Troy and annie relationship test

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troy and annie relationship test

Annie discovers that getting what you want and learning what you But then this morning it's all, G'morning, Abed, Sayonara, Troy, happiness of our fledgling relationship would be tested the moment he left the premises. Troy and Annie Troy Barnes: Donald Glover Annie Edison: Alison Brie As the show progressed, however, Troy's relationship with Abed became more central. Troy and Annie's heart-to-heart near the end is so honest and open it feels like . The competitive, dysfunctional nature of Britta and Jeff's relationship is Britta, Annie, Troy, Abed, Shirley, and Pierce being truly tested and it's.

This story is dedicated to reviewer Ksentos, who pushed me to write another one. And to those people who told me that they wanted a sequel. At first I was all like, "Eh, sequel? But then I inevitably started to think about all the ways that I might turn it into a sequel.

And off-hand comments from the lovely Celtic Quill and Batgirlfan made me think: What if now Annie's trying to date Abed, and they actually have to deal with all the baggage and curveballs that life throws at them? Hence, a sequel is born. It also didn't hurt that I noticed people keep subscribing to my old story, which led me to believe, okay, maybe it feels unfinished. I have a least another nine chapters written out at this point.

They're just in dire need of editing which takes time. I'm letting the characters guide me. So far it's gone okay. I'll do my best to keep updates tight. I already spotted two. Also, for those of you who caught Paley Fest, hearing Alison Brie say that she wants Annie to be with Abed, too, really excited me about writing this.

Her first choice, however, was Britta, which just makes me wish I knew enough about lesbian relationships to write that particular story. Anyways, I'll let you guys be the judge of whether or not this one works. You're accusing me of trying to hog Abed?

Not accusing," Troy told me. You wanted him to yourself. But then this morning it's all, G'morning, Abed, Sayonara, Troy, because he ran out of here right after you said you wanted a donut!

I didn't ask him to get me one! I only mentioned that I kinda had a craving Before you know it there's gonna be no time for video games or cosplay or our ongoing attempt to break new Guiness-Book-Of-World-Records because he'll be too busy following you around, carrying your books, and, I dunno—taking you to get your nails done.

I just don't think you've thought this through, Annie. And it's not just the people that live here that you're affecting. What about the rest of the group? I couldn't believe it. I just plain couldn't believe it. You were cool last night. But you can't just, like, get together overnight. Jeff and Britta had months of sexual tension before they slept together. And when they were hooking up, they were smart enough to leave us out of it for the whole year.

This," he gestured wildly, circling the space between us, "you and Abed—it's weird, Annie! I leave him alone with you for like three hours and then I come home and it's like you transformed him into a completely different person.

Now I had a pain in my head to match the one in my neck. It was incredible how quickly Troy had managed to spoil things for me. The morning had started off so well. Waking up next to Abed. Remembering everything that had happened between us in one radiant, life-altering moment.

I hadn't anticipated that the happiness of our fledgling relationship would be tested the moment he left the premises.

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But now Troy was attacking me for no good reason and I didn't know how to defend myself from what amounted to a whole lotta hot air. As far as I could tell, I'd done nothing objectionable. At least not yet. Troy was just being paranoid and oh my God, he was stealing a tomato now… Screw this! Not that he was likely to. Troy was behaving so irrationally right now that I doubted he even realized how much he'd offended me. I was so mad at him I had half the mind to march right back out there and give him a piece of it, but then I was also worried I might say something that I'd regret.

Glancing at my alarm clock I winced when I realized that all three of us had to be at school in less than an hour. My stomach made a gurgling sound, reminding me that there was a donut coming my way that I wouldn't even be able to enjoy on account of the guilt gut. Why should I feel guilty, though?

I have no problem with Troy spending time with Abed.

I love Troy and Abed. I would never try to interfere with their friendship. Abed spends one night in my bedroom and automatically Troy is worried that I'm going to, what, dismantle the blanket fort?

What the hell's wrong with him anyway?

Do I give off some sort of sexy, threatening, homewrecker vibe or something? I turned to the mirror on my vanity table and examined my face carefully, searching for some semblance of Angelina Jolie.

But all I saw was a quivering lip and pair of flushed cheeks. Even the whites of my eyes were beginning to turn pink. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.

troy and annie relationship test

I waved my hands over my face, trying to affect a breeze that might cool my hot head. It was ironic, really. Troy Barnes had made me cry growing up too many times to count. But that was because he hadn't noticed me.

Wasn't even aware of my existence. So many things had changed since then. Troy hadn't hurt my feelings in a long time. And even back in high school, I don't think he'd ever been deliberately unkind. Dense, yes, but not cruel. It wasn't in his nature. Maybe Troy was right to feel imposed upon. Maybe his fears about me and Abed cutting him out were, in fact, well founded… I looked to the door, feeling a tad less indignant.

Do not give in on this, Annie Edison. Remember your resolution at the start of the school year. Things are going to be different. You are not going to let people walk all over you anymore, do you hear me? You are going to visualize what you want, and you are going to go after it. And if you want Abed, then you can have him.

You don't have to explain yourself. Stop making sacrifices on behalf of other people who clearly don't care two licks about what you want in life. You're being a wuss. To hell with everybody else! But even as I tried to rationalize it in my mind, I knew that I couldn't yet fully conform to what three years of soul-searching and extensive counseling had been building towards.

The trouble was that I did care what Troy thought about me and Abed. And I wanted his blessing. I couldn't just enter this relationship pretending that there were no strings attached between the three of us. Of course there'd be strings! And if Troy already had a problem with Abed and me dating, there was no telling what the rest of the group would think. Maybe they'd say it was strange. Maybe they'd even find it funny.

The way I'd doted on Troy and lusted after Jeff and now, by sheer process of elimination, had moved onto Abed. Sure, they'd smile when I told them how happy I was. They might even offer some lukewarm congratulations. But the moment my back was turned they'd start snickering.

troy and annie relationship test

They'd say, "Oh, there goes Annie again. Looking for attention wherever she can get it. She's such a child, isn't she? She hasn't changed one bit. Who is she gonna go after next? What a foolish thing to think. Nobody was going to mock me. These people were my friends. Shirley with her big heart and Britta with her bleeding one, why… they weren't catty at all. Of course, they'd be genuinely happy for me. And I was nowhere near the awkward, uptight, and insecure creature that I used to be, right?

I kicked the foot of the bed and hissed through my teeth, my big toe smarting. But no matter how hard I tried to get off of it, I couldn't help the train of thought that my mind had taken.

Of course the gang would think it was weird. And what's worse, maybe people would start taking sides. Siding with Troy and then siding with me and Abed. There would be fighting. And then two study groups as opposed to one. And we'd be the one stuck with Chang I just knew it! This is the third time someone has said "Beetlejuice" in the course of the entire series. Occurs in both Annie's and Troy's stories. The sack-masked killer in Britta's and Jeff's story. Britta's story is filled with it, including the killer having a "hook thingy.

Abed and maybe Jeff are likely the only two sane people in the group, as noted in The Science of Illusion. Competitive Ecology ends with the group filling in psych profile tests for Britta.

This episode focusses on the aftermath of Britta getting the results for those tests back. Justified in Abed's story. Given the recent economic downturn, the nearby asylum cut corners and a patient escaped. Caught Up in the Rapture: Cell Phones Are Useless: Defied in Abed's story. He made sure his cell phone was fully charged before heading up to the mountain cabin and calls the police the very second he thinks the slasher is nearby, which is answered immediately.

The Dean in Shirley's story. Played straight in Britta's story, lampshaded in Abed's story — much to the annoyance of everyone except Troy who bops along with the muzak Abed has playing until the broadcast proper. Comically Missing the Point: When Britta, very concerned, discusses how borderline-sociopathic Annie's story came across, Troy takes it as Britta "pinning ribbons on her" and comes up with a story of his own in an attempt to top Annie's.

Pierce doesn't even try to tell a scary story and instead uses his story to glorify himself and lash out at Troy and Abed over his treatment in Troy's story. He also assumes the cool hedonist leader in Shirley's story a stand-in for Jeff to be his own stand-in character, and wonders why Jeff wasn't in the story. Britta misunderstands the meaning of "britta-ing" it's something along the lines of 'fucking up' as "making a small and understandable mistake. The fate that befalls Mad Scientist!

Pierce in Troy's story. In-Universeeach narrator's story is more than a little informed by their personal issues and relationships to the rest of the group: Britta's has her and Jeff's Friends with Benefits relationship from the previous season as a subtext, as well as her Straw Feminist tendencies, with her being "smart" and staying in the car and Jeff getting out and dying after Britta badgered himall while she screams that "she told him so".

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Abed's demonstrates his difficulty connecting with people in general and the other members of the group specifically, as represented by Britta; he's more interested in the practical details of the story and shuts down any attempt her character makes to try and bond with him, romantically or otherwise. His story also fails to engage the other members of the group other than Troy. Annie's reveals both her desire to change Jeff for the better coupled with a bit of insecurity over how reliable a potential partner he may be and a hint of jealousy over Britta and Jeff's hookups masked as disdain for Britta's character.

Troy's is about his and Abed's ability to overcome Pierce's attempts to drive a wedge between them out of jealousy in the previous episode, along with the suggestion that Troy might be more than a little codependent in his friendship with Abed. Pierce is not-so-subtly lashing out at Troy and Abed over the previous story, coupled with his leching over the female members of the group.

Jeff basically wants to resolve the conflicts that have arisen between the other members of the group without actually putting the work required in to resolve them. In-Universe ; Shirley seems to think that you can snort marijuana. Britta's attempt to kindle romance is quickly shushed to avoid dropping their guard.