Chota bheem the scientists meet

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chota bheem the scientists meet

Chhota Bheem We are sure this fight plays out in the minds of children all over India: in one corner, Superman, Iron Man and maybe Doraemon. Chota Bheem - All Episodes - Cartoon Chota Bheem - The Phoenix · Chota Bheem - The Scientist Meet · Chota Bheem - Sanki Shikari · Chota Bheem - Fly In . Meet Chhota Bheem and Friends at Oakridge, Sarjapur, Bangalore on Jan- of for infants - Events. Archery,Leisure Outings,Others,Plays,Pottery.

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But over its near decade long existence, Chhota Bheem has trounced every other Indian and global contender when it comes to winning over kids in the subcontinent, clocking in a stated 40 million viewers in India. Industry estimates indicate it could have more than doubled. On starting his animation studio Green Gold, he wanted to move beyond service jobs for other companies and create his own IP. Chhota Bheem and gang were conceived in 15 minutes: What followed was a long gestation period, owing to the lack of backers and the high cost of animation.

Pogo makes science "Fun-tastic" for kids

It would be five years before Chhota Bheem made his first appearance. Most channels gravitated towards purely mythological content. And so, after Vikram Betal and Krishna proved Green Gold had the chops to pull off animation and storytelling, Pogo gave the firm a chance on Chhota Bheem in The time was right for the show, says Chilaka; even three years down the line would have been too late.

It was never about building a financial empire but creating something Indian kids could grow up on.

But slick production values mattered a lot less to its core audience. She is very skilled in chess and has won laurels for Dholakpur in the game. In many episodes, and in the telefilm 'Chhota Bheem - Masters of Shaolin ', she has been depicted to be good at martial arts.

Chhota Bheem - Professor ke Lal Dairy

She has a soft spot for Bheem and often becomes angry whenever Bheem interacts with any girl, therefore, she has a crush on Bheem and considering herself as his girl-friend and future wife and her mother as his mother-in-law.

She also has many ideas or tricks to help Bheem in many of his adventures, as seen in the episodes " Pirates on the ship", and " Hercules ". Surprisingly, she has been shown to be greedy for gold in the episode "The Curse of Bramhbhatt-Part 2".

Chutki's hair is always tied into two plaits, she is fair with big eyes and has a slender build, and she generally wears a pink two-piece dress. She is usually very calm and composed but in one episode she became angry. She defeated many people like Bulbul in girls vs girls etc. She takes care of Bheem and likes to give him ladoos stolen from her mother.

Chutki's father lives abroad in USA and Canada and comes only during some functions etc. No one knows why. Raju Raju is a cute, courageous and fun loving four-year-old kid, whose role model is Bheem. Raju's size belies his courage, which he gets from his father, the Senapati chief officer of the King's army. Raju also wants to be the Senapati of the Army.

Mostly seen wearing a blue underwear He is very good in archery and has won the "Arjuna Cup". He often loses his temper when he sees something wrong happening. He appears as the super hero protagonist in the spinoff movie "Mighty Raju". Jaggu Jaggu is a talking monkey or bandar.

Bheem Me Up! How homegrown hero Chhota Bheem took on Mickey, Spidey, Oggy, and won

Jaggu has his own special way of solving problems, using tricks and his amazing sense of humour. Jaggu and Bheem always have fun together, be it exploring forests or helping people with their chores.

From him, Bheem learns useful techniques like swinging from trees. Whenever they are really hungry, it's Jaggu who assists Bheem in stealing laddus. He also loves playing tricks on Dholu, Bholu and Kalia. He wants to be the Protector of all animals in the jungle seen in the episode "Chutki's Wish".

Kalia Kalia or Kalia Pehalwan Hindi term for wrestleris a year-old voluptuous and muscular bully. He is quite greedy. Kalia has two silly followers, Dholu and Bholu, who sometimes help him in his plans and at other times completely abandon him. He often blows his own trumpet by claiming he is the only strongest and courageous person whenever any problem arises he runs away.

In order to make Bheem lose, he often eavesdrops on him to find out what Bheem is planning. However, at times he is seen helping Bheem in common causes or in attempts to save Dholakpur. Kalia had won in Cycle Race because of his hardwork and truthfullness. He also won in High Jump Competetition and won a trophy. He also has an uncle in Mumbai. Though they are not strong themselves, they bask in Kalia's strength.

chota bheem the scientists meet

But they were the kindest brothers and they also won a trophy for their best brotherhood. But sometimes, they may fight playfully and scolded by Kalia and Kalia himself try to join them. They present in all the episodes of Chotta Bheem. Kichak Kichak is a year-old wrestler from Pehelwanpur. He is later introduced in the series. He is jealous of Bheem, since Bheem is more popular than he is.

But, he is defeated in all the occasions when he challenged Bheem for a bull race, cricket match, in a contest for champions, in a hockey match, in a football match and in many other situations. He then was noticed helping and advising a participant in the episode "Girls versus Girls", but later escaped. Surprisingly, he was seen helping Bheem in the movie " Bheem vs Aliens ".

Chhota Mannu He is also a character from Pehelwanpur. A strong, 5 year old child who is first shown in the episode the boxing match, he is physically strong and clever. His archrival is Raju, whom he never managed to defeat.

He is also an aid as well as a friend of Kichak. Rajkumari Indumati Indumati is the princess of Dholakpur. She is shown to be nice and caring. She loves travelling and she takes Bheem and his friends to different places as tourists. She appears in many episodes, and is shown to be a best friend of Chutki. He is the father of Indumati. Though himself a valiant warrior, he mostly relies on Bheem for any crisis in the kingdom. He is also shown to be thoughtful on every occasion.

He is a Hockey player and also played an important role in Hockey match by making Bheem win. His enemy was King Chandravarma. He is 35 years old, according to the movie " Chhota Bheem: The Rise of Kirmada ". He once was given a special diamond called Kohenoor from his ancestors. But he promised to give the diamond to three of Dholakpur's most notorious criminals, Shatadhanwa, Kritavarma, and Akrur.

But he broke his promise. This made the three criminals very angry.

chota bheem the scientists meet

Akrur and Kritavarma had sent Shatadhanwa to kill King Indravarma. While King Indravarma was sleeping, the wicked Shatadhanwa killed him and took away the Kohinoor diamond. But thanks to the Sanjeevani plant that belonged to a learned Brahman named Gargya, the king came back to life. After getting the Kohinoor diamond, the three crimanals became upset that the king was still alive. The guilty Shatadhanwa gave the diamond to Akrur and fled Dholakpur.

But Bheem and his team caught Shatadhanwa while he was fleeing. They took him to the king. King indravarma had Shatadhanwa arrested for his crime. When Akrur and Kritavarma heard that Shatadhanwa was arrested, they both went into hiding. Kritavarma stayed in Dholakpur but he was living in the guise of a barber and became the king's royal barber.