American colony meet the hutterites review and herald

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american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

Facts About Hutterites - American Colony: Meet the Hutterites Article .. Image detail for -Say hello to Hutterites - Education - The Prince Albert Daily Herald .. Stroke of Grace: Week in Review Corrie Ten Boom, Cool Words, Wise Words. "Meet the Hutterites," a National Geographic documentary series about a small The channel and the production company were reviewing the bishops' “ American Colony” depicts members of the member King Ranch. Search Lethbridge Herald newspaper archives with birth, death, marriage Articles covering 50 + 22 other countries; Powerful, time at Thursday's meeting when he claimed Hutterite colonies didn't . It notes that " Canada has submitted legislation to establish a reviewing authority to screen.

Hutterite rebuttal But the truth they told is not the whole truth, said a member of Willowbank, a Hutterite colony in North Dakota. All came out of the early 16th century Anabaptist movement in Europe that is sometimes called the radical reformation, said Rod Janzen, a humanities professor at Fresno Pacific University in California.

Janzen, himself a Mennonite, has spent years researching and visiting Hutterite colonies and co-authored the book "The Hutterites in North America," published in by Johns Hopkins University Press. Like the Amish, Hutterites dress plainly and uniformly, Janzen said. Unlike the Amish, Hutterites live communally. All of the Hutterites have their ancestral roots in Austria.

About 50, Hutterites live in nearly colonies in Canada and the U. Only about 15 percent of colony members leave permanently, he said, although more leave for a time and return later. Many who leave do so because they are attracted to evangelical Christianity, Janzen said.

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The Waldner cousins are among the six group members who came out of the Hillside Colony in Manitoba. All but one have the surname Waldner.

american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

Eight left inthe ninth in Until recently, the group remained in North Dakota and Manitoba. But in December, they purchased 80 acres in Park Falls, and they've relocated to houses in town while they develop that property, the Waldner cousins said. Sheryl and her brother Rodney still are Canadians and established a home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to maintain their citizenship, Junia said.

But they are part owners of the property in Park Falls and spend some of their time in Wisconsin. What they heard while growing up Hutterite were sermons preached in high German with words they didn't really understand, the women said.

American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

Only through outside influences in their teenage years did they discover what they call a personal relationship with Jesus. Their changed views caused them to be excommunicated by Hutterite leaders, the cousins said. That was particularly true for the female members of The Nine. One thing you did not talk about is the importance of Hutterites to the economy of Montana. The Hutterites are not some isolated, backward cult — far from it.

american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

Is there a way to obtain Mr. Of course you still have your hutterites that are believing and doing everything right, but the younger generation has changed somewhat. They could have removed some certain things that were a bit offended but for the most part, its not that far off from how some hutterites live.

Personally, I found it refreshing that they swore a bit, and drank beer, and occasionally rebelled against some of the stricter traditions. They are REAL people! They are facing life in the 21st century just like the rest of us, but in their very own way.

I have grown quite fond of the show, and the people— I can see how never having to worry about loans, credit cards, debt, etc.

Thanks to NatGeo for opening the door, and to King Colony for being brave enough to let us in. Although the media is famous for skewing what is filmed through editing, scripting, etc.

I think the average Christian person can read between the lines and sort out the truth.

american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

These are hardworking, God fearing, honest people who are dealing with human problems like everyone else. I wish I could meet them in person!

Hunting - American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

I find their way of life very appealing. Claudia should be careful for what she wishes for. She has a wonderful life. There is nothing like the friend ship and true love they have for one and another.

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It would it be nice if the whole world could work like that. I think it is their faith in God that makes it work Randy said: I am not Hutterite, but have been around and in strict Pentecostal church.

I know that when the women there are not allowed to wear makeup or pants, they are quick to let others know that it is God that they do this for. When they start to slip away and do things they should not do, they are reminded of this.

american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

The lack of respect for the elders, the seeming disregard for the beliefs they are supposed to hold to, the cussing, drinking, and individual pridefullness is concerning. They seem to have such a deep concern for how others view them and more of a lack of concern for their beliefs and how God would view them.

I think they are also being more reactive in many situations, rather than proactive. I only watched one show, but it seems that they are trying to find some projects to do at the last minute for money to pay bills. They should have lumber for the beds on hand for making the beds if that is what they do for money. I think that the premise of living as a colony and sharing in the work is a good thing. It would allow for being far more self sufficient than what I saw there.

Different families doing different things for the common good. There should be little outside the colony that is needed that cannot be produced. They are willing to sacrifice the reputation of Christians to undermine their credibility.

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I have watched the show, I assumed from the beginning it was a reality type show and that some dramatization for ratings sake would be done, but self admitted out and out staging and LIES? A staging of a heart attack? These cross the lines, quite simply, all of it was done for the cash and I find the pretense of a deeply religious community to be laughable. To my mind, just another hypocritical Christian sect, just that simple.

I was very disappointed in the show on NatGeo because I thought I would be able to learn more about Hutterites as a people and a faith. Other shows about the Amish and Mennonites I believe enabled those of us who have never had any contact to understand and appreciate these various faith based societies. I wish there had been less of a focus on one particular girl and other young family members. We have rebellious teenagers who disrespect their elders out here in spades…it is not shocking for us.

As a matter of fact, I was horrified by her immature behavior. I have a teenage girl she is my eldest and she would not dare to be so defiant.

american colony meet the hutterites review and herald

I understand the family is in a vulnerable time due to the loss of the man of the house…I was uncomfortable with the assumption that I or any viewer had any right to watch their struggles.

I wish Claudia could know that all those petty things which tempt her are worth less than ashes.