Little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

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little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

See the entire list of Little House on the Prairie episodes from Season 5, When Charles leaves Mary at the school with Adam after they arrive in . The Garvey and Ingalls families are meeting at AM to leave Winoka. Mary Ingalls happily accepts Adam Kendall's long-awaited marriage proposal but gets cold feet when she begins to consider the implications of two blind. But soon, Mary finds a source of hope in her new teacher, Adam Kendall, and as the and self-pity at a school for the blind, far away from the little house by Plum Creek. . She immediately meets Adam, her teacher, and things do not go well.

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Again, that knowing smirk flashed across his face. She fiddled with the thin ring on her fourth finger, wishing Seth were here. She was terribly awkward at making conversation with strangers.

She was never impolite—just unsure of herself. Taking a bite of her sandwich, she had a feeling this was going to be a long ride. Adam drummed his fingers thoughtfully on the worn arm of his seat. What's your life story, Mary Barton? I was raised in a small town, Walnut Grove, here in Minnesota.

I planned to be a teacher, but last month I got married. That's why I'm going to Dakota Territory—Seth bought a homestead. Why wouldn't a girl as nice as her be married? And how would you have a chance, anyway? Mary suddenly felt she had said something wrong, and she talked quickly to reverse the unknown effect. His tone was strained.

But then I went to school in Iowa, where I also became a teacher. I took the train here, to Minnesota, first because it's actually a shorter ride going to Winoka. With trip schedules and all that. Well, that makes sense. She picked up her book and flipped through the pages, savoring the wafted scent of glue mingling with stale ink. His head followed the sound. And I've always loved the smell of a nice, old book. When will you ever learn that there's more than one way to see?

They were what Mary's pa would have called "kindred spirits;" they read each other's minds, and spoke the other's words. When the light in the compartment decreased, the warmth did, too. Upon hearing Mary's shivers, Adam passed her his brown jacket.

She fell asleep peacefully, draped with the scent of sweet-smelling soap and a hint of hot cinnamon. When she awoke, he was gone. Panic beating against her heart, she looked fervently for him from her seat. He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye, would he? She now considered them friends.

little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

Cold relief drenched her fears as he finally appeared from the water closet, his nimble fingers counting the seats he passed. It smothered most of his happiness remaining from the previous afternoon. He tried to imagine her smile.

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He wondered what color her hair, her eyes, were. It was hard to keep his fingers focused on the sandwich, and not straying over to her face. She pulled out a sheet of paper and began writing a letter to Seth, although she knew she would be seeing him very soon. Sometimes, writing letters was just comforting to her. But after "How are you? Stop it, she scolded herself. You two are going to have the perfect life together!

As perfect as Adam made you feel yesterday? We've just been apart for awhile. I'll feel differently when I see him within the hour. But after she had snapped back into the real world, she crumpled the letter, letting it fall to the ground. It was almost as painful as finishing it. Adam sighed as the train rumbled into the station and the tires screeched against the massive weight.

little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

Their ride ended with a painful jolt. Mary handed him his jacket, and he thanked her. His fingers fluttered, grasping her elbow. Together, they walked onto the sun-streaked platform. Ames, the administrator for the new blind school. Meanwhile, Mary scanned the crowd for Seth. He bounded up to her, his brown hair flying behind him in the wind. He kissed her softly. I can't wait to show you home.

Oh, Mary, it's perfect. By the time Mary and Seth were halfway to the homestead, she realized she could still smell the lingering scent of cinnamon and sweet soap.

And it was perfect. Their crop was good that year, as were many more after that. Mary gave birth to two beautiful baby boys, and every day she reminded herself how blessed she was. How much love she was given by her husband and children. But every day, she remembered that train ride, remembered the perfect Adam Kendall.

And every time, she wished she could erase the biggest mistake of her life. They are also willing to try again for another child. Four months later, a year into their marriage, Mary became pregnant with her and Adam's second child. Nine months later, nearly two years into their marriage, mary gives birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy, whom she and Adam name "Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall"["Adam" after Mary's husband Adam, "Charles" afer Mary's father,"Holbrook" after Mary's grandfather on her mothers side] Sadly, a month later, while Adam Kendall Jr.

The fire was unintentionally started by Mary's adopted brother, Albert Ingalls, and a friend, who were smoking in the basement of the building during a party. Mary went into a state of shock after this, and took some time to come out of it. One and a half years later, her husband and teacher Adam regained his sight, and they moved to New York, where Adam was a lawyer.

Mary and Adam's final appearance on the show was in a Christmas episode, where they traveled into Walnut Grove just prior to a blizzard, and spent Christmas at Charles and Caroline's house. Contents [ show ] Blindness Mary Ingalls went blind when she was 15 years old. This event started when the Ingalls were having dinner, and Mary remarked that her eyes were tired, probably from studying so much.

Charles suggested that they go see the eye doctor, since it was time for her annual check-up anyway. At this visit the doctor told Charles that Mary needed a stronger prescription and that her eyes looked fine. Once back in Walnut Grove, Mary found that this prescription did not help her see any better than the previous one. They re-visited the doctor, and the news was not what they expected.

The Doctor told Charles that a previous case of scarlet fever had weakened the nerves in Mary's eyes and she would soon be blind. When Charles told Mary this, she was very sad, and became bitter for a short time because she felt she was a burden to her parents. Later, they decided to send Mary to a blind school in Iowa.

The Wedding

Mary eventually became a teacher, just as she and her parents had always dreamed. Unfortunately, she suffers a miscarriage later in the same episode. The baby was confirmed to have been a boy by Doc. Mary Ingall's first and only son Adam Kendall Jr. Mary later had another child, a son she and Adam decided to name Adam Kendall Jr. The baby later died in a fire at the Blind School along with Alice Garvey. The fire was caused by a lighted smoking pipe that was accidentally left in the basement by Mary's adopted brother, Albertand his friend.

After the fire was over, Mary was in shock for a good amount of time. After listening to a music box the same type she played for her baby before he diedgiven to her as a gift by AlbertMary returned to normal after some help from Doctor Baker. Personality and Traits As a child, Mary was usually the gentle one of the family, and was especially close to her Ma. However, as the eldest, she was also very dependable. She was willing to fight to stand up for her family if need be.

little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

An example of this is in the episode "The Bully Boys", where Mary stands up to schoolyard bully Bubba Galender when he harasses the children.

Mary was very pretty growing up, with her blue eyes and golden hair, and boys always seemed to be smitten with her, much to Laura's dismay. She rarely reciprocated their affections, as was in the case of Johnny Johnson. In a letter to his parents, Charles once wrote that "boys are already flocking around Mary like bees to honey. Mary was protective of her younger sisters, often seen taking care of baby Carrie.

little house on the prairie mary and adam meet

She was also close to Laura, worrying about her when Nellie Oleson faked friendship with Laura in the episode entitled "Talking Machine".

If Laura had taken heed of Mary's concerned advice, she wouldn't have been hurt at Nellie's backstabbing. Book Character Mary's book character was similar to the television show character in several ways. Just as in the show, Mary went blind from scarlet fever.

However, she did not have to have glasses in the books. In the book, Laura took a larger role in helping her sister get the money raised so that Mary could go to the blind school than in the television show the Ingalls family did not live in Walnut Grove at this time. Laura was Mary's eyes when they went somewhere new.