David johansen new york dolls meet and greet

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david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

The New York Dolls essentially came to an end while touring Florida Johansen asks about the Heartbreakers upcoming overseas tour, which. The re-assembled New York Dolls are touring to support a new album. "And it's not like you got to meet somebody new and have some kind of courtship p>As for the looming legend of the New York Dolls, Johansen doesn't seem She's selling tickets to a raffle by dancing while scantily clad and talking to.

You can do better than that.

david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

So then we sat down for like a week and really wrote the songs out how they should go. Then the second week, we rehearsed them. Then the third week, we recorded the tracks. And then the fourth week, we did the overdubs.

New York Dolls 2009 Interview with Jonathan Ross

We started on Jan. You have to understand that since the last record, Syl is like sitting around in his room playing guitar.

david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

We have these tidbits. But the impetus is there.

'My mind is as blank as fresh snow'

The thrust is there. Our tendency is just to procrastinate as long as possible. And I think there is something to that, because when you do decide to spew it out and commit it to tape, it is really now. So could it possibly be that spontaneous with you guys? Nothing is really pre-planned or calculated?

Our philosophy is we play just the way we are every day.

Catching Up With... David Johansen of the New York Dolls

So however you feel when you go on stage, you take it from there. But, you know, if you were in a band and you sold five million records, and you had to make a follow up to that, you would probably be paralyzed. If that had been the case, it would have seemed like too much. It would have been too much to think about and we would have been trying to fulfill some kind of idea of something. So we thought, 'Well, let's do that because we sound really good and this is fun. Since then, the band has been busy traveling and performing.

david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

Which brings us back to the Dolls' new album, the one that Johansen didn't really want to make because he was having too good of a time hopping from gig to gig.

When the band got the call from management instructing them to make a new album, they decided to let the command serve as creative inspiration.

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Max Lakner This time out, the Dolls decided to reunite with Todd Rundgren, who prdouced their debut. Johansen has been asked repeatedly about the band's decision to once again enlist Rundgren, but the head Doll insists there was no strategic logic behind the choice. The band wasn't trying to consciously recreate the magic of the old days. Instead, since the Dolls were told they needed to record an album, they decided to go with somebody familiar to do it as quickly as possible. It's just like since we wanted to do this thing really quick, it was really the best idea.

And, you know, Todd's fucking great.

david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

The title track starts the album, both reasserting the Dolls' raucous aplomb and proving that, at their best, they can make the Stones sound like prudish schoolboys. The first half of the album follows suit, but the second half sees the band dabbling into more diverse fare. Maybe you should start it with a verse.

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Why don't you make the first verse a double verse? While Johansen and Sylvain bring the tradition to the band, there's little doubt that the trio of newer players infuse the Dolls with renewed grit. That's pretty much how, without a lot of discussion, the songs that we wind up with rise to the top.

To him, to consciously try to craft music in a mold that was created over 30 years ago would not only be pointless, it would also be impossible. Furthermore, it would futilely attempt to ignore the decades of life and musical experience the band has gained.

david johansen new york dolls meet and greet

Let's not pay any attention to anything else. Like you're trying to do something that you're not.