Meet goten in the eastern forest to train

Why isn't Goten past the lvl 65 gate? I'm in the World .. - Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury Questions

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

I'm up to chapter 3: world tournament, where gohan has to meet goten in the east to do training with him but I can't find my way there, please help!.., Dragon Ball. You'll get the chance to train a bit now with Trunks for the first time. Exit the town if you want to train .. Meet Goten in the eastern forest to train. Once Goten's health drops to 1/4, Goten will turn Super Saiyan. His health will be restored to full .. Meet Goten in the eastern forest to train.

The first four fights consist of humans with HP, so just keep advancing toward them and attacking in the normal way. Idasa is the fifth opponent, and with only HP he's slightly harder than the other opponents. Defeat him and the next four humans to enter the final against Goten. At this point, Goten and Trunks will both change into Super Saiyans. Beat Goten to win the junior tournament.

The announcer will say that as Trunks won the tournament, a special match will be held against Hercule, the previous winnder of the tournament. As Hercule tries to run away, the announcer will call him up onto the platform.

Why isn't Goten past the lvl 65 gate? I'm in th..

As the fight starts, a quick look at Hercule's stats 20 HP will tell you this is going to be a very quick fight. Hit him once to knock him off the platform. After he stands up, he tricks the crowd into believing that he let Trunks win the fight. He leaves the stadium and the adult division will begin. As Gohan, talk to the monk and select yes when he asks if everyone is ready for the tournament to begin. Krllin beats Pintar in the first round.

In the second round, Piccolo goes up against a mysterious purple character who calls himself Shin. Piccolo decides not to fight in the match and exits the stadium. As Shin enters the waiting room, Piccolo asks him if he is the Grand Kai.

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Shin admits that he is the Supreme Kai, a being even higher than the Grand Kai. The tournament continues outside, with Videl fighting against Spopovich. As Videl, stay close to Spopovich and keep attacking him.

He is powerful but very slow, so defeating him shouldn't be a problem. After the battle, the announcer says that Videl is disqualified for using excessive force. Spopovich will stand up and the second part of the battle will start. Videl will attempt to continue fighting against him, but Spopovich keeps getting stronger and eventually knocks Videl out of the ring.

Videl wakes up in a room at the staidum, where Hercule is asking her questions about what happened. Gohan enters the room and Videl asks him to beat Spopovich for her. Goku offers to go instead. As Goku, walk south and use the world map circle near the shuttle. Fly to the star at the left side of the world map to land on Kami's Lookout. Walk anti-clockwise around Yajirobe three times to reveal a Hercule Exhibit, and then talk to Yajirobe to receive a Senzu Bean. Use the flight pad to travel back to the main section of Kami's Lookout, and then use the world map circle to fly back to Papaya Island.

He gives the Senzu Bean to Videl, who recovers instantly. Goku enters the stadium to fight against Kibito. Goku changes into Super Saiyan, and Spopovich and Yamu enter the arena. When both Spopovich and Yamu are fighting, an energy blast can push one of them back. Fight against Spopovich first as he is the strongest of the two, and then defeat Yamu. After the battle, Spopovich will pick up Gohan to collect energy from him. Spopovich and Yamu will fly away, and Supreme Kai says that he needs to follow them to find out where they are taking Gohan's energy.

Kibito revives Gohan and they both fly after Supreme Kai. Kibito explains that Spopovich and Yamu were used to find out which wizard was controlling them.

Every star is a new location you can go. Press A when you are above the entrance of an area to enter it. The Red Bar shows how your health is doing. It will go down every time you are hit. If the bar is empty, you'll be killed and you'll see 'Game Over' appear on your screen. The Green Bar represents your Energy Points.

Every Time you use one of your KI attacks, the bar will go down. You can't use KI attacks if your bar is empty.

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The Blue bar represents your Experience. To fill it up you have to defeat enemies who walk around in the different areas. After that, you can allocate points to your stats. There is a little Yellow Box next to those bars. If it is full, you can turn Super Saiyan or Super Namek depending on which character you are using.

Another box above that show which attack you're using. Except those bars and boxes, you'll notice many things when you walk around like Flight Circles, Save Game Circles, and breakable rocks among others.

You'll also encounter enemies on your way.

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

You also find Zenie and items from the enemies you have beaten. You'll also see gates with numbers on it.

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

Those gates show which level you need to have to enter that specific area. The colour of the number indicates which character you have to use. There have been a couple of small changes since the last Legacy of Goku because you can't use certain characters anymore. Goku's doors are orange. Gohan is green and Goten is Light Blue. Vegeta is Dark Blue and his son Trunks is Purple.

Grey is the colour for Gotenks. It is called a Save Circle. Stand on it and press the A Button to save your game. The game has now been saved. Go stand on it and press A. Now select Switch Characters. Choose the character you want to use and press A. You'll now be using that character. Music Volume Changes the volume of the Music. Sleep Put the game in the sleep mode.

You'd gain a random amount of stats per level up. This has changed drastically with this new instalment. You'll get 3 points per level up and you can choose between Strength, Power, and Endurance. You can't choose Speed. I recommend you to level up each stat equally. You can also choose to get a strong character and only level up Strength or one of the other stats. You can level up your speed by running. Your stats can't go higher than in this game.

Certain KI attacks will become stronger if you level up too. They level up every time you pass a 25th level so level 50, 75,, and will make your KI attack level up. The Other World Run to the right. Make sure not to hit the edges.

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

Go through the Snake's Head and over his tongue. You'll see stairs at the top of the screen. Enter the door to reach Yenma's office.

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Talk to King Yenma. Walk to the upper left corner of the room and talk to the guard in front of the door. He won't let you pass at first but he will change his mind.

Go ahead and go up the second pair of stairs; it will lead you to the Higher Plane. The other stairs will bring you to the Plane to Heaven, which you can't enter. Goku will act like a little kid when he sees the plane because it is, well, ugly. Go to the south and meet Olibu, he comes from the same quadrant as you. He even lived on Earth when he was alive. He is based on the mighty hero Hercules from old Greece. There are many legends based on this guy. Go past all these people unless you want to learn how to fight.

It is not necessary if you played through Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II and there is only one new real feature, the blocking. Open the two little treasure chests to get some training equipment and put it on. Go talk to Olibu and you'll enter an area where you can fight other people. Use your close range attacks to defeat them; you do 50 damage per hit while they only do 5.

You have to fight through three areas before reaching Olibu. Make sure to level up until level 64 and a bit. You'll have to face Olibu himself now. You can do about 50 HP damage a hit and his attacks will only do 10 HP damage. Don't use your KI Attacks because they are less effective. Just let him come at you and throw your punches. He'll show you a character gate after that, go in when you are level Blast the first door with the Kamehameha.

Use Instant Transmission to reach the Treasure Chest. You'll see a conversation between the Kai's. You also learn some guy named Pikkon beat both Cell and Frieza without trouble. That guy is going to be a real challenge in the Other World Tournament. Go in the building in front of you and wait until it is your turn.

You won't have to fight until the finals though. The fights are slightly different from the show too. The fight with Pikkon isn't really hard. Just lure him against one of the borders and keep hitting him. He won't be able to hit you back. You only have to watch out for his flamethrower but he can only do that when he is far away from you. In the middle of the fight, you'll both power up. You turn Super Saiyan and causing damage is just so much easier now.

Each one of your hits causes 90 HP of damage. It is too bad you're disqualified because you touched the ceiling. However, you don't have to worry. He'll give you a lesson in two-three hundreds years. The Great Saiyaman You play this chapter as Gohan and his alter ego's 'The Golden Fighter' and 'The Great Saiyaman'. You start in the kitchen of your house. Go upstairs and enter the room with the brown door. It is your room. Open the toy chest to find a Z Fighter Exhibit.

Go into the other room in the hall, it is Chi Chi's room. You'll see a Treasure Chest with a Lazarus Crystal. Go outside the house and go to the bridge to the south. Step on the Flying Nimbus if you want to continue the game. Go over the bridge to find some criminals to level up Gohan, he has been slacking off. If you go and train, you'll find a Green Level door. You can't use it yet so just go back to the cloud. You'll quickly arrive in Hercule City. You have to find your school from here.

You can buy items in the Z-Mart if you need them. Go to the right and you'll see a couple of criminals attacking the bank. You'll turn Super Saiyan. Just attack them, shouldn't be too difficult because they are regular, weak enemies. You should be able to kill them with two hits each. You're on a crossroad now. Go ahead and take the little alley next to Hercule's gym. Go straight ahead to enter the school. There are five doors in this school and you can only enter two.

You need to enter the second door on the left to reach your class. Leave the Classroom and head back to where you entered town. Go to Hercule's Mansion and enter the room on the left. It has a Hercule Exhibit. Go back to the entrance of the town.

Use the Flight Circle. Fly to West City the star on the map. You have to land on West City itself to enter the city. Go to the left to reach Bulma's house. Her house is the little one on the right, the other one is the lab. Go to the lab and go straight ahead. You'll enter the Atrium. Go to the right and enter the door. You're in the Capsule Room now.

Find the Capsule and bring it to Bulma later. Go back to the hall and go to the left. Talk with the scientist to get a Z-Fighter Exhibit. Talk to Bulma when you have the Capsule and give it to her. She'll make a Capsule Suit. You can now fight crime in Hercule City without trouble. You'll encounter many Criminals, Bombers, and gunmen there. They have about HP each. After defeating the enemies in front of the Hercule Cafe, you have to go to the Circus and fight the enemies around there.

There is a big thug there with a lot of HP and enormous amount of power. Hit him with attacks from a distance. There are a couple of enemies left before the school. Go to your class now so that the story can advance. You have to save the mayor now. Take out the Thug first because he does the most damage. That solves another side quest. Go to the circus again where you'll see that a little dinosaur was caught by the circus owner. You'll have to free him now.

Go inside the circus and take the route on the left. That is the easier one, defeat the three Thugs, and grab Chobi. Go back to the entrance. A giant tank will appear. Despite looking strong, he is easy to beat. Just stand underneath his cannon and he can't hit you.

He'll turn into a couple of soldiers after you defeat him. Take out the bombers first. Run to the right and another tank will appear. This tank will be harder because it will move while you attack him. You might want to use an energy attack to attack this tank. You should kill those gunners first.

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

If you want, you could just skip all those fighters and run to the exit of the city by going to the north and then to the west.

Stand on the flight pad to start another scene. You'll have to alert everyone that you're coming back. You only need to alert Chi Chi and Goten but it is nicer to tell it to the others too. Fly to West City first and go to the east. Go through the entrance of the Capsule Corporation.

Go inside their house and talk to Bulma, Trunks, and Vegeta. Get out of the city and fly to Kami's Lookout now. The next place to visit is that of Krillin and Roshi.

Go to your home next. Enter your home and talk to Chi Chi and Goten. World Tournament Go to the South through the fences around your house over the bridge. Go to the east and defeat those two bandits that are waiting for you. You will need to level up a lot here so don't go out the way of the enemies.

Take the second road to the north on this screen.

meet goten in the eastern forest to train

The first one ends in a dead-end. There are a couple of enemies on high rocks in this area; you have to attack them from behind. Go to the east and to the north. You have to go to the east next.

There is a save point in this area. Use it and go to the south. Go to the east where you'll see a level character gate, you won't need this one until later. Go back to the west until you see two bombers. Go to the south on that screen. There is an area with three enemies. If you want to level up a lot, just come back to this area repeatedly. Go to the south and then to the west.

This area contains about four enemies. Take the exit in the northwestern corner of the area. Go to the south, there are five enemies in a small area guarding a treasure chest with a Reflective Tunic in it.

Go back to the save Point. Go back three rooms more and go to the north in the area with the bombers on the rocks. You'll see a green level 65 door. Break it down and train with Goten. You'll need to dodge the rocks Goten is throwing at you. You need to make sudden movements in different directions to avoid them. You have to avoid ten rocks. You'll get to fight Goten after the conversation. This shouldn't be too hard to do. He's just a little Super Saiyan.

He only has a little more than 1, HP. It should only take ten hits to take him down. You have to hit Vegeta once. You'll change back to your normal form on some moments, at those times you have to wait for Trunks to be able to change back. If you get Vegeta cornered, he'll fly over you. You'll have to get as close to him as possible and then sprint to him.

You'll get the chance to train a bit now with Trunks for the first time. Exit the town if you want to train and return to Capsule Corp to depart. You can also train with Gohan if you want. Switch back to Trunks and go to Capsule Corporation. You're controlling Trunks now and you have to register for the tournament.

Go to the north and run past the food and drinks stands. Go past all your friends and enter the gate. Talk to the blonde woman behind the table to register. Go through the door after that. Now do the same with Gohan. Talk to the person next to Hercule with the glasses. The punching challenge will now commence. You'll have to punch the machine by pressing the A button.

The Junior Tournament is beginning and you're Trunks.