Whiskey and soda lion cubs meet

Whiskey, Soda, Raoul Lufbery and Douglas MacMonagle

Whiskey & Soda Lion Mascots. For the members of the Lafayette Escadrille, German antiaircraft fire, malfunctioning equipment, and poison gas were not enough. 'Did you know they have pet lion cubs named Whiskey and Soda at their base? All the airmen I've met have a great sense of humour.' 'But what would you do if. Caption: Then photo shows “Whiskey” and “Soda,” the two lion cub mascots of the Lafayette Escadrille. The now photo shows “Whiskey” and.

Gilmore's parachute and harness are on display at the Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center. Gilmore quickly became a confident flyer, logging over 25, miles in the air and working the stick with Roscoe's assistance, but in turbulent weather, he would still curl up in Roscoe's lap. But it wasn't long Roscoe Turner with Gilmore, full-grown.

Before Gilmore grew too large for Roscoe's lap. He was grounded, retiring first to the Turner home in Beverly Hills, and finally ending his days in a California wildlife park, with Roscoe footing his hefty food bills.

whiskey and soda lion cubs meet

Gilmore died in at the age of As for Gilmore, he's currently in storage at the Museum's Paul E. The pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille - Americans flying for the French air service - had a pretty good selection of mascots - dogs, cats, Esther the civet catand a fox. But the most famous of the Escadrille's mascots were the lion cubs Whiskey and Soda - that's Whiskey, above, gnawing on the ace Raoul Lufbery as Soda and pilot Douglas MacMonagle watch.

But they're commemorated on the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial at Villeneuve l'Etang near Paris with life-sized sculptures. Merrill spent much of his time on the ground at racetracks, and he named Princess Doreen after a favorite horse.

The group's motto, Ran an' n Speck, means "Let's get the bacon"; possibly the equivalent to our "let's pig out". Whatever it means, Smithsonian visitors now know that the National Zoo doesn't have a corner of cuddly lion cubs - we've got the cute, too.

If only we had a couple of air and space-related panda photos in the files, too It turns out that we do have a couple of panda photographs in the files - thanks to Dr. In addition, according to Eddie Rickenbacker in his book, Fighting the Flying Circus, Lufbery is attributed with inventing the precursor to the modern airport flight pattern.

Prior to Lufbery's influence, planes would fly in and land in any direction on the field, based on their needs and wind direction which caused confusion, near misses, and collisions.

Lufbery, at the time commander of the 94th Squadron, directed that all approaching aircraft would circle the field at least twice before landing, watching for others taking off or landing.

whiskey and soda lion cubs meet

He had claimed 16 air kills by this time, with another unconfirmed. Most of his victories were solo, though he had shared one each with fellow aces Victor SayaretPaul Malavialleand Achille Rousseaux. The United States Army Air Service was equipped with Nieuport 28 fighters, but due to supply problems, many lacked armament.

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The 94th's first combat patrol on 6 Marchsaw Lufbery leading Rickenbacker and fellow flyer Doug Campbell in unarmed airplanes. Lufbery had unconfirmed claims in Aprilon the 12th and the 27th, while leading 94 Squadron. On 19 MayLufbery took off in his Nieuport 28 in an attempt to intercept a German Rumpler reconnaissance machine near to the 94th's home airfield.

whiskey and soda lion cubs meet

As Lufbery closed in to attack, the German gunner's fire hit the Nieuport. At an altitude variously estimated between and feet, Lufbery was said to have jumped out of the plane, either to avoid a fiery death or as an attempt to land in the nearby Moselle Riverrather than being thrown from the cockpit after it flipped over above the village of Maron.

His falling body struck a metal garden picket fence, causing his death.

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However, on-site research by Royal D. Frey of the National Museum of the United States Air Force then the Air Force Museum established in that witnesses on the ground below the action saw the plane, not burning, flip over, and Lufbery was thrown out, having unfastened his seat belt to clear a jam in his machine gun during his final fight.

Frey went on to explain the social dynamics that led to the "historical inflation.

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Scheibe - were then shot down and captured. His remains were later removed to a place of honor at the Lafayette Memorial du Parc de Garches in Paris.

Although he received credit for only 17 victories in his career, his fellow pilots related many instances when he shot down German planes that he was not credited for. His actual number of victories has been unofficially estimated at anywhere between 25 and