Best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

10 Best WordPress Directory Plugins to Organize Your Listings

best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

How To Easily Add A Staff List Directory: WordPress Plugin Tutorial For example, you can create categories for investors, project teams. Don't worry we will help you to create a team page using any of these meet the team WordPress plugin. If you have a good coding knowledge, then you can. For the best result, use these useful WordPress plugins for sports Another one of its many advantages are the myriads of plugins available in the WordPress directory. First we would like to bring our very own SportsPress plugin into For example, one of our most popular modules are Tournaments and.

The plugin is especially useful for developers who want to integrate into special systems or customize for a completely unique directory. The APIs are open for you to play with. Some of the custom fields are far more unique than what you get with other directory plugins. For example, the plugin offers custom fields for languages, hobbies, education levels, facilities, local time, and business open hours. Repeatable fields are shown for address, phone numbers, email, and other options.

This means that you can add as much information as needed for your business listings. Anniversaries and birthdays are saved in the directory. So, your organization can keep a database with reminders for when employee birthdays roll around.

The plugin has excellent support for user directories, where information on people is stored in the traditional business directory. It even has an area to type in biographical information for each person. That gets you six months of support from the developer.

Sabai is sold through the CodeCanyon marketplace, and the reviews and ratings are positive. The plugin is made to create a directory site structure for businesses, restaurants, and stores. It also comes with multiple maps that can be switched using Google Maps. After my review of the plugin, I started to realize that Sabai is one of the best bets for getting close to a platform like Yelp or Google Places.

Sabai Directory WordPress plugin The custom fields are created and managed with a visual form editor. The fully interactive map is a feature to keep an eye on. Considering all of the features are included in the base price, you can expect more advanced tools like reviews, ratings, multi-location support, voting, page flagging, email notifications, and media uploads.

Wordpress Plugin - Meet The Team

You can even set it up to collect recurring payments through either Stripe or PayPal. This also gives you customer support for six months, which can come in handy for a directory plugin. The interactive listing search is sleek and easy to use, with smart searching, contact information and a map with interesting icons.

The plugin provides interactive filters for limiting searches based on ratings, pricing, location, or date. You can insert a multicriteria rating system, where the user can choose something like quality or price and rate each of those categories for a single business or product. Users can generate their own content and upload it to their reviews. This is similar to how Amazon lets customers upload images when they write a review.

The custom fields are implemented using a visual editor. The plugin also provides all the custom fields you would need, like numbers, HTML, image, and section breaks. You can create paid listings. The plugin has an awesome feature for choosing from 16 custom Google map styles.

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Some of them have varying colors and overlays, while others feature more playful icons. This alternative features Google Maps quite a bit, with maps and marker icons to show off the businesses in your directory.

All of the search is done right on the directory homepage, with customizable search options and a tool for honing in on the radius of the user. Struggling with downtime and WordPress problems?

Kinsta is the hosting solution designed to save you time! Check out our features Web 2. Because of this YouTube integration, you can put both videos and images in your directory listings. Usually, these plugins stick with the recurring model or a one-time fee to post a listing.

You can also sell packages of listings for companies that might want multiple pages. The plugin links to WooComerce for online store functionality, along with PayPal for simpler payments. Stripe is also supported. You have the opportunity to sell listing packages and pretty much accept money for any type of action on your directory.

Both YouTube and Vimeo videos can be shared on listings. The search and Google Maps interfaces combine nicely to create one of the more beautiful customer experiences on this list. It seems to make the most sense for when you actually need to make an online glossary of terms, or for when your company wants to list out personal information for employees. Name Directory WordPress plugin After creating the directory list, the plugin presents a shortcode that you place anywhere on your site, whether it is a widget or post or page.

A few configuration options are provided, such as the ability to show or hide the title, suggestion form, or search function. The plugin can also be downloaded from the LDD Web Design sitealong with the various other extensions for things like social sharing, social logins, imports, exports, and reviews. Only five extensions are listed on the site, so you can assume you get most of the features in the core plugin.

25 Best WordPress Meet The Team Plugin 2018 (Free & Premium)

This automatically generates the directory, making for one of the more lightweight, yet powerful solutions on this page. Most of the directory tools are completely free in the core plugin. The directory is created instantly with the help of a shortcode. On the frontend, your users can view directory listings and click through without any clutter. The WordPress directory plugin integrates with some social tools and Google Maps.

You can customize all of the email notifications and maintain listings from the backend. Website users are able to customize their own listings from the frontend. The listing plugin seems to work best for local or worldwide business placement, with a beautiful page for your listing and a spot for companies to manage how their online presence looks.

You can basically charge for your listing through a variety of ways, including through a bidding system or when people book appointments. You can also charge folks when they make reservations, view listings, claim listings, or even just to access the website. The plugin is affordable and it offers a colorful interface with powerful features. It has certain badges for new listings, along with buttons for saving favorites and items that people are interested in. You can make money through several methods.

One of these is the bidding system. Imagine someone wants to talk to you about sponsoring your team. They will hardly do so via a Tweet or under your Facebook update, will they? Therefore, having a dedicated contact site is a must.

In that, a contact form is a better idea than publicly posting your email address unless you want to get spammed to tears. Here are some of the best ones on the market. Well, then it should come as no surprise that they offer a contact form as well. So, if you already have installed Jetpack on your site, you can simply activate this module and input contact forms into any page from inside the WordPress editor.

Contact Form 7 Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time with more than one million installs. It enables you to easily customize forms and form emails, supports a number of spam-protection measures and comes with add-on plugins in the WordPress directory. Plus, the plugin has been translated into many languages, making it usable for almost anyone. Ninja Forms Ninja Forms enables you to create all sorts of forms via easy drag and drop.

Add more than a dozen fields to any form, export user submissions to save them elsewhere and choose between four different anti-spam options. Plus, if you are a coder, you will be happy to hear that Ninja Forms is very developer friendly. Quick Note About Email Addresses It can be a good idea to leave an email address on your page in addition to the contact form for an even easier way to get in touch with you.

A number of plugins out there can help you keep the address save, two of my favorites being Email Encoder Bundle and Email Address Encoder. Poll and Quiz Plugins for More User Engagement Polls and quizzes are a cool idea to connect with and learn more about your fans and foster user engagement. The following plugins make it easy to create these engagement drivers.

best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

It supports multiple-selection answers and enables you to create polls both in widget form and inside posts and pages. YOP Poll This polling plugin supports custom fields, enables you to set different permission levels, can sort polling information in many different ways and offers multiple display options for the results.

You can even schedule when questionnaires will appear on your site and run several of them at once. Merely use shortcodes to include polls anywhere or the widget option to place it inside widgetized areas. WP-Pro-Quiz allows single and multiple choice answers, can add time limits for extra suspense, has statistics, leaderboards, hints and more. In addition to that, questions and answers are fully customizable via HTML.

After all, WordPress has plenty of plugins for that. However, SEO solutions can do even more. For example, they may help you rank high in local searches in order to find more team players and members. Plus, they take a lot of the intimidation and guesswork out of SEO and are therefore a worthy investment. However, if you do want to really dive deep into search engine optimization, the plugin enables you to control SEO settings both on a global and on a per-post, per-page basis.

For example, you can control titles and meta descriptions, set canonical URLs and more. It is similarly powerful and some people prefer it, however, I am not one of them.

Plus, the visitors you lose to non-existing links are just wasted resources. The Broken Link Checker plugin will automatically examine your posts, comments and other content for links that have gone stale and report them to you. That includes missing images. Plus, behind the plugin are Vladimir Prelovac and his people from ManageWPso you can count on quality. Redirection Talking about broken links: Setting up redirects, of course, and here is the ultimate plugin to do so.

Not only does Redirection track all visitors who arrive to error pages, it also lets you easily set up redirects to a new location. Plus, if you change the URL of any of your posts or pages, the Redirection plugin can record it and automatically send visitors and search engines on the right path.

The plugins below will let you do that. This plugin makes connecting your site with Google Analytics account a matter of three click and even displays the most important metrics inside the WordPress back end.

Plus, the whole process literally takes two minutes. Jetpack yet again Yes, I know it is getting old. However, what can I do?

Jetpack is just chock full of features and if you have it on your site already, why not take advantage of them? The Stats module is actually one of the main reasons many people install Jetpack on their site or is that just me?

Just install the plugin, connect it to a WordPress. Off Page SEO I just discovered this plugin while researching the article you are reading and I am smitten from the get-go. As you might know, on-page SEO the stuff that you do on your own site is just one half of search engine optimization. The other half is off-page SEO.

Basically, it is everything you do outside of your website like promoting content and — most importantly — creating backlinks.

best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

It even lets you integrate info from your Google Webmaster Tools for more detailed analysis. The feature enables you to build several websites from one WordPress installation. It goes beyond this post to tell you how to use it, but you can learn all about it in this introductory article. Why are we so excited about this? Because we love Multisite. So much that we have made it part of the SportsPress plugin.

best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

In the following I will tell you what you can do with Multisite in SportsPress and show you a few more plugins that are really useful for this feature. SportsPress First of all, Multisite allows you to set up several sites from the same dashboard and run them all as subdomains on your main URL. You can even do the same with different sports and disciplines. That way you can create a sports network with different teams, leagues, tournaments or whatever your heart desires.

The combination of SportsPress and Multisite makes it easy as pie. Another cool thing is that the plugin enables you to share widgets across all sites in your network and control all of them from the same location. No need to switch back and forth between different sites including multiple loginsjust change what you need with an easy drop-down menu. Especially if you are taking care of several sports team websites at once, there is a good chance they all need their own domain.

Luckily, there is nothing easier than that! What is a paid function in WordPress.

best meet the team wordpress plugin directory

How great is that? User Role Editor In case you are not the only one working on your site or sites, this plugin enables you to invite others as collaborators and give them as many or as few capabilities as you want. You can create and edit user roles at will and control their access to any admin menus, widgets, meta boxes and sites in your network.

Permissions can even be managed on a post, page or plugin basis. Can someone say total control?