Borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel achievements revealed

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

This page contains Cheats for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel organized by sections for Xbox Easy "Ice To Meet You" Achievement or Trophy Guide. In this guide, you'll find a complete, beginning-to-end walkthrough of the It also includes a list of all of the achievements, as well as information on every skill in the game. And in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel fashion, we have to now destroy Use an Incendiary weapon against these ice enemies. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is coming in a couple short months, but the Ice To Meet You (20): Shattered three frozen enemies with a single.

Take them down, then look out to space and you'll see a plane dropping two more soldiers. You can try to blast the plane down, but your main goal is to kill the two dropped enemies. And with both of these battles, you have your trusty minion Jack to help. Jack will go back inside, then open a door, and then the two of you will drop down to a boss area.

This first part of this fight is really easy. All you have to do, is stay away from him. This is because if you're out of melee range, he'll start walloping on a friendly robot, or even Jack, and so you'll be able to damage him without him even firing at you.

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

Basically, let someone tank Flameknuckle, then blast him down with an automatic weapon or with headshots. Halfway through the fight, you are awarded your first skill point. Head to the skill tree menu and use the skill point on your action skill -- it's the only available option for what to choose, but it is by far the best single-talent skill point use in the game. Your Action Skill will vary by which class you chose: It's actually a good ability. Now that you have your Action Skill, try it in combat on the Flameknuckle.

He's out of his power suit, and much smarter than before. He has a flame weapon that will not only deal initial damage, but also burn you for more damage over time. It's best, just like before, to let Jack tank as much as he can. Also, headshots are absolutely golden here, but any automatic fire into his torso should do the trick. You should always stay behind cover for this part of the fight, as the Flameknuckle's flame weapon has a nasty punch.

If your shield gets low or goes down, find cover and wait for it to recharge. And if your health gets low, you will be able to find health packs in the containers all around the area. The enemies that accompany Flameknuckle will also drop health packs when you defeat them. Unfortunately, it's jammed, but Jack tells you to "enter the bullet," which is the thing beyond the flashing lights in front of him. Drop down onto the pipe and get inside the bullet.

Jack will rotate the bullet, which will basically move it up to the floor where the elevator is jammed. Hop down off the bullet and loot the room, then go over to the elevator and bash the robot who is jamming the elevator. Use the melee button to smash him.

With the obstruction successfully melee'd, stick on the elevator and it will descend to Jack. Jack then gets on, and the elevator ascends right back up. Follow Jack to the center console and an enemy will attack from the west.

But it's just one enemy, and more of comic relief than anything. It makes more sense in a non-Claptrap game, trust me!: But before becoming cargo, head into the door that the lone enemy came out of, to the west of the central platform. Down this hall, you'll find an actual chest that contains actual loots now -- weapons, and probably green ones. Loot them and equip them if they are better than what you have they probably won't be, though.

Otherwise, go back to the vending machine in the previous room and sell them off. We will need the backpack space later.

Ice To Meet You Trophy in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Head back to Jack and hop inside the canister. When it closes, you'll be able to "enter a new area" on the opposite side of the canister. This will trigger a cutscene that ends with you crashing to the ground.

Crash Site After the cutscene, follow the kind Springs. She explains you need oxygen on this planet or you'll die. Simply follow her and she'll take you to a machine that, when cycled, has a big oxygen bubble radius. This will give you a "breather" sorry, punbut otherwise continue to follow her to door. She opens it; go inside and you'll have oxygen again. There are two crates up top. Also, grab the fast travel station on the level below.

After talking a bit more, Springs tells you where you can find an Oz kit, which will allow you to survive out on this planet. Exit the building and head to the waypoint. Thankfully, there are blow holes on the ground throughout this area and planet. They are marked as diamonds on your mini-map, and look like cracked land. So, for now, you will want to stop at each of these diamonds so you don't suffocate to death even robots suffocate, at least mentally.

Head over to the building marked by the waypoint. You will be able to cycle the machine outside, which will make an oxygen bubble. Along the way to the building, you might have to fight some enemies -- really creatures this time. Just take them out before they get in melee range.

At the building, try to open it with the lever, but nothing happens. So, you must smash four locks, which are located on each corner of the gated door.

And for the top two, you'll need to jump up moon jump! Inside the building, kill the two Kraggons inhabiting the place first.

They go down just as easily as the ones outside. Afterward, grab all the loot in the containers in this building, then pick up the ultra-useful Oz kit. Wait for Springs to jog over to the building and talk to her to turn in the quest.

Exit the building to the east. If you look on your map, you'll see that the waypoint to Deadlift's place is to the south-east, but we need to go east first. Out here, you'll find the land of the Kraggons. Try to defeat them from range, but if they get too close, you can always ground n' pound by jumping and then pressing the crouch button.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cheats for Xbox 360

Off to the south, you will see a cave opening -- it's very easy to see because of the air bubble over its entrance. At the cave, you'll find the entrance to Regolith Range. Regolith Range You should sell any unneeded items at the vending machines to your left. I would advise against buying anything for now, as bullets are plentiful and you are bound to find a better shield soon.

Continue into the "Dead Drop. These types of enemies -- scavs -- are really common on this planet, so get used to fighting them. Some fire with guns, but the more annoying ones are the ones that charge and slam the ground. Take out the melee scavs first if they get close.

Borderlands TPS - Ice To Meet You - Achievement Guide

Also, there are barrels all throughout here; shoot at them to blow them up, which is severely hurt enemies nearby. Follow the waypoint to reach the super-cool jump pad. Only, Deadlift disables it, so your illusions of graceful glides are but illusions for now. And, to make matters worse, Deadlift calls more men to fight you.

These guys come from the west, and there are several. Take cover behind the debris around here, or just retreat to the previous area that you've already cleared, before taking them on in a firefight. Use your Special Ability and fire at barrels for an easy victory. Continue to the new waypoint. At the bend, enemies will drop down and again, you'll have more of the same thing. This time, they group up rather tightly if you backstrafe a little and let them run toward you. So, throw out a grenade when they're in a group, and you'll have a quick five-for-one.

Very near the waypoint, enemies will jump down from the balcony in front of you. Take cover behind the large pipe on the ground as you clear them out. With the area clear, head to the waypoint and pull the lever. That doesn't work, but Springs gets the bright idea of making you the "fuse" between the two sparky bits. And don't worry, you won't die. Just go in between, get electrocuted a little, and run on it. The shield will recharge most of the damage that you took. This will make the jump pad operational again, so backtrack to it.

You'll have to face some enemies along the way, but they all seem to come one-by- one, making for very simple battles. And at the jump pad, simply move over it and you'll float to the entrance to Deadlift's palace. Also, note that you do not need to hold down the movement button while you are in motion by the jump pad.

At the entrance, open all the containers to replenish your ammo. Head up the steps and get ready to fight Squats-- err, Deadlift! It does moderate damage, and is easy to see because it makes electricity. This hurts a lot, but you can easily see it coming. And when it does come, jump and get off the platform!

This is his worst attack. These two electric balls sometimes follow him around, and he can command them to go after you. If they hit you, they will do major damage. Thankfully, you can destroy them with gunfire before they hit you, or make them hit a wall, to dodge the attack.

They make great Second Wind material. So, if you're about to die, shoot one down to get back in the fight. Deadlift can be a tough fight. This is mainly because of his electric balls attack, which will do tons of damage if they both directly hit. Other than that, Deadlift also moves around a lot, and it can be difficult to shoot him from the ground floor with him moving so much. First, you have to recognize the electric ball attack. You'll see two balls of electricity glide toward you.

They are slow, and you can use your gun to blow them up before they reach you. In addition, you can simply run behind a wall and they will just hit the wall, not damaging you. That is priority number one. When there are no balls of electricity killing you, the fight becomes MUCH easier. Deadlift does have an electric weapon, but it does not do as much as damage.

The only other big attack is when he makes a platform turn electricity, but this is actually a good thing. When Deadlift wants to turn on the electricity on a platform, he will have to up to a machine and hover over it for a few seconds.

Even after he's set off the electricity, you can continue to blast away at him as you jump off the platform. This is one of the best ways to defeat him, but you have to be able to soak a lot of damage into him to do it in one go.

Normally, you'll get through his shields and some of his health, and you'll have to wait for him to do it again.

I prefer staying back at the entrance to this place, by the steps. There are also walls all around here, and several levels, but I mainly stick to the ground level and go up when he's doing the electricity trap. If you have a sniper rifle, he can easily be defeated from a distance; simply snipe at his head for major damage.

While doing this, avoid those balls of electricity. Normal enemies also infinitely respawn -- ignore them unless you need a Second Wind. They are otherwise just a small hindrance.

So, either headshot him from a distance, or soak damage into him while he's setting up his electricity trap on a platform. Avoid his balls of electricity, and you should have no trouble defeating him.

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

Here, head over to the 'toilet and open it to find the key. That's it as far as objectives, but you will also want to loot the two big chests in this room. They contain green weapons, which will undoubtedly be upgrades to what you have currently equipped. If you run out of inventory space, drop the least expensive stuff as we'll be selling most of it at a vendor.

With the key, head straight south of the chests to find a quick exit out of Deadlift's palace. There will be some Kraggons on the ground below; kill them from this high position before you drop down. To get to the Moon Zoomy Station, head east, drop down, and take the lower level south.

This will become Kraggon Pass -- so beware of Kraggon -- and loop around to the west, toward the waypoint. You will be stopped at the lava initially, but you can jump across the ground platforms, above the lava, to get over it. You'll reach Dahl Waystation. You can kill the enemies around here if you want the experience, or you can simply head over to the waypoint to the north. Here, you will find the Moon Zoomy Station.

Install the key at the terminal, then try to use it. It won't work, but if you melee attack the terminal, the computer changes its mind. This is the same as Catch-A-Ride in Borderlands 2. Deploy the Laser Moon Buggy and and teleport inside.

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

From here, you can mow down all of those enemies before with the vehicle's guns -- and they have unlimited ammo, so woohoo for that! Otherwise, drive toward the waypoint. You'll pass Moon Zoomy run and then go through a canyon. After the canyon, you'll have to jump a lava pit, so be sure to put the vehicle in turbo before the ramp.

After the ramp, drive over to the entrance to Serenity's Waste. You can stay in your vehicle when you go to this area; that way, you don't have to respawn another buggy. In Serenity's Waste, drive over to the waypoint, which is Ozless Harbor. Springs waits on the ground floor; grab the Orbatron that she has in her outstretched hand, then talk to her to turn in this quest. Grab a vehicle and drive toward the waypoint. There will be a broken bridge when you turn out to the right, but you will be able to jump over it with your turbo boost.

After the jump, drive over to the garage-like structure with air bubbles. Drive inside, jump over the debris, and enter Concordia. He will immediately put up the force field into the city, then fine you on some verbal crime.

At the door, give him the Orbatron to lose your fines, then head down to the decontamination area, which is actually Nurse Nina's medical center. Get inside the decontamination chamber -- it will hurt you, but Nurse Nina will give you something to restore the lost health. Exit the medical center to enter the center of the city.

To your left is the tower lift; head over to it and push the button to go up. Only, the Meriff doesn't want visitors, so we'll just have to find another way to do this. So, head over to Moxxi's bar, which is really close. Inside, go up to counter to see that Moxxi's not there. The heroes of our last adventure are here -- Roland and Lilith. Talk to Roland and then Moxxi will show up behind the counter of the bar. Talk to her, and she'll agree to help you out.

First, you need to get some Moonstones. Head to the bank, which is highlighted by the waypoint. At the bank, a Claptrap unit greets you and then lets you open the 'vault. Well, it appears the Moonstones are not here, and instead at the stash. This sure feels "tutorial," but head over to the stash now.

This is the same room that the cop Claptrap brought you originally. In this room, take a look at the stash, but it appears cop Claptrap had it all along! So take the Moonstones from him and head over to the black market dealer. You can use them to permanently increase ammo capacity, bank capacity, and backpack capacity. I highly suggest using the Moonstones on backpack capacity, because we will need to haul looted items back to vending machines throughout our adventure.

Towers For each of these, if you wander around hopelessly for a little while, Moxxi will give you a more specific waypoint to get up to the towers. But with this guide, hopefully you won't be wandering too hopelessly. After that, jump up a level via the sides, and then jump over to the first tower. Place it and then whack it with a melee attack. Now onto the second. The next tower is on the other side of the city. Stay on the rooftops -- don't go back to the ground -- and jump over to it.

Unfortunately, it has an electric fence that needs disarming, so turn and go up the ramp.

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

This leads to a small area with a console, but that's not what we want. Instead, jump from this platform to the small platform with the fuse box. Destroy the fuse box, then go back to the second comm tower. Place the transmitter to finish that one. Moxxi tells you to get to the tower by the Meriff. This one is in the center and above the other two comm towers. To get up, go back to the electric fuse box and jump up to the higher level.

From here, head on over to the tower. But when you get close, the turrets activate. You'll have to destroy the three defense turrets before you can continue. Two turrets are on either side of the tower, and one turret is sticking out of the top of the tower.

Take cover behind the structures on the walkway to the tower. The turrets are easily destroyed with any automatic weapon, but you have to make sure all three aren't firing at you while you are trying to take them out!

Put the transmitter in the last comm tower, and then your asked to pick up the parts from the turrets you destroyed. They are right outside, so grab the parts from the destroyed turret. Get a perfect drift.

borderlands the pre sequel ice to meet you achievement test

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Complete Achievement/Trophy List

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