Meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

Danish 'pornographer of violence' in Cannes spotlight - The Local

meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

Jacques Audiard’s refugee drama Dheepan, while Son of Saul gets the Grand Prix. French director Jacques Audiard has won this year’s Palme d’Or for his drama Dheepan, the story of a Tamil refugee trying to make a new life in France. The winners were rounded out with a best. Award-winners and contenders from Cannes Film Festival (). meet graham. AGENCY: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne BRAND: Transport Accident Commission CATEGORY: Brand Voice & Strategic Storytelling AWARD: .

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Taking place in s Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris, and shot in Academy ratio black and white, the well-reviewed film follows two mismatched musicians, Wiktor Tomasz Kot and Zula Joanna Kulig through their up-and-down romance. Writing for the A. His new film, screening in the Un Certain Regard section of the festival, combines his skills at narrative and documentary filmmaking to create a brutal mockumentary of loosely connected vignettes about the propaganda- and conflict-riddled Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

The lead role is played with impressive emotional and physical openness by cisgender actor Victor Polster, an issue acknowledged by critics, but one that for most did not diminish the power of the filmmaking. Rohrwacher creates a textured, vibrant portrait of a lost world that is at once emotionally sustaining and grossly exploitative.

Danish 'pornographer of violence' in Cannes spotlight

The Image Book is lots of contradictory things at once. Taking place over one summer in s Leningrad, Leto is an unconventional biopic of Kino lead singer and songwriter Viktor Tsoi, based on his friendship with Mike Naumenko.

Some critics seem to like the film more than others.

meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

The critical reaction ranged from mixed to positive. Can I Be Me. They returned to Cannes this year with this intense drama about a labor dispute. Built around five killings of a claimed 60the film plays out as a dialogue between Jack and Verge Bruno Ganz about art, violence, music, and architecture, which in the end is really an assessment of von Trier and his career.

It's also incredibly violent, with much of that violence aimed at women and children and one unlucky duck. That might explain why a reported moviegoers walked out in the middle of the screening. As expected, critics split on this one. But there are only a few moments in The House That Jack Built in which his stupidity doesn't entirely overwhelm and negate his talent.

meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

Unfortunately, one of the actors is murdered, and Anne gets caught up in the investigation. Set in Paris, the film received decent, though somewhat underwhelming reviews. Refn once said that when he and Mikkelsen work together "it's like we're united as one person".

meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

However, it's a purely work-based relationship. And I can almost only talk about sports," he added.

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With his thick-framed glasses and hipster cardigans, there is little about the soft-spoken Refn to suggest he is a self-confessed "pornographer" of violence. Since we are forced to repress our violent tendencies, we get a need to see images of violence," he once told a Swedish newspaper. Viewed by many as Denmark's first real gangster movie, "Pusher" showed the violent underbelly of the country's picturesque capital: Filmed with a handheld camera in chronological order, Mikkelsen has claimed it inspired Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg who founded the avant-garde filmmaking movement Dogme 95 -- "even though they will never admit it," he said.

meet the danes cannes 2015 winners

He's done a lot of drugs," Refn said. He found some other slut," Refn said, adding that von Trier is "over the hill". The Neon Demon trailer - story continues below From flop to 'Drive' Refn's position at this year's Cannes festival is a far cry from where he stood after writing and directing his first English-language film, "Fear X".

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