Meet the filmmakers event

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meet the filmmakers event

Darkest Hour: Meet the Filmmakers, Jan 05, , Listen. Special Event: Wonder Woman, Aug 28, , Watch. Descendants 2: Special Event, Jul 18, At this meet-up, filmmakers and community groups can link up for video projects Bring cards for the breakout portion of the event and meet more filmmakers!. Chicago Filmmakers hosts popular networking events called Filmmaker to provide a low-pressure environment for people to meet, collaborate, and find.

Meet the Filmmakers Cocktail Party

The company came out of a chance encounter one chilly night in New York with director and curator Ou Ning [author of New Sound of Beijing, a book that helped define China's emerging rock scene]. Our primary goal is to help truly independent, uncensored films from mainland China reach audiences abroad.

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By returning revenue to our filmmakers and providing an audience for their work, dGenerate hopes to spur the creation of new work. Who do you personally regard as the most interesting and important filmmakers currently working in mainland China?

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Without question, the most important films made in China today are by the independent digital filmmakers, whom we like to call the "d-Generation. Digital technology has made filmmaking accessible and affordable to a greater number of self-taught filmmakers. These filmmakers come from a variety of backgrounds such as journalism, academia and fine arts. They are driven into filmmaking by their own convictions and creativity, whether to document a real life story ignored by mainstream media, or to experiment with new forms of artistic expression.

Meet the Filmmakers: The Breaker Upperers — Sydney Film Festival

We find their insistence on freedom of speech, information and creation inspiring not only within the context of Chinese media and society but within global culture as well. Yes — we often have events occurring weekly in the States, but these are our first events inside China.

We are incredibly excited to be launching our presence in Beijing in partnership with Apple, given their vital contribution to independent cinema around the world and the ongoing success of their Meet the Filmmaker series in the States.

meet the filmmakers event

The talks will be in Chinese, and they are free to the public. What can attendees expect at the talks? Will they be focused on technology or the craft of filmmaking?

meet the filmmakers event

I became a director about ten years ago, specializing in music and live shows: A year ago, I was surprised to realize that none of my French colleagues knew the Compas Direct, music that ruled the Caribbean for more than 20 years, when everyone knew, at leastreggae, zouk and Cuban dances Given the absence of video documents on this music, I wanted to make the film "Martinique, second part of the Konpa?

Pascal Pernix was born in the South of France, surrounded by art books and cameras.

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He embraced a creative career at an early age in addition to studying fine arts, photography and art history. After moving to the Cayman Islands in to pursue his career, he then created his own creative agency Pcreative and has directed several short films independently since His hope is to be able to commit to film-making full time and write and direct his first feature in the years to come.

The screenplay for The Deliverer is 1 of 8 projects selected to the highly lauded Caribbean Tales International Incubator Program at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Film Mart; where chosen creators interface with top industry insiders.

meet the filmmakers event

Co-artistic director of Scarlett Project; a non-profit performing arts and arts education company dedicated to producing Caribbean theatre Smile Orange, Rum and Coca Cola. Paul was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago.

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