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meet the medic markiplier horror

But Meet the Spy is the most popular video on Valve's channel. Meet The Medic has amassed almost DOUBLE the views of Meet The Pyro! .. I love watching people play horror games, particularly Markiplier and a long. The one he currently uses in his horror game outros: "Shirk's Haunted ". . he's done a video on the Meet the Medic crossover DLC for Surgeon Simulator MEET THE MEDIPLIER is an episode of Markiplier Animated created by Coyotemation. Meet the Medic meets Meet the Markiplier.

While it caused him to have a Heroic BSoDit was nonetheless the correct solution to advance. In Five Nights at Freddy'sGolden Freddy appeared right at the end of the phone call on the third night. Mark panicked and pulled out the camera, as it was the only option that wouldn't force him to look.

meet the medic markiplier horror

As he exited the camera while looking at a poster, Mark managed to instantly look at the Golden Freddy poster through the camera without knowing that doing so would de-summon Golden Freddy. In Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Markiplier achieves this when he is the first one to receive the demo from Scott Cawthon along with a set amount of youtubers who were specially picked hours before the game's release.

This is strengthened when the full version comes out and he breezes through the nights with no issues at all. This becomes even more noteworthy when he does a second playthrough to get the Golden Ending while actually knowing how to play, and ends up failing repeatedly on the levels he'd accidentally breezed through prior.

In his first playthrough of Until Dawnwhile playing as Mike he is Jump Scared by a wolf, and fails the quicktime event to punch it. The wolf turns out to be docile. In the fan game With the Addition of Markiplier, Tiny Box Tim is the main antagonist, having grown extremely bitter after Mark "abandoned" him in Amnesia: In the true ending of the game, in-game Mark ends up destroying himmuch to the real Mark's dismay.

Attempted in his playthrough of Silent Hill: Is some diabolic demon gonna come dashing down this dank and dusty hallway filled with death and destruction?

Dare I say that it doesn't I am gonna do to that demonic The commentary for episode 14 of Turbo Dismount mostly consists of him affectionately making fun of the Game Grumps - of which he is an honourary member. A Good Name for a Rock Band: During his Outlast playthrough, he comes up with "Tea Party of the Dead. From the final part of White Night, he suggests that "Eyeballs in the Wall" would be a good name for a Death Metal band name. In Fibrillation he comes up with "Origin of Insanity".

He then demands that anyone who uses it give him 25 cents for every note they play. Humorously enough, Menagerie of Insanity is already the name of a few things, including an e-book by Jacob Russell Dring.

And in The Evil Withinhe's come up with "Sounds of Nightmare" after hearing the incredibly loud scraping of a thresher trap. The only conclusion where you get a group of drunk adults playing Minecraft with an admin that's happy to give them whatever they want, provided they don't piss the admin off, which of course they do.


Mark has created quite a few alter-egos, with the most famous of them being Wilford Warfstache an eccentric, pink-moustached reporter and Darkiplier a crafty Humanoid Abomination. All of them are listed on the characters page. Always a Bigger Fish: Darkiplier and Antisepticeye are equally threatening as evil alter-egos of Let's Players, but there's one thing they fear: In part one of his "Fear Amnesia" playthrough, he takes note of a giant-ass knife. He then clarifies "Not a giant ass-knife, a giant-ASS knife.

Got to watch where your hyphens are. His commentary regularly ventures into this, especially while playing particularly obtuse puzzle games or ones riddled with Fake Difficulty. His playthrough of "Getting Over It" often devolved into this, usually just before he broke something. Some of his reaction videos lampoon this with on-screen text attempting to decode what he just said — or giving it titles like "Walrus" and "Man-Baby Mating Call". Mark tends to flirt with characters when he gets scared during horror games.

He has been known to flirt with zombies, monsters, the character that he's playing, and sometimes himself or the audience.

meet the medic markiplier horror

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When he plays Whack the Cheater, Markiplier's complaints are that you shouldn't kill people, that you should direct your anger at the proper person if you're being cheated on, and that the game had no sound. Combined with Screams Like a Little Girl in the second video of his Monstrum LP, when he sees the second monster that he had not encountered during several prior playthrough attempts.

Russians, he loves Russians. He also loves dogs, as multiple vlogs and playthroughs will show you.

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When not scared shitlessMark has a pretty deep voice. Markiplier will make ridiculous boasts while playing horror games, usually to the effect of him being "too tough" or "so handsome" that the monsters are avoiding him, only to have one crash in and scare him into screaming bloody murder. It has now become something of an official Markiplier emblem.

Sometimes he even wears it while recording!

Surgeon Simulator 2013 - Part 5 - BEST DOCTOR IN SPACE!

Mark's attempt at hiding his knowledge of the fact that "Error 53" is a horror game and not a cutesy adventure game is Mark declares he's replaying the game to fix his mistakes. The fanbase exploded, with a significant portion of the comments declaring intent to unsubscribe if he goes through with it, while others were actually relieved that he might take the game more seriously.

Markiplier came under fire by fans in his fifth Let's Play video of SOMAwhere he ultimately decided to pull the plug on Robin because he wouldn't want to be in that situation if it were him. Fans are divided between agreeing with Mark's decision and defending it, or berating him for making a decision on someone else's life without taking into account Robin's choice.

And that's not even getting started on the ethics of killing a human-copied mind in a machine His Undertale LP was this right away. Even before he started, many people were happy he was going to play it while others hated it because his popularity would "ruin it". Mark's voice acting had a very mixed reception. Some find it hilarious but a lot of viewers hate it either because he is exaggerating so much it's just loud and annoying, because he is trying too hard to be funny and not taking the game seriously, or because he didn't use the common fanon voices for Sans and Papyrus.

meet the medic markiplier horror

After he stopped uploading Undertale videos, everyone started assuming he gave up after the negative reception of his voices, with some defending him and others complaining. More than one month later, Mark said he couldn't do it due to time constraints and that he wanted to play genocide, but will make a pacifist playthrough first.

Now you have 2 broken bases, the people who believe Mark didn't have enough time vs the people who think Mark lied since he played a bunch of other games and, those who are happy he is finally playing the game vs those that hate how Mark isn't playing the way he wanted.

Mark's announcement that he officially quit playing Undertale entirely in one of his March livestreams further fractured the fans.

meet the medic markiplier horror

On one hand, you had the fans of Undertale who were angry with Mark for not wanting to finish the game because it was "too predictable". On the other hand, others were glad that Mark wasn't going to play the game anymore since everyone was either going to spoil the game or push him down a certain path when he wanted to play the game for himself.

Then you have a third party that said while they're disappointed that Mark wouldn't play Undertale, they're fine with his decision given how rabid the Undertale fanbase can be. Then there were the people who hated Undertale, and were glad he stopped his playthrough. Mark's final decision to play Undertale again via livestream with Tyler calmed the majority of the fans. Mark dying and raging for multiple videos is either hilarious or painful to watch.

Mark's tendency to work on multiple playthroughs at once, sometimes up to four or five alongside whatever non-video game related videos he decides to upload. Some are fine with letting Mark do what he wants, others who become invested in a particular series sometimes wish he would focus on a smaller number of games, and complete them before moving on to something else.

Pizza Delivery v2.0

Nowadays, there has been some controversy about his legitimacy after the leak of his monthly income, in relation to the many charities he has encouraged his fanbase to participate in during his live-streams.

Some defend him on the grounds that it is his money and he has rightfully earned it, thus he can do whatever he wants with it, while others believe that he's a hypocrite that donates very little of what he actually could be donating, while at the same time pretending to be humble and preaching constantly about how we all can be better human beings etcetera.

His Fran Bow LP started very well but over time got more and more divisive, in particular with how Mark's exaggerated voice overs took the LP.

meet the medic markiplier horror

His "YouTube Has Changed" video also got people mad, because of how his video was addressing YouTube Drama, and just made it worse, but at the same time didn't really add anything. Worth noting is that all he really wanted to do was just rant things and get things off his chest but had no idea that it would start a Flame War all over YouTube.