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meet the barrett brothers webisode 47

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Hara explained that his character is "dead broke" and "in some deep debt".

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He believes he can prolong paying his suppliers off by meeting up with them and pleading for more time. Hara said that it does not go according to plan and Andy is left with severe injuries following an assault and being thrown from a moving vehicle. But Hara warned that his character would become more erratic, adding "Andy's heading down a path of self-destruction - and someone will pay for his mistakes. But when Andy tries to defy him, Josh is kidnapped and Andy if forced to beg Casey for help.

He added that the storyline was "very heavy" viewing. Younes explained that his character "sees the best in Andy" and wants him to change his life for the better. Home and Away's producers put an embargo on which character would be killed off in the scenes. They kept viewers guessing by confirming one character at the scene would definitely die.

Following a shooting, Casey dies in Brax's arms. But a high speed car chase results in a crash. Hara stated that "Andy and Brax need to end this before more people get killed. But Brax is forgiving of his one-time-nemesis.

Hara explained that "Brax doesn't blame Andy for what happened to Casey. He understands that Andy was manipulated by Jake. The show decided to renew the partnership between Andy and Hannah.

But Denny still blames Andy for Casey's death and lies to him. Andy sleeps with Neive Devlin Jolene Anderson in retaliation. One aspect of the storyline showed Andy afraid to have sex with Hannah in case he hurt her due to her disability. Howarth was unhappy when she received the scripts because she believed that there were other topics that their storyline could have explored.

But writers told Howarth that it is a "very real situation" and one they felt Home and Away needed to portray. Howarth told an Inside Soap writer that Andy "freaks out" when Hannah tries to be intimate.

They do not have the same physical relationship they once shared so he finds it "strange". Howarth added that "Andy has become more like a carer to Hannah than a boyfriend, and she doesn't want that for either of them. She wants Andy to have the opportunity to be happy with someone else. She wishes for him to enjoy a normal life. It's going to be a test for their relationship but he wants to prove that he loves her. She decides to behave spontaneously and begs Andy to take her on a boat ride at sea.

The writers throw the duo into yet another dangerous situation as their boat capsizes. With Hannah's paralysis she is unable to stay afloat and disappears beneath the water.

meet the barrett brothers webisode 47

Howarth added that it is dangerous because of her condition. Andy frantically searches for her to save her. He becomes angry and argumentative with Hannah despite her help.

Maddy Osborne

A TV Soap reporter stated that Andy "hated feeling like a five year old in front of her. Josh struggles to mentor him but carries on knowing that Andy is trying to make Hannah proud of him. She concluded "I think with what's happened with the accident he's really risen to the occasion and he's been so good to her.

I think at least for a while they'll be able to be happy. When he witnesses Hannah dancing with another man he becomes violent and punches him. Hara said that the bad side of Andy had not surfaced for sometime and likened him to the Hulk.

meet the barrett brothers webisode 47

He defended his character's overreaction, "imagine walking into a bar and seeing the one you love dancing with someone else. Howarth said that her character "loves Andy and doesn't want to hurt him, but ultimately she's not happy. She sleeps with Sean and is nearly caught by Andy. Hannah struggles with the guilt of cheating, but still decides she wants Sean instead.

Hannah realises that she has made a mistake and wants to keep her infidelity a secret. But Sean's wife arrives and confronts Hannah. Howarth told a TV Week reporter that the whole situation "blows up in her face". Hannah tells Sean that she is going to be honest with Andy, unaware that Josh has recorded her and Andy learns the truth. One example occurred when Josh chooses to spend time with Maddy, leaving his brother Andy jealous.

The latter spikes Maddy's drink and she begins to behave oddly. Josh discovers the truth and fight ensues over Maddy. Gallagher believed that the partnership between Josh and Evelyn is stronger than the one he shared with Maddy.

He felt that they experienced a lack of mutual respect, adding that "with Maddy he always felt like he was beneath her, and that she would talk down to him. Josh seeks comfort with Maddy and they sleep together.

Northeast told Downie that Maddy takes advantage of Josh when he is vulnerable.

Andy Barrett

But she also feels like she pushed Josh into having sex with Maddy because she wouldn't. The actress concluded that Maddy was able to give Josh something that Evelyn could not.

Maddy is taken ill during the night with a "mystery illness". Doctor Nate Cooper Kyle Pryor assumes it is a virus but runs blood tests to find out.

But when Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons points out that she looks more than eight weeks pregnant she realises that Oscar might be the father. Maddy tells Oscar everything but tries to prevent Josh from learning the truth. Nate informs her that she has a suspicious mass growing on one of her ovaries. Clementi said that it no-one saw the shock coming. The news is "life changing" for Maddy, and she had already endured too much drama during the suspected pregnancy. But Nate informs her that they also had to remove her ovary, lessening the chance of her having children.

Maddy is left with an "indescribable feeling" and fears it may be the end of her life. Clementi defended her character stating that she feels "suffocated" and people are "crowding her".

She cannot come to terms with her diagnosis because "it's all too much". The actress believed her character was not behaving weak but rather using her "strong and smart" personality traits to fight the illness.

But Nate warns her that she needs to begin treatment right away to survive. Her main priority for her was to do the storyline justice and make it accurate for real life cancer patients. Having already had one ovary removed, Nate tells her that her only hope is having tissue removed and stored.

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She added that when she is left alone in hospital, "a wave of clarity washes over her". She believes that her prognosis means her treatment may not work and she may die. So Maddy decides to run away and gain new experiences. He discovers her "bucket list" and realises where she is.

Oscar travels to the city to find Maddy and convinces her to return home for treatment. She has the space she needs to think and realise her cancer may not be a "death sentence". Oscars influence helps her to be a "strong woman" and he continues to support her.

The actress noted a "connection that is unspoken" and "unbreakable bond" between Maddy and Oscar, adding "he really gets through to her". But she begins to overexert herself which leads to her nose bleeding while on a date with Oscar. He goes into "protective mode" but wants to remain positive for Maddy. He believed that while Oscar was worried and concerned, he is the only character not "wrapping her up in cotton wool". Tanya arrives in Summer Bay and is angry at Roo for not informing her. She demands that Maddy return home with her.

Parker noted that Maddy's relationship with her mother is "dysfunctional" and that Maddy leaving with Tanya would be like losing a child. Maddy needs a "stable environment" while battling cancer and Roo can offer her that. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Maddy departed the show on 31 May The guests are unaware of the tragedy that awaits them when suddenly one of the caravans explodes putting many lives in danger.

Oscar MacGuire is killed instantly, Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarth dies later following a head injury, while Maddy's left arm is trapped under some of the debris. New doctor Tori Morgan Penny McNameealso a guest at the fundraiser, is on hand to aid the victims. At the hospital, while Maddy is awating her x-ray results, the pain in her arm increases and a concerned Tori informs her that the tissues in her arm have died and the only way to save her live is to amputate her arm.

Maddy unsuspectingly slips out of the hospital just as her mother, Tanya arrives in the bay. With everyone frantic for Maddy's safety, Tanya lashes out at Roo, blaming her for the accident. Tori announces that Maddy has contracted an MRSA infection and that her life is in danger if she doesn't receive treatment in time.