When he says the relationship isn going anywhere

Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working: Break Up or Fix It

when he says the relationship isn going anywhere

The almost-relationship is (sadly) totes normal these days. We live in strange times, and if you're not sure if your almost-relationship is going anywhere, but when you ask how his week is going he says he's slammed and. In the vast majority cases, dealing with a guy who says this means that Either way, this isn't a family you'd want to marry into, unless you're a. 9 Signs Your Relationship Isn't Going Anywhere. 9 Signs Your Worse still when he says stuff like, "the lads are dying to meet you!" and then.

We could have thought that he was the sweetest, cutest, funniest person up until this point. It's truly all over when he says this kind of thing.

when he says the relationship isn going anywhere

It shows that he's not very respectful of other people since it's such a mean thing to say. Yes, to give him the benefit of the doubt, that person might be kind of annoying He should never actually say it because it just makes him look so bad. In reality, though, she's probably not that bad at all and he's the one who is making things tough. He wouldn't like it if we said this about someone that he knew or one of his friends.

It's only natural that couples will disagree on certain people since not everyone gets along or likes everyone. But we have to be polite and diplomatic about it.


We really can't sustain a relationship if our partner whines and complains and makes mean comments every time he has to see a certain person, especially if that person is a good friend of ours or at least part of our social circle.

It's just really bad behavior and he honestly should know better. When we try to make future plans, whether we want to plan a vacation or talk about moving in together, we don't want to hear from our boyfriend, "That's too far away. We want to know that he feels the same way as us and that he thinks that we'll still be together six months to a year from now.

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If he feels that it's too far away to make any concrete plans, that should say everything about where his head is at in terms of the relationship. We can shrug this statement off and tell ourselves that it's no big deal.

5 Surefire Ways To Know When A Relationship Isn’t Right For You

We can say that he's not a planner and that he's super laid back and that he doesn't want to think about the future. But, deep down, we'll know that's just a bunch of lies that we're telling ourselves to make ourselves feel better. We deserve a boyfriend who will welcome the future with open arms because he loves us so much and can't imagine his life without us.

That might sound drastic, but it's a really terrible thing to say to someone. He might say it during a fight, whether it's a big or small one, or he might just say it when we've shared a big dream that we want to follow or something that we want to make happen for ourselves. We all deserve to be with someone who supports our hopes and dreams and goals, and someone who wants the best for us. We can't be with someone who calls us "crazy" and belittles and insults us.

Over time, hearing this type of talk from the person that we're dating is only going to get under our skin and make us super insecure. And that'll create a really negative, toxic environment within the relationship, which never leads to anything good. It's really best to just believe that if a guy says this, the relationship isn't going anywhere, and we need to move on and find someone who would never dream of saying this to us.

There really is no in-between. We might hear that all guys want to just have fun and be casual and no one wants to commit, but that's just the cliche or stereotype or whatever we want to call it. Some guys really do want girlfriends.

when he says the relationship isn going anywhere

This guy just doesn't. If a guy tells us that he's not into commitment, we need to do one thing and one thing only: We definitely tend to think, "Oh, he's not serious" or "He doesn't know us well enough and once he gets to know us, he'll fall madly in love with us and everything will be perfect. No, it's not super likely that we can. Instead of trying to force something that just isn't happening and never will, we should focus our energy on living our best life, being happy, and finding someone who does believe in commitment.

Being with him will totally be worth the wait and will make all of the struggles worth it. Let's just be real here, we love that, right!? Back when we were single, how many first dates did we go on that were so bad that we wished that we could find someone already so we could binge-watch a show together? But then there are times when a girl needs a date night. She needs to go out and have fun and forget her worries.

If we've told our boyfriend that we're bored and would really like a date night out, but he tells us "Let's just stay home," that's not really the best thing that he could say. In fact, it's basically the worst thing that he could say. You need counseling, but not with her — just by yourself. You worry when she talks to another guy, she worries when you even mention a woman.

With that kind of energy in a relationship, it can be draining as well as limiting on both of your freedom. The question is how do you fix things and reverse the trend? Become more comfortable with yourself. The root cause of jealousy is almost always insecurity. What this means is that the only way you can stop it on your end is to be more comfortable with yourself.

Stop projecting your own insecurities onto the other person. Focus on the good things in the relationship. Stop thinking you can read her mind. This can disrupt the feedback loop causing constant jealousy in your relationships. Here, you can only lead by example. One or Both of You Is Bored Boredom is almost inevitable in relationships if the relationship lasts long enough.

It is easy to settle into a routine and routines and boredom go together like peanut butter and jelly. With one in five women breaking up because they missed being single, you need to take boredom seriously. Do something new and exciting together.

Maybe it means you take a trip around the world, maybe it means you take a dance class together. The point is that you need to introduce novelty into the relationship. In fact, the hardest part will probably be deciding from among many options. Go rent a hotel room and party all weekend. Explore a New City: I wrote a piece on Dating Ideas for the Adventurous that might help.

when he says the relationship isn going anywhere

Check it out before you plan your next adventure date. The real problem is something else — anything else. This can be anything from tantric sex to taking a BDSM workshop.

The main thing is that you two need to have a frank conversation about your sex life. Make it fun, not heavy. For a sexual relationship to prosper, you need to be pleasing her and she needs to be pleasing you.

It places stress on both of you and thus, the whole relationship. Not only does it cause stress, it can also cause resentment and resentment is toxic. You feel seen, respected, and appreciated, and you are inspired to be your best self.

The vibe is good and you love spending time with your partner. In a healthy relationship, you usually feel inspired and invigorated after spending time with your partner.

when he says the relationship isn going anywhere

In an unhealthy relationship, you usually feel drained and depleted. Again, listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel. I do want to point out that sometimes we can be addicted to being with someone even if that person makes us feel terrible. You might think about him constantly and literally ache for him, and because he rouses these feelings you think he is the guy for you. When you have this intense craving for a person, it is usually coming from an unhealthy place, such as a place of wanting to feed your ego and win his approval because that will make you feel worthy.

I call it a form of emotional masochism. I was drawn to the wrong men and became addicted to them even though I felt horrible about myself in their presence.

Your friends and family express concern This is where things get tricky and where you run the risk of alienating the people closest to you. When we are in the wrong relationship, the people closest to us can usually tell right away. You, however, may not want to hear it so you ignore them and distance yourself from them.

You may get angry with them for butting in.

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