicate reboot one of the co-op Breaches is the ability to heal allies. It turns out to have been stolen from Eurocorp; like the co-op characters, Merit and the Twins can do this.

To win that boss fight, you have to temporarily disable Merit, run down the health of a Twin, then do a melee execution. Due to the emphasis on customisation in Brinkthere's nothing stopping a medic from being a Mighty Glacier who wades into combat with a minigun and grenade launcher. The medics in Vietcong are always armed with either a submachine gun or an assault rifle. Any of the characters from the medic class in Evolve.

Depending on who you pick you could be armed with an armor piercing sniper rifle, a napalm grenade launchers, or missile pods. Justified, as hunting gigantic extraterrestrial killing machines unarmed would be a good way to get killed quickly.

In Overwatchall the medic characters have some capability for combat. Mercy embodies the "Medic" part of this trope, as the Support whose main role is to heal or buff others, or even bring them back from the dead, but she can defend herself with a pistol if she really has to. Lucio can passively heal allies around him while his sound gun is good for crowd-control and potential environmental kills.

Ana carries a special rifle that lets her heal allies by shooting them while also functioning as a regular sniper rifle to enemies. While the Support champions in Paladins are no slouches in combat, Jenos is a Support champion who was specifically designed to be geared more towards damage.

He's fast, wields a machine gun, can immobilize enemies, has a simple use-and-forget healing ability, and has an Ultimate that fires a singular, high-damage beam that penetrates all terrain in the targeted direction. Interactive Fiction In GuenevereGuen can choose to spec both in light that is, healing magic and sword-fighting.

Hack and Slash The Paladin from Diablo II serves as the closest thing to a 'support class' in the game, with his auras capable of providing powerful buffs to himself and his allies. And even an actual direct healing spell, though you'd be hard pressed to find any players who can even name it. Bloodline Champions has a Healer archetype whose bloodlines are all far from helpless, as well as other bloodlines within other archetypes that are capable of healing their allies to a lesser degree.

Additionally, being able to heal themselves constantly can make them quite tough to fight if it goes down to just one-on-one in a match, as every mistake non-healers make against them will be punished by having few to no ways to recover from it while they instead can try to disengage and heal back up.

Galaxies has a class tree literally named "Combat Medic", the full mastery of which allowed the use long range poisons to cripple enemies as well as perform his healing duties. The Commando even has a healing specialization called Combat Medic.

Each class has a companion character that fits this role as well.

meet the medic secrets aura

In City of HeroesMasterminds who choose the "Mercenaries" powerset eventually receive a Medic as a henchman. The Medic can only use his healing power once every couple of minutes All of the healer classes in World of Warcraft can be Combat Medics given the right talent allocation.

Of particular note, Priests specializing in the Shadow talent tree are capable of dealing out copious amounts of damage, a fraction of which heals the rest of the party though this tactic prevents the priest from casting normal healing spells.

Priests have a spell called 'Holy Nova' which simultaneously heals allies and damages all enemies within its radius, as well as 'Penance' that can either heal one ally or damage one enemy.

Holy Paladins' Holy Shock spell can also either heal an ally or damage an enemy. However, more challenging content needs regular healers in addition to the shadow priests minor healing and mana restoration. And every one of the offensive builds sacrifices a lot of healing ability. Feral Druids cannot cast spells at all in their preferred form and their spells are weak in caster form. Retribution Paladins and Enhancement Shamans will quickly run out of mana if they attempt to cast healing spells.

Elemental Shamans, Shadow Priests and Balance Druids have somewhat weaker heals than dedicated healers but have the mana to last a while.

Some fights require each member of the party to kill some literal inner demon that only they can see. Since healers' attacking abilities are either Holy or Nature spells, the Inner Demons in that fight were made particularly vulnerable to Holy and Nature spell damage. Feral Druids can dish out damage with the best of them, and then cast a few heals. Before the expansion, a feral druid in healing gear could have more mana than they would need and could endlessly spam lower ranked heals.

It is possible to play a Priest, Paladin, Druid, or Shaman from entirely with their healing spec. It'll take you longer to kill things, but you'll almost never die. Blizzard seems to be emphasizing this trope with the new Cataclysm talents: Discipline priests can now heal nearby allies or themselves for halved effect using Smite and Holy Fire.

Doing this grants them a stackable buff that can be consumed to both regain mana and temporarily increase their healing power. Holy priests, oddly, seem to have no talents of their own that makes damage dealing abilities more beneficial to their healing though they do have a couple that help them deal damage on their own. Shamans can boost their next healing spell by hitting enemies with elemental Shocks, and restore their mana by shooting enemies with lightning bolts.

Paladin healers can also increase their spell casting speed and mana regeneration, as well as heal themselves by striking an enemy with their Judgment spell. In addition, since Holy Shock can be used for both healing or damage dealing, some Paladins will use it against opponents just to continue building Holy Power which can be used for a couple different healing spells in a Limit Break fashion during periods when there's no one to heal.

Druid healers can talent their Wrath spell to cost no mana, and have a chance to make the next Starfire cast instantly. This is helpful because offensive Druid spells can cause the next spell with a cast time they use to have no mana cost. Only one healing spell can do this, it needs a specific talent to do it, and the chance of it doing so are fairly low. Hunters act akin to this with regards to their pets — not only was Mend Pet made more powerful percentage-based healing instead of a set amount and slightly faster healsbut it does not cost Focus its pre-Patch 4.

Monks will probably be the main example of this come Mists of Pandaria. Apparently, their healing abilities are all based on how much damage is done to the enemy. The more they hit, the more they heal.

Combat Medic - TV Tropes

Aside from Monks, WoW seems to be moving back away from this trope in Mists of Pandaria, with most of the mechanics listed above facilitating this playstyle being either toned down Shaman's Telluric Currents or removed entirely.

Blizz has explained that said mechanics were so effective that they were forcing healers to adhere to this trope, which wasn't their intention. However, healing classes automatically receive maxed spell hit for offensive spells, so they retain the ability to attack with some effectiveness, and Discipline Priests keep all the mechanics listed above.

The Secret Medic Tricks

Warlords of Draenor moved WOW completely away from this trope. Monks were given a new "fistweaving" stance to ensure this. Blood Death Knights were originally designed to be a "healer" spec for the class by having them heal through their aura while fighting. This did not make it very far in testing when a group of players made their entire group these and proceeded to curbstomp dungeons due to everyone constantly being cumulatively healed by their four teammates.

Age of Reckoning has three healer classes per faction. All of them have at least some damage or debuff potential, but the Sigmarite Warrior Priest and the Disciple of Khaine actually need to melee to get the most out of their healing power.

Due to this hybrid nature, they're likely among the best classes for both solo Player Versus Environment gameplay and 1on1 duels with other players. As with Shadow Priests, they tend to get a lot of flak should they dare to prefer hitting over healing Offensive spells, or attacks, let them charge up and improve healing spells.

This actually ended up to the point that they out-damaged the traditional damage archetype the Demonologistthough they still could not compare to the Herald of Xotli.

Eden Eternal has four healing classes that do this,but Sage class outshines them all. Sages melee enemies like most classes do, except their skills also have bonus buffs when used, such as healing allies' HP or MP when striking an enemy with said skills. Guild Wars ' attributes and dual-class system allows for healers to take on offensive roles, or offensive classes to take on healing.

Shamans and Oracles in Atlantica Online both have an offensive ability that makes up to two enemies take damage over time and more damage in general. The Monk on the other hand has purely supportive abilities, but all three have a decent attack that can hit flying enemies. Attacking is much needed, too, as a lot of experience comes from killing blows. The healer class of Air Rivals also functions as a Stone Wallso it's not uncommon to see some of them striking into enemy lines like everyone else.

Furthermore, it is widely considered to be the best overall fighter in one-on-one dueling, due to a combination of self-healing, self-buffing, and an exclusive reverse-flying ability that grants unparalleled maneuverability in close quarters. The Monks and their upgraded forms in Ragnarok Online. They start as a standard Acolyte, same as Priests but lack many of the heals and buffs of the Priest to allow them to dish out some nice melee damage.

Priests themselves can be pretty easily built, given the proper resources and gear, to be very capable melee fighters- and also not necessarily at the cost of losing all of their supporting ability, due to RO's allowing you to stat your character pretty much however you want. Players may also spec their characters or Bridge officers into filling this role if they wish.

Korean MMORPG Priston Tale contains the "Priestess" class, who is the game's primary healer, but in earlier versions, was considered the most powerful offensive class in the game due to their AoE elemental magic. In Wizard this applies to the healers of the game- life wizards. They have more healing spells than attack spells, but their attack spells aren't bad, especially when buffed, and they have the second highest amount of life points.

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Rift lets mages specialize in "chloromancy" alongside their other schools of magic. While they gain a couple direct heals, the vast majority of their healing comes from skills that allow them and their party to convert damage output into healing.

Bards are similar, converting their combo points into healing, and all the cleric souls feature melee damage, offensive magic, and healing in various combinations.

meet the medic secrets aura

In Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINEyou can chose both healing skills and combat skills in tandem, and it is recommended you do this or other more helpful skills, because the skill system means you can take any "class" you want as long as the character has enough skill memory to learn it. You can also use items to heal allies during combat without taking skill in healing magic, making this another viable option for combat medic, but you'll need money to pay for the items.

A surprisingly large portion of the party in Persona 3 possess at least a portion of the Dia Heal Spell family, though Yukari Takeba and Ken Amada have a stronger focus on healing than the others.

Persona 4 has clearer "role" divisions between party members, so most players bring either Yukiko Amagi or Teddie as their designated healer. Persona 5 gives us Morgana, who learns the most diverse line of healing spells of the party including Salvation, which fully restores party HP and cures negative status effectsand Makoto Niijima, who can also function as a party-wide healer. None of these characters are slouches in combat either; Yukari and Yukiko are each their respective party's strongest magical damage dealer, Ken is reasonably tough and has some insta-kill spells in his arsenal, Morgana has passable Strength and decent Agility though his wind magic spells are somewhat weakand Makoto and Teddie are both well-balanced stat-wise they both suffer a bit in Luck, but compensate with Makoto's high Agility and Teddie's solid Magic.

Of course, with the proper Persona set up, the protagonist can be this as well in fact, in 3 you were kind of forced to In Dynasty Warriors Onlinethere are 3 skills, only 2 in the English version, that allow you to heal your party of allies, and the combat part is pretty much a given.

One just heals party members, the other heals them as well as giving a buff, but weakens you in the process. The latter can have a stat build specifically for making full use of it to heal your party, making it one of the only times there is a specific "support roll" in the entire hack and slash game.

The Japanese only skill will allow you to even distribute the effects of an item between your friends, so you can prepare to find healing items allowing you heal your party in the process. They have a grand whopping total of one offensive spell.

Just one, and that's it. Because their job in a party is to make sure the party doesn't die, this is usually the last skill they bother to train. It is the single most powerful area of effect skill in the game. While its initial damage is the same as a few other abilities, it also has a damage over time effect that lasts ten seconds, pushing it into the top spot.

A healer in Luna Online come with a few holy elemental magic that can be upgraded. While they are not as powerful as other classes' skills, they are great at assist kill when the enemies are busy picking off other characters. It's even possible to solo cleric via Death of a Thousand Cuts strategy since healers in Luna Online can survive just fine by spamming healing spells on self while attacking.

In The Secret Worldassault rifle "leech healers" heal by doing damage, a percentage of which gets converted to healing. Other weapon combinations can do this to some extent, although the stats required for healing and damage are different, so doing this outside of assault rifles usually doesn't work as well in groups.

WildStar Medics are actual doctors, with legit medical degrees. They just use their Resonators, tools of healing, as tools of destruction as well, because just plain healing in a nice, safe office out of the action has stopped being profitable. All classes are capable of using weapons, but tactical officers are only a DPS class with a couple of buffs and debuffs. However, engineering and science officers have access to a mix of healing skills and more directly combat-related skills, although science is more known as the healer class particularly in ground combat engineering relies more on being a Drone Deployer dirtside.

In a story example, Dr. Rhian Cratak, the chief medical officer of the Romulan Republic flagship RRW Lleiset, pulls a disruptor on a group of Vaadwaur who board the ship in "Capture the Flag", helping the player take them down by shooting them In the Back.

The healer classes in Final Fantasy XIV are built around being able to do just as much damage as a caster. You're taught very early on that healing isn't all you should be expected to do, and many players are happy when a healer can balance both keeping the party alive and doling out damage though there's no shame if you can't, because you might not be geared enough.

Other In Foxholeplaying medic is sometimes forgotten in favor of stocking your Respawn Point structures, but the field hospital allows you to manufacture medical supplies for the front lines. Any player can stock up with first aid kits to heal their teammates and trauma kits to allow them to stabilize dying allies. Nothing stops you from hauling weapons along other than having to deal with encumbrance and the trauma kit occupying the main weapon slot. Platformers Yoko Belnades from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow heals a tiny amount of HP with each physical attack she does.

Sonic Unleashed has a annoying wizard-type Dark Gaia monster which can heal other monsters while smacking you around. All-Stars most every heal doubles as a damaging or damage increasing ability.

meet the medic secrets aura

This does carry over a little to Dota 2but almost every support character is expected to build group healing items to help out the team, making them all this. The best example in the sequel is most likely Omniknight, who has a healing ability, a temporary spell-immunity buff, and a mass temporary damage immunity spell for his ultimate ability.

Witch Doctor can be considered as one, since it has an ability of healing himself and his allies around. He also has an attack that bounces around enemies and stun them and has an ultimate that deals ridiculous amount of damage, but it's channeled. Oracle plays this in a weird way, in that his primary healing spell deals a large burst of damage to the target, and then applies a rapid regeneration effect.

Because the spell can target enemies and allies, pierces Spell Immunity, and multiple copies of its regeneration stack, if played incorrectly, Oracle can unintentionally heal his enemies more than he harms them.

Some carry heroes with strong early game presence and little use for their large mana pool most notably Viper, Razor, and Shadow Fiend will also buy the healing item Mekanism to complement their teamfight strength. Dark Seer in particular is often referred to as a "Mek Carrier", in that he can effectively buy and use a Mekanism fairly early in the game and later upgrade it to the much more powerful Guardian Greaveswhile otherwise being played as a core hero.

All League of Legends support champions have some degree of offensive capability, but post-rework Taric is designed for this. His mana regenerates when he deals damage and the cooldown on his heal decreases when he strikes an opponent, so fighting improves his healing and sustainability. His heal spell also heals both its target and himself, allowing him to recover from damage without neglecting his support duties. His Shatter ability used to give bonus armor to himself and an aura that increased the armor of allies, temporarily losing the aura when he activated the spell to damage enemies and reduce their armor.

Now he retains the aura and loses the personal armor bonus, letting him use it without weakening the rest of his team. Kayle also qualifies, being able to unload damage onto a target while healing and hasting allies, and making them temporarily invulnerable. Both iterations of Karma serve d as this. Pre-rework, she had two charges of Mantra. Her basic Q did Ao E damage, her W was a slow when used on an enemy and a speed-up when used on an ally and her E was simply a strong shield.

Her passive got her more and more AP the less HP she had. She was very dangerous at low levels of health, being both a strong combatant and capable support. The new Karma has a passive that reduces the CD of her Mantra Charge when she hits an enemy with spells or basic attacks. Her Q is a notoriously strong nuke when charged, however it's no slouch when used in its basic form either. Her E is a single target shield that grants movement speed while her empowered E adds strength to the primary target's shield and grants an Ao E shield for allies surrounding the shields target, also granting them movement.

The longer the fight goes and the more damage she can dish out, the more use can be made of her. Nami can throw a skipping of water that heals and speeds allies and damages and slows enemies. With one splash, she can potentially save her carry and pick off the low-health sap trying to escape. Soraka was almost a non-combatant, being able to sit well away from the fighting while keeping her carry's health and mana bars full.

Riot wanted to preserve her ability to heal while making her play more dynamic and risky, so they changed her healing spell to Cast from Hit Points and gave her a health-regen mechanic with her Starcall ability. The damage is fairly weak until she builds AP less than twice her regular attack damagebut it has a long range and is useful for poke. Soraka is still primarily The Medicbut her need to attack and siphon off life from the enemy in order to do her job pushes her in the direction of this trope.

In Heroes of the Stormalmost all of the Support-based heroes are focused around healing. Even more so, when each of the Support-based heroes can choose one out of two Heroic abilities. Here are some notable examples: Li Li Stormstout and Malfurion Stormrage are among the easiest Support heroes around, but Li Li can blind enemies making them briefly miss their attacks, and she possess Heroics that can either heal everyone in an area or massively damage and slows nearby enemies, while Malfurion can summon roots to entangle opponents, and his Heroics can either be an aura that heals allies close to him or an AoE blast that damages and silences enemies.

Rosa Morales stretches this tropeas her only offensive skill is a grenade blast that knocks away enemies, while the rest of her kit is entirely dedicated to supporting, including healing.

Kharazim is the closest thing to this trope. His passives can be customized to either gain mana, deal more damage, or even heal a nearby ally, all while attacking a certain amount of times.

His heroics are either to heal an ally at the brink of death or become invincible and hit opposing heroes seven times in an area. They are the faction's primary source of healing with their Rejuvenation spell, they can also Roar to boost the damage of allies or turn into a bear to serve as heavy infantry.

And, as one of the strongest melee units in the game in bear form who also happen to be able to heal themselves to full health with 12 seconds out of combat in night elf formare subject to a lot of balance complaints. The Paladins Holy Light spell heals a significant amount of health to units and deals half damage to Undead units, while the Death Knight's Death Coil spell does it the other way around. The Paladin has the Resurrection ability which brings allied dead units back to life, while the Death Knights turns any dead units into invincible Undead units for a short duration.

Averted in Company of Heroes. The medics will automatically run out there and bring back any survivors, all while being unarmed. In return, enemy soldiers will not open fire on any medic, unless the player explicitly tells them to do so. Medics in World in Conflict are part of the all-purpose Infantry Squad.

In the expansion pack for Act of Warthe first tier of mercenaries for hire included a small group of medics equipped with heavy sidearms. It has light armament to defend itself and has more HP and a higher movement speed than other engineers. Being an engineer, it can repair units.

Cybran T1 tanks the Mantis have repair capabilities as well. In Bungie's Myth series, the Journeymen units can heal your other units with a heaping helping of Revive Kills Zombie and have a shovel for self-defense. However, in Myth 2, once they have finally fully paid their penance, they take off the nine gold plates they wore each weighing as much as a grown man threw away their shovels, and started Dual Wielding their katana-like swords again.

And while they couldn't hold as many healing roots as they used to, they could still heal your other units. Machines Wired For War: BLU Medic's death was also horrifying. He gets forced into a barn, which subsequently has the door barricaded with an axe handle before being set on fire. The worst part is the look on his face as he realizes his impending doom And then of course there's the bone-chilling soundtrack that played in reality. Hell, just Pyro's brutal, remorseless rampage in its entirety has to qualify as one of the most frightening things in the whole series.

Although all the death and destruction that goes on is usually played up for comedy in the Meet the Team videos — it's played entirely straight here, complete with the BLU team being reduced to utter primal terror by the Pyro as it single-handedly massacres them.

Somehow, the fact that Pyro is completely oblivious to the destruction they're causing and, in their head, they're simply spreading rainbows and joy around them, is creepy on many levels.

The screams of pain from the other classes in "Meet the Sandvich" are chilling. While rather hilarious, just trying to imagine the images the Soldier and Scout are providing is enough to make you shudder. It gets even worse with some of the cut lines — including Soldier begging Heavy to kill himand Scout frantically and tearfully begging him to stop. You call that killing me? I am not dead! Cracking noise as his tone becomes noticeably more panicked Now I am ordering you to kill me!

There is a checkbook in the left-rear pocket of my fatigues! I will pay you all of my money to stop! On the verge of tears I regret everything! I regret everything I've ever done! Give me back my leg bone!

meet the medic secrets aura

Just about the first half of Meet the Medic. The Medic is literally holding the Heavy's heart, and it explodes. Oh, and lest we forget that Heavy is fully conscious throughout the entire operation. Although the horror factor is mostly subdued due to the fact that the Heavy did not seem to feel any pain apart from the breakage of a rib bone. He even laughs to the Medic's joke while his organs are exposed. It's pretty possible that the Quick-Fix and the other Mediguns can nullify most pain, so the patient isn't in too much danger.

The BLU Spy's head, which early versions of the video explained as a dead, decapitated enemy spy's head falling into the accidental chemical mixture which would inspire the Medic's Mediguns. Said mixture made the head fully alive, aware, and unkillable, much to the BLU Spy's horror. By the events of Meet the Medic, he seems almost used to his horror of an existence, but still begs the RED Medic to kill him. And then The Stingerwhere Scout walks out of the operating room saying "You will not believe!

In short, Scout has a live bird in his chest. In game, if the Scout is killed in such a way that he's completely evisceratedthere is a 1 in chance that a dove will fly out of the carnage. Apparently, bread gets green fleshy tumors when put through a teleporter Actually it's just some sort of self-aware beauty mark, doesn't make it any less terrifying however.

What about all the Heavies with Sandviches that go through teleporters? The bread they used was made from dolphin milk, fed only on pre-chewed grass. So Heavy's sandwiches should be fine. During Expiration Date, Spy pins Scout in a door and holds out his knife. He was perfectly willing to murder a teammate who wasn't a threat to him at that time. And topping it off, said teammate was later officially confirmed to be his own biological son. Though, considering what the Scout was putting Spy through just minutes earlier, Spy's actions could be somewhat justified.

Comics and Other Supplemental Material The online comics can be straight-up disturbing at times: Every day I'm dead a little longer, Mr. I have seen the other side. There is nothing there. In the Mann vs Machine updates, entire battalions of robots are heading to all Mann Co businesses.

And since Mann Co is a Mega-Corpthese robots are practically all over the entire world. Oh and by the way, observant players can find the carrier tanks in the backgrounds of some maps.

Despite the game's comic nature, Gray Mann's actually a pretty creepy guy. While there are several funny bits in the comic he appears in, he's much more serious than most of the characters in the game. Even some of the funny moments had a scary side. For instance, Gray was swiped out of his cradle by a female bald eagle, who raised him alongside her chicks. Redmond and Blutarch are visibly repulsed. Then, as seen in this page, he wins.

The Administrator - the most powerful, controlling character in the whole Team Fortress 2 universe to date - runs away, and leaves a one word message to Miss Pauling: Some time before the Halloween update, the Spy's head in the website banner became a skull.

While not that scary by itself, there was no other indicator to it, so you'd be simply looking at a blog and give yourself a Jump Scare. Skulls in general tend to have a neutral expression, but Spy here seems to be Blood in the Water has the Administrator. She has an Australium Life-Extending Machine embedded into her arm. Team Classic has hunted down the Team, and their Sniper already placed two bullets into Mundy.

In addition, Medic is now working with Team Classic and seems to have no issue with killing his former teammates. Old Wounds goes the extra mile. The mercs being tortured by the classic team.

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Classic Heavy kills Gray after realizing what Austalium is worth Zhanna cutting off her hand to save Soldier. Classic Heavy kills Archimedes in front of the Medic. Who then proceeds to stitch Archimedes back together again while the Classic Heavy's ranting.

Gray Mann thinks the Administrator has plans worse than his own. And his involved using robots to suck Australium out of people! We also have cheery and friendly Ms. Pauling explaining that she fully expects the Administrator to do something infinitely worse than Gray ever has, and that she will happily stand by her side for every minute of it.

Just a quick reminder that, likable as they are, we're not necessarily following the good guys. Then again, Miss Pauling might not know the Administrator as well as she thinks. In The Naked And The Deadit is revealed she still has no idea what her boss wants with all the Australium and has blindly followed her up to this point.

The fact that she is starting to have doubts now Pyro ambushing two Classic Team members in the dark in Part 6, which doubles as an awesome moment.