Mastermind meet the skylanders smash

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mastermind meet the skylanders smash

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Spyro's world has always been a world full of imagination — and ultimately the developers decided that imagination was the most important aspect to carry forward into Skylanders. For many fans, Skylanders represents a fresh start for both Spyro and Cynder. But there are enough nods to previous games to allow longtime fans the freedom to imagine their own connections with the past.

He holds a photographic memory, and as a result, has encyclopedic knowledge of all the islands and creatures in Skylands he has encountered, more so than any other Skylander.

He is always up for adventure his favorite kind being treasure huntsand is the first Skylander to leap into action. Spyro is a usual quick learner, able to master new abilities in a matter of hours. However Spyro isn't used to not being able to learn new abilities right away, feeling greatly disheartened when he isn't able to harness them despite being trained by Master Eonthe greatest among the Portal Masters.

Although he is well in the company of his companions, Spyro possesses a headstrong and impulsive side. In The Machine of Doomhe believed that he could do everything by himself [6]implying that Spyro was used to doing heroics on his own prior to becoming a Skylander.

This resulted in him struggling to work in a team at first with his Skylander companions always reminding Spyro that he doesn't have to do everything by himself. He always keeps his temper in check [7]but there are times when he allows his emotions to get the better of him. After many adventures with the Skylanders, Spyro grew into a natural leader dedicated to scorching the forces of darkness.

mastermind meet the skylanders smash

He takes his role as a Skylander seriously after being taught by Master Eon and holds deep insight regarding his fellow Skylanders, seeing them as more than just a team, but family, making them an unstoppable force against the toughest of foes. According to Roller BrawlSpyro's leadership is on par with a roller derby's pivot, "establishing the team's strategy and sets the pace of the pack". According to him, he is awesome, but a Skylander who does pretty good in handling Doomlanders is pretty cool in his book.

Biography Spyro hails from a rare line of magical purple dragons that come from a faraway land few have ever traveled. It's been said that the Scrolls of the Ancients mention Spyro prominently -- the old Portal Masters having chronicled his many exciting adventures and heroic deeds. Finally, it was Master Eon himself who reached out and invited him to join the Skylanders.

Now calling Skylands his home, Spyro remains one of its most valued protectors, with evil facing a new enemy -- and the Skylanders gaining a valued ally. Story History A comic adaption of Spyro recalling his time at his homeland before his arrival to Skylands.

Spyro is the great, stout-hearted hero of legend, not to mention the number one defender of Skylands. Hailing from a rare race of magic purple dragons, Spyro was born in a land far away from Skylands' furthest frontiers.

From a young age, Spyro became a battler for good; a warrior against evil and protector of the peace. His fearless exploits and heroic adventures were even recorded in the Scrolls of the Ancients and those Ancients didn't keep a record of just any old thing.

One of the many Portal Masters who watched Spyro's success with acclaim and applause was the bearded legend himself, Master Eon.

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Here, Spyro met the Skylanders squad and swiftly agreed to join them in battling all things nasty. After Cynder vowed to fight for good, she and Spyro went on a dangerous quest in which the Undead dragoness came out smiling. Spyro nearly suffered a terrible fate when he was almost consumed by the darkness, but he was saved by Master Eon.

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The old Portal Master then taught Spyro how to control and focus his dark magic. When the young dragon fully harnessed it, he became his sinister alter-ego: Combined with his brave heart and careful control, Spyro was able to use this dark power to fight the forces of evil without losing himself to the darkness.

But doing this worries his fellow Skylanders at times. When a group of Skylanders absorbed Petrified Darkness and became darker versions of themselves after a battle with Kaos, it was Spyro who helped them tame that darkness to use it against evil, as he had learned to control that evil power previously.

Shortly afterwards, Flynn and Hugo crashlanded in their hot air balloon nearby, with Spyro having to save Boomer from where the balloon had landed due to the troll having put dynamite in his ears to mute out Gill Grunt's singing.

Hugo informed the Skylanders and Master Eon urgent news of flying sheep attacking the Mabu Marketthough the Skylanders didn't believe it at first until they saw an image of the market being attacked in Eon's portal.

After reaching the Market, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor found out that the sheep weren't really flying, but were being carried by invisible trolls led by a Spell Punk.

mastermind meet the skylanders smash

While the other Skylanders fought the trolls, Spyro went after the Spell Punk and captured him, forcing the wizard to reveal that they were looking for the Chattering Key and that he and the trolls were testing out an invisibility spell, but the trolls wanted to cause mayhem, therefore drawing attention to themselves.

Appearing as a frightening projection of his head, Kaos scolded the Spell Punk, and transported the wizard and the remaining trolls back to his lair. Spyro confronted the floating head of Kaos and demanded to know why he was after the Chattering Key. The evil Portal Master refused to answer the young dragon and disappeared.

Masker Mind (villain)

Spyro leading his friends through the Forest of Fear Back on Eon's island, Spyro learned from Hugo that the Arkeyans created the Chattering Key as an artifact used to opening a tomb that contains an ancient Arkeyan weapon that Kaos was seeking.

Knowing that Kaos would go after such a weapon, the Skylanders decided to get the Key before Kaos does. Using Flynn to transport them to their next destination, the young dragon led Eruptor, Boomer, and Gill Grunt on a journey to the Forest of Fear where the Key is held.

mastermind meet the skylanders smash

The Skylanders soon came in contact with the Fungus Rings of Despair that grew within the forest, trapping them in hallucinations of their worst fears. Spyro's irrational fear came to life, as he saw Master Eon in chains and being tortured by Kaos, who was absolute ruler of Skylands and the universe.

The young dragon broke free of his fear by blasting fire at the hallucinations and freed the other Skylanders from the grip of the Fungus Rings of Despair.

The Skylanders soon discovered the Chattering Key, which was being guarded by the statue of a stone wyvern called Fido. Spyro devised a plan, and his friends confused Fido enough for the purple dragon to snag the Key, and the Skylanders made a quick getaway with the wyvern in hot pursuit.

Before they could leave with the key, Kaos appeared, having captured Flynn.

mastermind meet the skylanders smash

The evil Portal Master revealed that he had used the Skylanders to brave the terrors of the Forest so that he can steal the key from them, and was willing to release Flynn in exchange for it.

Spyro standing beside a snickering Kaos Not wanting to endanger Flynn's life for the sake of their mission, Spyro gave Kaos the Chattering Key, and the tyrant summoned a tomb of the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contained the Arkeyan weapon, the Machine of Doom. Kaos opened the tomb, activating one of its pillars that destroys the advancing Fido with a beam of light. The evil Portal Master then used Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following him.

With the help from the Chattering Key, Spyro and the Skylanders ventured inside the pyramid through the other side where they stumble upon the Machine of Doom itself. As Kaos reached the Machine, Boomer eagerly tried to control the evil contraption but failed, and the weapon itself began to break apart and pyramid around them started to crumble.

As Kaos laughed maniacally at Boomer trying to control the Machine of Doom, Spyro was the only one who figured out Kaos' real scheme. The machine was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who might be tempted to steal a weapon capable of destroying the Core of Lightknowing that anyone who passed through the Forest of Fear, got the Chattering Key, and unlocked the tomb was too dangerous to walk free.

In particular, the smallest fans: Vicarious Visions is active within its community, pulling in local children and their families to try out the latest toys and builds of a given title during development and using their feedback to tweak and refine gameplay.

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Vehicle articulation is the direct result of the kids wanting to be able to play with the cars and planes exactly as they would with any other toy. Initially, the vehicles were being controlled with the left analogue stick exclusively. Story and characterization are huge in this game: Everything in the game is tied together to fit within the narrative and support it.

Any movies that play in SuperChargers are rendered with the in-game assets and a dash of post polish, but nothing extreme. The central hub world this time is again The Academy, but it has been chained to an enormous engine that allows it to become mobile and keep Kaos off of their trail. The hub is something of a rebel base, and all of the different activities and characters that players can take part in and meet serve to you guessed it further the narrative.

I almost felt like I was taking in a Dream Works film as I watched the different trailers we were treated to, and the sense of immersion that Vicarious Visions is shooting for is well on its way to being realized. The hope is that SuperChargers will engage players through an endless amount of gameplay. There are areas of the hub world that provide randomized challenges, for instance, like a train robbery that always has a different layout. Legendary Treasures have been retooled, and can now be placed around the hub to act as decorations, much like furniture and items in Animal Crossing.

That would be interesting on its own, but the treasures are also interactive— including with each other! Take the beach ball, for instance. On its own, the ball can be batted around and kicked, but when used in tandem with a couple of goal nets, players can engage in local co-op and start up an impromptu soccer match! The biggest change being introduced in SuperChargers is of course the vehicles, which play a huge role in this game.

Players are able to tackle land, air, and sea with tanks, hovercraft, planes, and more. There are twenty Skylanders in this game, and each comes with its own vehicle in tow, as well as an individual story to discover. The vehicles all have different styles of handling, with stats that can be altered using one of the twenty new characters on the roster.