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After 20 years, Ben—the son of Belle and the Beast, and heir apparent to Thus, we meet our main quartet— Mal (Dove Cameron), Jay Will the teens carry out their parents' evil wishes, or will they forge their own identities?. Read How you meet and parents pt1 from the story Descendants the girls ben called evie and (b/gf/n) came and said hello "hi I'm evie daughter of evil Queen. Read 07» meeting the parents & a game of croquet from the story just like fire ↠ Descendants by -voidstydias with reads. carlosdeville, evie, disney. {i { in which Grace meets Ben's parents and things go horribly wrong.} The next .

He leaned in to whisper. Ben, dad is in his study, can you get him please. Mal and I will meet you in the family dining room. Belle led Mal into a small library. Other than his majesty was enchanted. But you will have History at Auradon Prep, and they will cover that.

You are so welcome here…. I honestly have to say Audrey drove me nuts. I did see it myself. I even overheard him once trying to break it off with her, but she just changed the subject.

I like to know where I stand. With Audrey, I think they were just together so Audrey's family could advance in their standing in the hierarchy of Auradon.

Ben, just wanted a girlfriend and Audrey saw a chance. He has taught me a lot more than I will ever teach him. She was so close, and that was something Mal wasn't used to either, a strong supportive female.

A mother figure that was actually proud of her. Mal was afraid at first, but the emotion of the moment took over and she returned Belle's embrace. Belle linked her arm Mal's and she looked at her. I just don't want to make any mistakes and embarrass Ben.

She could truly see that Mal loved her son. I didn't know anything either, and Adam was patient as I learned the ropes as they say. Ben will be just as patient. Descendants 2 Mal is being crowded by several reporters in the front of the school asking her questions about the Cotillion and her life in Auradon.

Ben and the Fairy Godmother intervene to veer the reporters away from a very relieved Mal.

Ben and Mal

Ben talks to Mal about spending time together, before remembering that he is late for a counsel meeting and leaves abruptly after apologizing to Mal. Evie and Mal then walk away to get fitting for Mal's dress for the Cotillion. Mal is then shown in her Cotillion dress getting fitted by Evie in Evie's room.

She complains her discomfort to Evie about the dress, along with the stress of all the events she has to attend to even after the Cotillion. She then asks Evie about what they would be doing if they were still in the Isle, which Evie laughs off. Mal gives a surprised gasp at this, as she counts the days on her fingers.

She walks over and picks up her spell book. She then chants a spell to remember everything she reads at lightning speed and starts to go over a book for "Lady Manners. Evie takes the spell book away and when Mal begins to protest, she tells her that her spell book should be put in the museum along with Evie's Magic Mirror. After reluctantly giving up, she asks Evie if she ever missed running wild and breaking all the rules.

Evie gives a shocked no, asking why would they. She takes Mal and leads her back to the TV saying that they were in Auradon and that they were Auradon girls now. They watch the TV talk about Mal's love of strawberries, showing Mal and Ben on a romantic date eating strawberries.

As Mal looks sad, Evie tells her that Auradon is the land of opportunity and that they could be whatever they wanted to be.

Evie asks Mal to leave the past in the past, and when Mal still looks sad, she cheers her up by showing Mal her Cotillion shoes. Mal then is shown walking through school with Evie, Jay, and Carlos. Jane starts asking Mal about decorating at the Cotillion. Mal says she has to get to class, but Jane says that she can nod if she likes it.

Jane hurriedly starts listing decorative items. Mal starts to protest after Jane asks her about party favors, but she interrupts and starts listing more items. Jane stops to ask about pen toppers, and Mal eyes glow green. She closes them for a while, and then smiles at Jane, agreeing with her. Lonnie comes around and tells Mal that she is excited to see what Mal's wedding will look like, and Mal, dazed, agrees before looking surprised.

Jane tells Mal that the Cotillion is like getting "engaged to be engaged to be engaged. Ben addresses Mal, and tries to talk to her but is drawn aside by Jane as Mal waits for him. Jane then talks about Ben's present to Mal at the Cotillion, which turns out to be a stained glass window depicting Mal with Ben kneeling before her. After Ben reminds Jane to make Mal's eyes green, he says goodbye to Mal, who walks away.

Jane then asks about the different shades of green to use, and he chooses one.

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While Mal is at her locker, Ben walks up to her. He tells her that he has surprise for her, and she laughs about how many presents Ben gets her. When Ben looks into her locker, he sees her spell book, and asks her if she is going to donate it to the museum.

She closes the locker door to block his view and muses about how she had forgotten about it. She says that she has to get to class, but Ben stops her and walks her over to a purple motorcycle with a bronze bow on the handle. Mal gasps in surprise and tells Ben how she loves it. She then says that she didn't get Ben anything. He reminds her that she told him that she would take him on a picnic with all his favorite foods.

Mal says that the picnic is going to be on Thursday. They start arguing about it being Thursday until Ben takes his phone out and shows her. Mal covers up her surprise and says that she was just joking. She says she needs to bake only one more thing, and when Ben reminds her about class, Mal says that she will multitask and walks away laughing.

Mal runs into Carlos's room as reporters follow her and she slams the door, panting. She locks the door, then walks over to the TV, which was talking about her, and turns it off hurriedly with the remote as Carlos watches her. When Mal's eyes glow green, Carlos tries to calm her down. Mal starts to rant about how reporters are always running after her and taking pictures of her.

She asks him if he ever missed screaming at people and making them run away from him. He tells her that she was thinking of Carlos's mother, Cruella, which he was usually being the one running away, and tells her no. Later, Mal and Ben are sitting together on a picnic date at the Enchanted Lake. She feeds him a hors d'oeuvre which Ben remarks is the best thing in the world. Ben said that she had made every single dish that Mrs.

Potts made for his parents. He asked Mal if it really took her three days to make it all, which she jokingly asks him not to even ask her. Ben told her that it meant a lot that she stopped and did all of that for him, and that they didn't have a lot of time to be just "them. He reaches into the picnic basket, and Mal tries to stop him saying that she can get them herself. However, Ben takes Mal's spell book out, to Mal's shock. She quickly makes up an excuse saying that she threw the book in the basket at the last minute in case it rained during the date.

However, Ben started to read the list of spells that Mal had tabbed showing him that she had used the spell book to read quickly, turn her hair blonde, and cook all the food that she had "made. Mal, desperate, tries to spell him into forgetting the moment, but she messes up.

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Ben jumps up from the table, figuring out she was trying to spell him. They start yelling at each other, Mal saying that transitioning into Auradon was hard, while Ben retorts that becoming king has been hard as well. Ben says that Mal has been lying and keeping secrets from him, and reminds her that Auradon isn't the Isle of the Lost. Mal retorts that she knows it isn't, and explains that she isn't a pretty pink princess or a Lady of the Court.

She then grabs her spellbook and casts a spell over the feast which turns it back to "what is real," which turns out to be a peanut jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. Ben feeling bad and trying to apologize and she then walks away, despite Ben trying to call her back and saying that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are his favorite. Mal returns to her room dressed in her VK outfit. She grabs a pencil and pierces air holes into a blue and black pencil box.

Belle and Adam were standing at the front door themselves, smiling warmly at the couple. Mal curtsied to them, having remembered how to do that in Goodness class. Belle smiled and shook her head. You can call us Belle and Adam. Mal looked around, feeling a little overwhelmed.

Don't make a fool out of yourself. Mal tried not to focus too much on the fact that the ceiling was too high, or the servants bowed to them. So Ben was king and had a lot of money. Except that it was kind of a big deal. They entered the large dining room. Adam sat down at the head of the table, Belle on his right, Ben on his left, and Mal beside him. It was not long before the palace servants came in with food.

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Mal remembered the correct spoon to use, since Evie had lent her "Proper Table Manners" book to her, which had been Evil Queen's once. As they ate, Ben held her hand in his, which did not go unnoticed by Belle and Adam, and they shared a secretive smile.

What do you like to do? Trying to play it cool, she replied, "Well, I like to draw," She paused to see their exchange, they smiled.