Meet the cast dexter end of series

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meet the cast dexter end of series

On October 21, , Showtime commissioned a fourth and fifth season of Dexter , each The season opener was leaked to the Internet ahead of schedule in late August Main cast; Special Guest Star; Recurring cast; Guest cast the threat of exposing him as a pedophile, as a way to meet Arthur in secret. Dexter Cast Reveals Series Finale Reactions: Michael C. Hall Is “Gratified” — to look forward to, in which Dexter may finally meet his maker. Warning: This story contains spoilers from Dexter's series finale. Quinn's always thought that there's more to Dexter than meets the Was there ever actual discussion about centering the project on either of those characters.

How much time and money was put into this hour compared to a typical week? It was considerably more.

meet the cast dexter end of series

There were a lot of visual effects that are very costly and then to go out and shoot in Astoria added to our price tag. But it was our final episode and Showtime was very accommodating.

meet the cast dexter end of series

Our normal eight days of production became 10 days. Before the season started, you said the core idea behind this finale has been in the works for years. What was the original concept? The kernel idea were the last few scenes. They were what I pitched a few years ago. The main idea was Dexter is forced to kill Debra.

meet the cast dexter end of series

And there are many ways that could happen. But those final scenes were pretty much unchanged.

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People think of him as a monster, but he yearns to be human. Now we found out what the final price was.

meet the cast dexter end of series

His punishment is banishment. He sends himself into exile.

Dexter Cast Reveals Series Finale Reactions: Michael C. Hall Is “Gratified” — Exclusive

Killing himself is too easy. Were there any other versions of the ending that you rejected? The only real variation was what he would be doing. I knew he would be in a self-imposed prison that would be as far from Miami as possible. An undetermined period of time later in Oregona bearded log truck driver finishes his day at work and returns to his cabin. The man sits down at his table and is revealed to be Dexter — he faked his own death.

Remember the Monsters?

Reception[ edit ] According to Metacriticthe early response to Season 8 was mostly positive, the first two episodes of the season received a score of 71 out of The post-season reception was extremely negative. IGN gave the season as a whole a 5. Club gave the season as a whole a D. Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times praised Carpenter's performance as worthy of an Emmy nomination and argued that "the parting scenes between Dexter and Deb, possibly the most powerful sibling bond television has ever seen, gave the show the send-off it deserved".

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It was also one of the strangest episodes in the show's history It's like watching a different series, one that was more compelling than the show it served to close. Joshua Alston of The A. Club gave the episode an "F" and argued that the writers botched "the landing" by choosing ambiguity to avoid the conflict of "whether or not [fans] wanted Dexter to get away with it.

He had to sacrifice the one person who was closest to him in the world, and he had to leave.