Tuba buyukustun and engine akyurek relationship problems

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tuba buyukustun and engine akyurek relationship problems

Previously, Bülen İnal and Tuba Büyüküstün was dating but they We broke up with Bülent without any problem our relationship with Bülent. Beautiful, cool, snob yet a distant woman Tuba Büyüküstün: I always felt like going there! "Her set is very longer have the luxury of making a problem a big issue. . Elif on the screen are viewed as the perfect couple. Off screen how is the chemistry with Engin Akyürek? – The after marriage, but after children it changes. Starring, Engin Akyürek · Tuba Büyüküstün even though neither of them know, especially Nilufer, who was unaware of Elif's problem. Metin and Nilufer hide their relationship because they know that they will get killed if anyone finds out.

These made me very happy. I realized how well they knew me and that these things would make me happy rather than receiving gifts. Just when I think that women admire me more, a very interesting thing happens to make me think otherwise. I guess it is the same. Do I have to choose one? Laughs - I heard that you had a plan to raise your children in France?

Paris is a city that I love and visit a lot. It has a special place in my heart. But, we are not planning to move to Paris and raise the children there. I play with my girls.

A Love Traingle Between Beren Saat Bülent İnal and Tuba Büyüküstün

I try to finish things need to be done when they are sleeping. What else am I doing? More than that; Onur and I looked after them. Onur and I share them. One night, both of them fell asleep and we found ourselves on the couch watching Baby TV.

I guess everybody who had a baby had a moment like this. Our children are two years old. Slowly… We are trying to do it as much as we can. Particularly, Onur is a very special man in that regard.

He really cares about creating those special moments that we can be lovers. But, I believe, things will be easier now.

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After the birth, I almost started exercising Laughs I gained 16 kilos during my pregnancy. But, I lost 15 kilos within the first three days after my delivery. I decreased using beauty products recently; I am more inclined to use natural products.

I use dolmus or sea bus while I am crossing the other side of the Bosporus. It is a love story with a very escapist plot. I liked the way scenario written and I curiously read it. When I read the scenario, the production company wanted to start the series in September or October.

Sign in to vote. Kara Para Ask black money Love or Tikur Fikir in Amharic is a success, it has been watched all over the world,a actually as far as I know it's translated into 16 or more languages, very exciting, I want to congratulate the producer, the director, the cameraman, the crew, all the actors and support acts involved in it!

We should always remember without the whole gang the movie wouldn't have accomplished it's achievement. Elif and Omer are of course the gems, the lead actors they have nailed it! What a significant match and romance. I do not want to pass without commenting on Fetih and Nulfeir's love affair, Nulfier looks so innocent and fragile Fetih's character is awesome, from how he was raised and how Tayer has manipulated him, it really make you believe as if it is a true story.

Think of Hussein and his wife too! They remind you of those old traditional couple who live next door. A superb family, I love how talkative and naive Hussien wife is: Omer's mom is also a brilliant actress! And how about his mistress KPA has so much cries which makes it look unreal at times, but it is OK.

tuba buyukustun and engine akyurek relationship problems

Metin tells Elif if she wants to see her sister, she has to launder money to Rome. Elif accepts to save her little sister. Elif agrees, but she launders the money in secret anyway, because she feels that Metin will kill her sister if he discovers she didn't do it.

While in custody, Nilufer develops Stockholm Syndrome and she and Metin fall in "love", and they secretly begin to date. Metin and Nilufer hide their relationship because they know that they will get killed if anyone finds out.

tuba buyukustun and engine akyurek relationship problems

They fail to capture Metin in Rome, so they return to Istanbul to investigate. He is gravely wounded, but is taken to the hospital and survives. The tape shows Sibel and Ahmet exchanging conversation about them being involved in the 'black money' business, and patraying in illegal acts.

Asli, Elif's older sister, has a mental problem, and she stops taking her antibiotics when she becomes pregnant. She hides this from everyone because she knows her mother will make her abort if she finds out. Bajar and her boyfriend Levent plot on making Elif fall in love with Levent: Omer's team find a security camera tape of Asli jumping out a window before the murder occurred, so they summon her to the police station to be interrogated.

Asli denies being the murderer, but she refuses to admit why she threw herself out the window because in reality, she did that because she saw she was bleeding, and wanted to make sure the baby was okay. Huseyin thinks Tanner, Asli's husband, might have murdered Sibel and Ahmet because he left the party before the murder too.

Tanner is also interrogated, but cannot say where he was because he is actually dating Elif's uncle's wife Pinar. Asli accidentally reveals her pregnancy to Tanner, who tells Asli's mother.

Asli's mother tricks Asli into aborting the baby, and when Asli wakes up, she has a nerve attack and kills her mother.