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meet the fockers 2005

Danner, Teri Polo. All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time. Spoofed in Son of the Mask () See more». With Rhonda Sherman. We find notes from baby wrangler Rhonda Sherman as she explains her job. We learn about some of the challenges inherent in working . Financial analysis of Meet the Fockers () including budget, domestic and Martin Luther King (All Movies, 3-Day), 30, $19,,, Jan 14, ,

On stage, Greg uncontrollably blurts out that Pam is pregnant and that Jorge is his son in a Darth Vader -esqe matter before immediately losing consciousness.

The next morning, Pam questions Greg about Jorge, and Greg does not confirm or deny that he is Jorge's father, but insists that he knew nothing about him before the previous evening.

Pam believes him, and is willing to work things out with him. Jack reaches his breaking point with Greg's dishonesty and demands that Pam and Dina leave the island with him. Dina refuses and reveals Jack's actions to everyone. Everyone turns against Jack, with Pam announcing her intent to marry Greg regardless of him having Jorge with Isabel, and Dina admits that they were all aware of Pam's pregnancy. A shocked and hurt Jack leaves with his grandson. Bernie and Greg pursue Jack, but are soon tasered and arrested by an overzealous deputy sheriffVern LeFlore, for speeding and refusing to remain in their car.

Meanwhile, Jack is informed that Greg is not Jorge's father his real father turns out to be a baseball player who also resembles Gregand attempts to defend Greg and Bernie, but the overzealous Leflore tasers and arrests him, too.

In their cell, Greg, Jack, and Bernie are released by the local judge, Ira, who is a client of Roz and a close friend of the Fockers. Before they leave, Greg asks that Jack and Bernie stop their feud. Jack admits that he made a mistake regarding Jorge and reveals his past career in the CIA to Bernie, before apologizing for his actions and making up with the two of them.

During the post-credit sceneJack watches hidden baby-cam footage of the Fockers giving attention to Little Jack over Jack's previous objections: Roz gives Little Jack chocolate, Bernie advises him to use his crying to disagree with everything Jack says, and Greg pretends to drunkenly tell Little Jack to keep it a secret that he left to smoke pot, not answer the phone, when he left Little Jack unattended and that Pam is not really pregnant and only said it so that Jack would let them get married.

meet the fockers 2005

Greg then pretends to only just discover the camera but then after making teasing gestures at it, Greg reveals that he knew about it all along and none of the things he said before was true. The film's biggest opening of the weekend came from the U. The film was also first place in Scandinavia, but exact numbers are currently unavailable.

It should be pointed out that horror films do particularly well in Spain, so this result is not unexpected.

The film opened in only one market, New Zealand, which is strange since the film has been playing in Australia since Christmas. Like Canada and the U. Add in strong holdovers in the U. Fockers are Fabulous February 9th, A higher than expected opening in Spain and a lower than expected decline in the U.

meet the fockers 2005

Its most prolific market continues to be the U. That figure was also more than 8 times the second place filmand more than half the market's total box office. I Guess that Snowstorm Really did Hurt the Box Office January 31st, January ended on an amazing note, with most of the top five beating expectations. This led to huge increases of But there is some bad news. Firstly, last weekend the box office was pushed down because of the snowstorm and secondly, last year the box office was pushed down because of the Super Bowl.

Under the Weather January 24th, A massive snowstorm hit the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and New England over the weekend, and while we're usually skeptical about the effects weather patterns have on the box office, this was a particularly widespread storm. Even so, it alone cannot explain the Comparing this weekend to last year we see a much smaller 3. With most of the awards going to smaller films, the awards probably won't have any impact on the top five.

In fact, there probably won't be any change at the top spot and only one change in the top five. Alexander Reigns over International Audiences January 19th, After a massive opening last week in Spain, Alexander took top spot on the international charts thanks to a strong opening in Italy, Brazil and Hong Kong. In spite of this, two things should be kept in mind.

First, it is much too early in the year for those comparisons to be truly meaningful. Second, started off very slowly, and didn't pick up until late February. So the comparison is tilted in 's favor.

meet the fockers 2005

Martin Luther King Day Delay January 17th, Much of the country is celebrating the life of the civil rights leader, which will lead to a one day delay in the weekend wrap-up, but shouldn't affect any of the other columns this week.

Real Race for the Top January 14th, With three new films opening and two others expanding into wide release, there is a lot of competition for top spot. However, no film is standing out as the obvious choice for top spot, which makes for an exciting weekend.

Meet the Fockers (2004)

In fact, given the average reviews the race for top spot could be more entertaining than most of the movies in question. Fockers Still the Biggest Draw, But Stripes in the Race January 14th, Meet the Fockers continues as the most widely distributed movie this weekend, adding 25 theaters to reach a healthy 3, locations. In spite of big expansions for In Good Company to 1, theaters and House of Flying Daggers to 1,two movies have significant openings.

Twelve Takes Top Spot January 12th, The race for first in the international marketplace continued to be close with three films within a couple million of each other. The heist film did open well in several markets, which mostly balances out severe drop-offs due to the post-holiday.

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This despite the one new release beating all expectations. Next weekend should really turn things around, on the other hand.

meet the fockers 2005

Quiet Weekend for New Releases January 7th, The weekend after Christmas is historically a very poor weekend to release a new film, as is the first weekend of the new year. Of course, normally these are the same weekend, but not this year. So by stretching out this down time we get two weekends in a row where's there's not much new to get bodies into theatres.