Meet the cast challenge bloodlines tony

meet the cast challenge bloodlines tony

Retrieved from Notes: Tony was sent to the hospital after he initially thought he suffered a back injury during the "Meet Me Halfway" challenge. When he returned to the house, [Expand] Battle of the Bloodlines Cast Members. Tony Raines- The Challenge Bloodlines Tony Raines, Surf Tattoo, Reality Tv, Mtv . The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines TV Series Cast Members | MTV. MTV's "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" will have veterans and rookies compete alongside their family members. Meet the cast before.

These two boys from Boston make a strong entrance flexing their biceps and their skills in the Challenge.

meet the cast challenge bloodlines tony

Determined not to let the veterans control the game, this devious duo threatens to be twice as difficult to eliminate. You got one problem with him, you got two problems. You don't mess with the twins!

meet the cast challenge bloodlines tony

Jenna and BriannaCousins Jenna and Brianna Jenna hopes to gain some Challenge luck by bringing her close cousin Brianna along to prove she can finish a final with someone she can trust. But if I go, she goes, so I'm trying to stick it out for Jenna. KellyAnne proves that when it comes to partying, drama, and challenges, she only has two speeds: Anthony has his work is cut out for him trying to maneuver his unpredictable cousin through the competition.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines TV Series Cast Members | MTV

She's a black sheep and that's just what she does. I'm going to make sure that she's not doing anything that she would regret. Arriving with his young and impressionable cousin, Candice, Leroy will have to give her a crash course in Challenge survival if he wants to stay on top of the game. I don't want to ever disappoint him in The Challenge or period. Quitting is not an option! No stranger to Challenge drama, Nany enters the race with her eyes on the prize and determined to keep things strictly business.

However, this proves difficult when she finds herself surrounded by old flames with questionable intentions.

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Thomas and StephenBrothers Thomas and Stephen After a disappointing debut on Battle of the Exes II, Thomas returns for redemption and this time he brings along his twin brother, Stephen, to double down on their chances at victory. These charming look-alikes are both Division I tennis champs, but they will have to combine forces to translate their athletic acumen into Challenge wins. We are athletic and we are super competitive and it's gonna bring us to the top for sure.

Skeletons, fidelity-impaired Tony teams up with his sassy little bro, Shane, for an opportunity to win big.

meet the cast challenge bloodlines tony

With a serious girlfriend back home, Tony attempts to keep his head in the game and his hands to himself, but his addiction to blondes quickly sidetracks their game. He loves women, so if he can keep the right head in the game, then I think we'll do fine. It was an emotional thing.

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How can you trust somebody who basically fakes something for a week with you? I have no trust for her. And will Christina have the energy to pick Nate back up if his sensitivity gets the best of him?

Can these two come together to prove all of the haters wrong, once and for all? Her voice from across the room pierces my eardrums. Will the brutally honest Johnny be able to fake-play-nice and convince his partner that he respects her as a competitor? Or will this pair fall apart and resort back to the ugly name-calling of their past?

KellyAnne and Jamie KellyAnne and Jamie Jamie waltzed into the Challenge house on a high fresh off of his win on Battle of the Bloodlines, but his smile quickly vanished when he was partnered with outspoken KellyAnne. The two hotheads infamously erupted at each other last season, and both players uttered words that can never be taken back. Or is it just a matter of time before these ticking bombs explode?

Nany and Wes Nany and Wes Calculating political mastermind Wes has always been on the opposite side of the battlefield from the explosive and emotional Nany. When we see each other, we still see enemies.

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And she just talks and talks and talks. And when Nicole finds herself falling head over heels for a hunky rookie, will Dario be able to keep her focused? And can Bananas patch up his tattered ego in time to get his head in the game? Simone and Thomas Simone and Thomas Thomas found out the hard way that Simone is not a diva to be trifled with on Battle of the Exes II when she unloaded fourteen full drinks in his face just for telling her to mind her own business.

All she wants is attention. However, her confrontational nature may be contagious, as Thomas soon finds himself going toe-to-toe with one of the most formidable competitors in the house.

All of this drama is compounded when one of the most unique injuries in Challenge history threatens to remove this team from the game… These two certainly have their work cut out for them!