Twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

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twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

POST TWIST AND SHOUT I WASNT OKAY WITH THE ENDING SO I DID THIS CREDIT FOR THE STORY GOES TO gabriel AND standbyme. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their Wow, this had me in tears by the end. Twist and Shout is the most read destiel fanfiction on AO3, so I gave it a go, as I love reading AUs. See more ideas about Destiel twist and shout, Dean winchester and Dean and Read "Twist and Shout [2nd Edition with Alternate Ending; Destiel] - Can.

He had stopped caring about how crazy he must have looked and sounded a while ago. Dean's heart ached so badly for the characters that in the back of his mind he worried about his heart attack he'd had when he was younger.

Go visit him cause that will make everything better," he muttered sarcastically. He held an unnatural anger towards his fictional self for leaving the story Cas the way he did. Granted, part of him understood why, but still. Dean freed one hand from his blanket cacoon and scrolled down. Keeping his eyes on the screen, Dean lifted his beer to his lips.

I don't want you to cry. He knew that this Cas couldn't answer nor hear him, but he ignored that fact. His heart was slowly reaching its breaking point with each word.

Dean Reads Twist and Shout Chapter 2: Ugly Sobbing, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction

What the hell, man? He pawed at his face, sniffling and blowing his nose in to a fresh tissue. Dean," he began, " Like a big baby, as a matter of fact. Not that he cared. He wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand and kept reading. Make him happy, yourself happy, everyone happy! Dean was a total emotional mess, but he still kept a hold of the sense of reality; this was a story and it wasn't actually happening.

He told himself this, and yet he was practically drowning in his tears and snot. It was a good thing that Sam wasn't there or he would never let his older brother live it down.

Realizing that Sam could walk in at any second, Dean straightened, wiping his face with the Kleenex, and took in a deep, calming breath.

It shook a little, but he managed to cease the torrent of emotion, at least for a little while.

twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

He read on, memorizing the events of this beautiful, amazing story to store within his memories; he certainly did not want to forget this. He stared at Dean, and Dean knew that look.

twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

It was a challenge. He's mine," he mumbled.

Twist and Shout

Thirteen hours ago, Dean would have smacked himself for saying such a comment out loud. But he had grown so attached and familiar with his story self, that he, in a strange sense, felt in sync with him. As Dean continued to read, he found himself ceasing his commentary for a moment.

He imagined what Cas had gone through, images playing in his mind like a projector movie. It was as though he was seeing things through Cas' eyes and feeling what Cas had been feeling- well, the fictional Cas, anyway.

Almost instantly, Cas' voice- the real Castiel- echoed in his mind. Dean felt choked, reality and fiction intertwining.

I ended up getting you sick," he whispered. He shook his head to clear it and focused again on the fiction before him.

Supernatural Fanfiction Review: Twist and Shout

As Dean was exposed to Balthazar and Cas' complicated relationship, he was surprised to find that the tears had all but vanished. His swollen tear-ducts and throbbing temples certainly felt relief from the ugly sobbing.

twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

Dean picked up the laptop and carried it with him into the bathroom. He had been doing that each time he had to go, his eyes never leaving the laptop screen or its contents.

He was just pulling his jeans back up when he read something that automatically made concern blossom in his chest. Frowning deeply, Dean carefully made his way back into the now familiar perch on his motel bed. No, no, that's awful. Damn it, Meg, even in fiction you can be a real pain in the ass," Dean muttered. He was chewing on his thumbnail again, the blanket hanging halfway on his shoulders. His heart bled for the story Cas and he desperately wished that he could find a way to fix things.

Why wouldn't he touch me? He wouldn't touch me It was a mixture of the two. It was me- I mean, Dean. Not Dean, but the war His fingers curled over his jaw as he leaned his cheek against his hand. Dean kissed him, and kissed him, and kissed him.

twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

There were no tears, but a sort of keening hummed from the back of his throat. Dean forced himself to continue reading, as much as it made his heart ache in sorrowful anticipation.

He gasped then a tearful grin stretched across his face. Oh, that's- that's so great," he said to no one in particular. Why can't Cas watch the baby grow with me?! Why can't we be together?! Why can't everything be okay?! Gradually, he calmed and continued to grumble under his breath as he continued reading. Yeah, he would definitely be bringing Cas along when Sam and Dean went to the beach. Especially after this story. Dean glanced back down at the screen, reading more, then stopped again.

Hold on a second," he said, pulling the laptop closer. Mumbling under his breath, Dean read down the page, eyes flicking wildly.

What, he has amnesia or something? Dean hadn't realized just how close to the screen he was leaning until his nose brushed against it. He leaned back just enough to not fog up the screen and kept reading with fierce intensity. He nearly fell off of the bed when he read those exact words from his fictional self's mouth.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened ever so slightly. His face contorted into a silent sob and he twisted his head away from the laptop screen. He clenched his teeth so tightly, his jaw creaked and popped painfully.

twist and shout fanfic ending a relationship

He stared at his brother's name for a moment then pressed the green answer button. This was a few years after he had met Cas, he finally had a day to himself. So Dean went around the bunker to look for his music, when he comes across an old recored player of his and a box full of albums. Who know Elvis could cause so much emotion. Here is the link to the most fanstatic, well wroteheart breaking and throwing it out, fanfic I have ever read next to alone on the water.

Here is a link and if they ask me to take this down I will, I just wanted to share my ideas. So one day Dean feels like taking a path down music memory road.

So as he is walking around the bunker, looking for his mix tapes. He finds his old box of albums and finds the record player.

He chuckles as he sees it still works once he sets it up in his bedroom. He plugs in his headphones and lays back on his bed. For hours he lays there,only getting up to ether change or flip the record. He gently blows off the dust and gently places it on the player. Something in his gut and heart it giving him these feels of sadness but also warmth like when he looks at old photos of him and his mom.

He shrugs then plays it as he lays back down,closing his eyes. The song softly starts to play as he lets his mind drift off. One is of him at a dinner and sharing a milkshake with a man. Another at a beach with someone who oddly looks like Cas, the next one is of him in some hot and bug infested jungle,he then feels his heart pound in his chest as he then hears gun shots.