Kiera cass the heir ending relationship

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kiera cass the heir ending relationship

Feb 20, Prince Maxon and America's relationship for the Elite's all in one photoKiera Cass. Prince Maxon and America's The series that I started with, and ended with. these books are The Heir. The Heir Prince Maxon, The Selection Book, The Heirs, Kiera Cass Books. Praise i will reveal the synopsis of the heir,but i will love to read the book,like Roses by Sarah J. Maas The Heir by Kiera Cass End of Days by Susan Ee Kiera Cass gushed over America's and Maxon's happily ever after relationship. The Heir is a new full length novel of The Selection Series, released on May 5, Kiera Cass Eadlyn doesn't expect her story to end in romance. . Camille is in a relationship with Ahren, the two of them have been completely in love.

Immediately after they opened the doors, America ran outside and went to sit on a bench. Maxon found her and spoke to her, and the two got to know each other during a brief conversation, which ultimately became an argument. In the process, America made it clear to Prince Maxon that she didn't have any feelings for him, and probably never would because she felt she belonged to someone else. Maxon tried to comfort her, but failed miserably and simply left America outside to grieve.

The next day during their first official meeting, the two agree to a "trade": America will find out what the other girls think of Maxon and give him advice as long as he keeps her until the very end of the competition, so that her family continues to receive the checks that the palace sends them and she doesn't have to face her lost love. For a time, America seemed to get along fairly well, and formed a close bond with some of the girls, particularly Marlee Tames, an especially kind and cheerful Four from Kent.

She liked her maids too: Her biggest problem seemed to be settling her conflicting feelings for Maxon and Aspen, as well as a particularly nasty Selected Two named Celeste Newsome, who believed herself to be above everyone else and desired the crown more than Maxon himself. During a rebel attack, America broke protocol and brought along her maids to the safe room reserved for the royal family upon seeing Lucy's distress.

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Many believed her actions to be radical, but she thought nothing of it because she deeply cared for them. Many of the maids, servants, and guards grew especially fond of America after this because they knew she cared for the "little people," not a common trait in the upper class castes.

America Schreave

At that point, eliminations sped up much more quickly as girls were fearful and wished to return to their homes, and the royal family wanted to wrap up the Selection as quickly as possible to prevent any harm from coming to the girls. America was chosen as one of the Elite on Maxon's suggestion, much to his father's disapproval. Eventually, America ran into Aspen, who had been drafted and became a palace guard.

Not realizing Aspen was actually America's ex-lover, Maxon had Aspen stationed to guard outside her room. At the end of the first novel, Aspen promised America that he would be here as long as she needed him, and that whenever she was eliminated, he would still be there to take care of her when she went home. The Elite America begins to feel as if Maxon will eliminate her, because she saw him through the week dating the other girls.

At the Halloween Ball,while dancing, he assures her he still cares about her.

kiera cass the heir ending relationship

Although they could have both gotten into serious trouble if caught, America and Aspen both had secret meetings at the palace whenever they could. America, however, was not sure whether she loved Aspen or Maxon more. Her struggle only intensified when her best Selection friend, Marlee Tames was caught having an affair with a palace guard named Carter Woodworkone of Aspen's closest friends in the service.

As a punishment, the king sentenced them to be caned 15 times publicly and to be stripped from their caste so that they became "the lowest of the low," Eights. America desperately tried to stop the torture the two went through as she believed it to be morally wrong, but was dragged away by several guards before she could intervene. Aspen promised he was proud of her, along with her father. Aspen protected America during a rebel attack in the middle of the night, but during another attack the next day, America was chased into the woods.

She managed to outrun them and hide to avoid capture. One young Northern rebel spotted America ,when she dropped her books under the tree America had climbed onto. To America's surprise, the woman curtsied to her and left. After an hour, Aspen and a group of guards finally found America sleeping by a tree. America was then taken back to the castle and placed in the hospital wing. Maxon visited her after a short while and confessed how worried he was when he thought he lost her.

She and Kriss were partnered to host the Italian dignitaries, and their party went over quite well, with the Italian princess Nicoletta insisting America should contact her personally should she need anything. America and Kriss's reception was absolutely phenomenal. Silvia and the queen both were prized as hostesses, and the guests loved it.

Their reception was by far better than Elise, Celeste, and Natalie's who hosted the German Federation. When it was broadcast live on The Report, the king was furious and told Maxon he had to "take care of her.

Officer Tanner found America and Maxon and lead them to a nearby safe room. Once inside, America tended to Maxon's wounds: Maxon revealed that it happened fairly often and America couldn't help but be struck by the pain she had inadvertently inflicted on him. When the rebels left, America believed that she was leaving and told Aspen that she needed time to get over the Prince, which caused her to realize she wanted Maxon's love more than Aspen's.

America did not leave, however, and instead Natalie went home, because her younger sister Lacey was killed by the rebels.

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Maxon was able to convince his father to allow America to stay by telling him she supposedly saved his life and got him to safety when he was too weak to go alone. Maxon said that as long as America was on her best behavior, his father would allow her to stay. But he warned her about how King Clarkson would be a little harsh on her. On another note, Maxon told America that while she'd had his heart from the beginning of the Selection, she did not have his trust.

He explained that even though he had told her many secrets and defended her, America acted rashly, and Maxon needed her to have faith in him. After Maxon left for a date with Kriss, America became determined to win the Selection. King Clarkson then came to give her a talking to. He warned her that if she won and became queen, she would ruin centuries of work, and that Maxon should not choose her. He told her not to mention this conversation to Maxon or anyone else. He then became surprisingly happy and said good-bye, as if nothing happened.

America returned to her room, honestly frightened by the king's threats. Her maids were thrilled to see "their lady" return, and when she asked for their aid in helping her secure Maxon's heart and the public's favor. The book ends with Anne having a plan to win Maxon's love. The One The maids' first plan of attack was an attempt to increase America's sex appeal, as she had heard from the king that Maxon was physically intimate with some of the other girls she had even seen Celeste trying to seduce him one night after a party.

She had been Maxon's first kiss, but other than that, nothing too physically romantic had happened between them. It did not go over well, as when America tried to seduce him, he simply laughed at her, and she wondered what she could possibly say to remedy things with Maxon and set their relationship back on track. The Rebels assured them that they were not out to destroy the monarchy. In fact, they believed Maxon to be a very good man who would be ten times the king his father was, and America was the candidate whom they backed for princess.

They only wanted Maxon's promise that he would work to eliminate the caste system as America had suggested, in order to alleviate the people's suffering. In exchange, they promised loyalty to Maxon and protection from the Southern rebels if outfitted with proper weapons. A short time later, the king received word that the rebels are now attacking people by caste, the castes of the four Elitesstarting from the Twos and working their way down to Fives.

America asked Aspen for help smuggling her and Maxon out of the palace so that they could meet up with August and Georgia, in hopes of getting more information about what was going on outside. Aspen agreed, although reluctantly, and accompanied them along with Officer Avery, Aspen's closest friend in the service. Unfortunately, Aspen, Maxon, and Officer Avery were forced to fight off a gang of Southern rebels criminals who wanted to rob them, and were separated from America in the process.

She stayed with America until Maxon found her. America wanted to thank the young girl for her help, and asked Maxon to bring her back with them and give her job in the kitchens.

Anne and Marleewho had been working secretly as a kitchen maid in the palace since her caning, stitched America up and cleaned her wound, a non-severe one that healed quickly. Elise, Kriss, and Celeste were all given criminals who had all committed minor crimes, but been given extremely long prison terms, a sign that they were actually enemies of the king.

All three were shocked, but couldn't think of a way to right the injustice, so they had no choice but to give in. America's felon, however, had only stolen clothing for his family and was assigned to her by Clarkson as a test. America couldn't find it in herself to sentence him to prison for life, so she gave the man the jewelry Maxon had recently given her as a gift along with a treasured necklace her father had given her for her birthday and told him to pay his debt to the king with it.

This angered the king immensely, but he had to accept the jewels instead of the prison sentence because the Convicting was broadcast live for the public, and he wanted to uphold his image as a merciful king. Enraged by this offense, Clarkson gave Maxon the option to call the entire Selection off and start a new one, which Maxon ultimately refused because, for all the trouble she caused him, he knew America was the right girl for him and the right girl to be the queen.

Clarkson even though he didn't find out about the alliance America had forged with the Italians, who had loaned Maxon some money so they could supply their newly found Northern allies with the guns they needed to protect the royal family and themselves forced America to agree to film propaganda in favor of the castes. If she didn't obey, then she must not have truly cared about the competition or Maxon. Before she could create the commercials, however, she learned that her father had died just hours earlier.

America traveled back to Carolina for her father's funeral, where she learns that Shalom was secretly a Northern rebel, in a special last letter from him. Kota revealed just how far his caste-climbing ambitions have removed him from his family. He brought America and Aspen's secret romance into the open they had never told their own families for fear they would not approve and threatened to tell the prince.

After her elder sister Kenna revealed that she had suspected America and Aspen were together and that she approved, America admitted that she no longer loved Aspen romantically, but thought of him as another brother. She still wanted though to keep him in her life, in case Maxon didn't choose her.

Kenna told her that Aspen would always be family for all of them, but she must tell him the truth about her new feelings if she ever truly loved him. America knew Kenna was right and tried to explain things to Aspen on the way back to the palace, but it was too painful. When she returned to the palace, America found out that Kriss and herself were the last two girls standing and that Maxon had invited all of the previously Selected back to the palace to celebrate.

America realized that the necklace Kriss was wearing depicted the North Star, revealing that she was also a Northern rebel. America confronted Kriss about this and Kriss admitted that at first she was in the Selection because she was a rebel, but then when Maxon and America were fighting after Marlee's caning, she saw a chance to get close to Maxon and she really fell in love with him.

In America's room later that night, Maxon revealed that he had bought a house for America's family near the palace, and that he had chosen her to be his wife and future queen. They began making out and they ultimately admitted their love for each other aloud for the first time. They undressed, almost to their underwear, while America reassured Maxon that she loved the scars on his back because they were a sign of his love for he: A sudden noise in the hallway stopped them from going any further.

Maxon simply slept next to America, both of them feeling safe and loved, confident that they would be able to express their love for each other physically very soon. In the morning, however, Maxon learned about America and Aspen's previous relationship when he found them in what appeared to be a romantic moment. Completely heartbroken and hurt, Maxon accused America of lying to him about everything and took his proposal back, saying he would be glad to see her go so that she couldn't break his heart anymore.

America tried to explain the situation, but Maxon refused to listen and left in a rage.

Kiera Cass talks latest YA novel, 'The Heir'

However, right before Maxon was about to reveal his selection of Kriss, the Southern rebels infiltrated the palace and attacked, killing Celeste and Anne among many people. A rebel attempted to shoot America, but Maxon lunged toward her on instinct to save her life and took a hit below his left shoulder.

Close to death, he apologized to America for almost not choosing her, and told her that he loved her to his last breath and that his heart belonged to her to "break it a thousand times if [she] like[s]. He took her to a safe room with the intention of returning and saving the Prince too. When the attack was over and the Southern rebels were defeated with help from the Northern rebels, America was released from the safe room and went to the hospital where she reunited with Aspen, who was alive, though severely wounded.

He informed America that Maxon was also alive and now officially the king, as both his parents were killed by the rebels. Aspen confessed to America that he still cared a great deal for her, but was no longer in love with her. Lucy arrived at that moment to see Aspen and greeted him with a kiss.

America finally realized their relationship and approved immensely. When America visited Maxon, he told her about his decision to dissolve the castes, an idea inspired entirely by her. His plan would take some time to fully implement, but they could start with the Eights merging with the Sevens and go on from there.

He then gave her a beautiful engagement ring, complete with their birthstones, officially asking her to marry him.

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She happily accepted his proposal. At the wedding, Aspen, who was almost completely healed, walked America down the aisle and gave her to Maxon, as America's father had died and the two men had grown to fully respect each other. It didn't feel like that with Eadlyn. And maybe it's just because it's told from the POV of a monarch I feel like it lost that beautiful sense of romance and royalty that the first three had. That whole constitutional monarch bullshit wtf even.

I adore and love Kiera to bits and pieces but I don't like that. It felt so rushed and i hated ittttt. I feel like there was so much we were missing, so little building. I don't know it just felt strange.

Nothing will ever beat the first 3 books. I agree with the epilogue. I feel like the bonus chapter in the Barnes and Noble edition should've been the epilogue. I feel like the epilogue written was a tactic to get ppl to buy the B and N editions because those have what should be considered a REAL ending. Overall, I cried like a lil bitch. I will always love these books and this series and I do love Eadlyn. I just feel very conflicted. It's not that I don't like it I just don't love it either.

Also, when I found out about King Clarkson, his affair, and illegitimate child guys you don't understand. I genuinely lost it. I am tearing up now just thinking about it. Everything i felt for him in The Queen, the little bit of sympathy and redemption just went to shit. How could he DO that to Amberly? The Crown is a sequel to The Heir. It was released on May 3, Now the end of the journey is here.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by The Crown—the eagerly awaited, wonderfully romantic fifth and final book in the Selection series. In The Heir, a new era dawned in the world of The Selection. Twenty years have passed since America Singer and Prince Maxon fell in love, and their daughter is the first princess to hold a Selection of her own. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you… and now Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more difficult—and more important—than she ever expected.

The Selection series has sold more than 3 million copies and captured the hearts of fans around the world. The book begins the next day after the end of The Heir, when Queen America had a heart attack, underwent a surgery and was hospitalized in the hospital wing of the palace.

Given the precarious situation, Eadlyn announces publicly on the Report that she will eliminate the Selected Suitors down to the six Elites: He is very beloved by the public. He offers his services to Eadlyn for whatever she may need. In the evening, Eadlyn goes out on a date with Kile. Kile comforts her and offers to kiss her, if she wants, to forget her problems for a while, saying that he will do anything she wants. She confesses that she likes him.

He admits that he also likes her and he has already designed a summerhouse for her. Grandmother Singer visits the palace to see America. In the evening, Eadlyn accidentally meets Erik in the kitchen. Erik offers his help to her for anything she may need.

kiera cass the heir ending relationship

Gunner Croft meets Eadlyn and asks her if he can kiss her, to see if they are compatible. The kiss is fine, but nothing more than that, so he asks her permission and he leaves the Selection.

Eadlyn has a date with Henri, with Erik by his side. The conversation is slightly uncomfortable and impersonal for Eadlyn and Henri, as they need translation constantly. Eadlyn ends up talking more to Erik than to Henri.