What is a slave and master relationship

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what is a slave and master relationship

There seems to be a common pattern of misconceptions about Owner/property relationships (also called "Master/slave" relationships, although I have issues. Ah, don't get me wrong, I love the whole master-slave relationship thing, but I never expected it to happen on this. I guess ANYTHING is. Known as 'Dom/sub' or 'Master/slave' relationships, some couples enjoy taking the power dynamic to a whole new level, venturing well outside.

What aspect of the slave's awareness does Douglass call "a constant menace to slavery"? In what situations did slaves choose to submit to the master's authority without resistance?

Marrage vs Master and slave Relationship

When did they choose not to submit? See also Topic 7: What were the consequences of resistance or submission? What forms of sexual abuse did enslaved women and men experience, as documented in these accounts? What effects did the sexual abuse have upon enslaved women and men, upon the masters and their wives and children, and on the slaveowning society overall? Select incidents and commentary from readings in this Toolbox that exemplify the oft-stated conclusion that, as Harriet Jacobs wrote, "slavery is a curse to the whites as well as to the blacks.

How did they respond? To what extent do you agree or disagree with these statements about the master-slave relationship?

Master's Girl: What it's like inside a master and slave relationship

Compare the nineteenth-century slave narratives that were written for publication many before emancipation and the twentieth-century interviews with former slaves. What different insights into the master-slave relationship can be gained from each group? Framing Questions How did enslavement in America affect Africans and their descendants? Yet if one insists on finding an historical analogy for this as some dothe closest that might have real bearing are the practices of ancient Rome where people could voluntarily enter slavery, and could re-acquire their freedom under certain circumstances if they so desired.

what is a slave and master relationship

I urge people with popular notions of slavery-as-echo-of-African-bondage to put that out of their mind. That was and is an ugly chapter in human history, and has no relationship to contemporary consensual slavery.

They are fundamentally different. A Slave is Not a Doormat Lenora wrote: Slaves are not doormats. To speak to this I want to back up a bit first and reference an earlier comment from another poster: Where in the world did you get that idea? The only real difference between a slave interacting with an Owner, and any other relationship couple in the world, is that The Owner Gets to Decide.

The slave has a voice and often gets a vote. Also on the doormat topic, which is closely related to two other myths that slaves need to be told what to do, and that they cannot be responsible for themselves -else why would they need someone to order them around? Owners have slaves because a slave provides something valuable to their life, and that value extends far beyond simply having someone to boss around. I have never seen someone so lost as an Owner whose highly competent and effective slave is out of town on vacation or a business trip.

Slaves are often dominant in their own right; it takes a certain amount of self-directed take-charge-ness in order to effectively serve a demanding Owner.

Some BDSM activities bondage, slapping, verbal degradationif they are taken out of their erotic context, may resemble violent acts, but they are not at all; they are consensual activities between adults who derive pleasure from them and who have the power to stop the activities at any time. Love, trust, servitude, obedience. Slave How did you become a slave?

Master–Slave Relationships

I met my Master four years ago in New York during my visit. We interacted socially and our interactions grew professionally. My Master has a gift of identifying personalities. He could sense I was missing something in my life; someone who can command me. Later on, he introduced me into a world of submission and BDSM culture. Initially I was a bit afraid, but four years later, I thank the heavens for the day I met him.

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How has it changed you? It takes my erotic paradigm to a whole new level. I used to be an introvert and loner. Now I am much more secure, independent and confident knowing that I have security provided by my Master who will stand by me through any hardship.

And I get confidence knowing that I am an elite part of a likeminded group where all my desires are fulfilled without social stigma or being judged. My Master introduced me to the FF female-on-female world.

I have now experienced how sensual a female touch can be and now I do my best to obey and keep him happy so I can get it again.

what is a slave and master relationship

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