Tigress and po relationship problems

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tigress and po relationship problems

Read Anti TiPo from the story Anti Po x Tigress TiPo by TheWonderingWriter (~ Marx friends of the opposite sex without wanting to have a relationship with them. is a mature and angry woman, and her first thought was to 'hit' the problem. I did this because of the speculation that po and tigress will be a couple. at first i thoug reasons for the po and tigress relationship!! So, what's the problem of another different animal couple? We all know that the third is. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions/feedback/technical Because this group is for ALL forms of Po and Tigress' relationship, it's going to be a.

tigress and po relationship problems

Becomes this to Po in the second movie. Played even more straight with Lei Lei in the third film, who absolutely adores her.

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Tigress doesn't even mind the baby panda riding on her head and appears to genuinely enjoy training her. Delivers one to Po in the second film to end their fight over why Po couldn't open up about his problems, and to show him just how much she cares for him. She is later paid back with a Bear Hug. In the the third film, Tigress now sports a long-sleeved yellow tunic with red vine patterns.

Tigress has protocol for dealing with a rooster wielding a battle-axe and a banana. You have to approach from the side holding the battle-axe, because the banana's a decoy. Curtains Match The Windows: She has orange fur since she's a tiger and she also had orange eyes, which becomes even more pronounced during the night.

As a child because she couldn't control her Super Strength. If only Shifu had been nicer to her when she was young Often at Po's fanboyism. Averted when he talks about his adoption issue, which is genuine instead of deadpan.

From a bitter Resenter to Po, to close friend with more than a hint of a romantic attraction to him. Depending on the Writer: Tigress changes characterizations between films pretty noticeably; she's back to being The Stoic in Panda 3, a far cry from being One of the Guys in Panda 2. Po assumes that she can't feel emotional pain in addition to being Made of Iron.

She seems taken aback, but is interrupted before she can correct him.

tigress and po relationship problems

Later, he thinks Tigress is too "hardcore" to understand why he wants to ask Lord Shen about his past. She retorts by lunging at him The hardcore do understand. But I can't watch my friend be killed. In her backstory in Secrets of the Furious Five, she was feared by everyone at the orphanage she was raised in because she couldn't control her strength properly.

Deliberately invoked and lampshaded. This is my happy face. She spent twenty years punching the ironwood trees at the Jade Palace to the point where "now, I feel nothing". As Po points out, that is incredibly cool. Doing anything stereotypically feminine is outside her skillset. A more subtle example, as a mix of both this and her Character Development into a more emotive character make Tigress' The Comically Serious traits more evident with each film, to the point she verges as comic relief with Lei Lei in the last half of the third film.

She lets out a couple during the third film's training montage, and even when she doesn't say it, the emotion is all over her face. She acts so cold and aloof because she knows about the trouble Shifu went through with Tai Lung, which means that he hasn't let himself show any emotional attachment towards her and constantly tells her—as well as the rest of the Five—that she can do better, rather than ever say he is proud of what she has already done.

She desperately wants his approval, so is understandably annoyed when Po is selected as the Dragon Warrior with zero training after spending decades of hard work trying to become Shifu's star pupil. She warms up to him when he goes through Shifu's Training from Hell and still doesn't quit, because he's always modest around all of them, and after he earns the respect of her teammates, though she's the last to show it.

Friend to All Children: Being around children brings out her soft side. Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: The only member of the Five to wear a full outfit. In the first film and the TV series, Tigress is recurrently irritable and standoffish, with Po being the most regular target for her temper.

In the later films she lightens up, though remains a Perpetual Frowner. When she was younger, Tigress had issues controlling her temper. It still pops up every now and then. Downplayed; she was very happy that Shifu who trained her to control her brute strength as a child adopted her, but until her adulthood Shifu was very cold to her. He Is Not My Boyfriend: This exchange in the TV series. So do you love Po? Is Po your boyfriend? She was raised in an orphanage full of pigs, bunnies, and geese, and she was naturally much bigger and stronger than any of the other children.

The fact that she did not know her own strength only made things worse. She gets along well with her teammates, but isn't particularly friendly to any of them. She was adopted by Shifu, a red panda. Jerkass Has a Point: Even Po himself came to agree with her at one point by attempting to run away.

A few throughout Legends of Awesomeness, usually concerning her harshness towards Po. After she lashes out at him again for being unworthy, Po snaps back at her, having only ever wanted to be her friend. When he later rescues her from the Croc Bandits, she admits remorsefully to being surprised he bothered.

A minor one in the third film, after she chastises Po for planning to take on Kai without any strategy and still having not mastered chi, Po eventually laments she is right and he doesn't have what it takes. She suddenly emits a very forlorn, guilty look, clearly having not meant to break down Po like that.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Once she warms up to Po, she starts showing a softer side. Lady Looks Like a Dude: In Legends of Awesomeness, Mei Li refers to her as the scary man with stripes.

It becomes a Running Gag. Of the Furious Five, being the most senior member and the most skilled. Even after Po takes up the mantle of Dragon Warrior, it's still Tigress who calls the shots and keeps the team from making bad decisions.

Loves My Alter Ego: In Legends of Awesomeness, she falls in love with the Midnight Stranger, who is actually Po in disguise. When Tigress finds out who he really is, she leaves to throw up.

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Po punches her in the arm and only succeeds in hurting his hand. She doesn't even seem to notice. She also counted half the planks in the Thread of Hope with her back and two solid hits from Tai Lung in general without much damage. Also, she took a direct hit from Lord Shen's cannon and survived.

For perspective, another kung fu master known for being unstoppable died to the same cannon. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Masculine Girl to Po's Feminine Boy. Po is an All-Loving Heroeasily emotional, clumsy, and can be one of the most soft-hearted characters in the series.

Tigress, on the other hand, is The Stoichas manly traits, is the stronger one of the two, and can take a while to warm up to people. Taking care of Zan in Legends of Awesomeness. Lampshaded when Shifu says she doesn't have much experience with children. My Instincts Are Showing: In Secrets of the Scroll, Shifu has her repress her natural feline instincts, claiming that they show a lack of control.

It's only when she finally cuts loose that she reaches her true potential and develops tiger-style kung fu. Not So Above It All: Expanded Universe media such as the hand drawn shorts and Legends of Awesomeness TV series tend to convey a much more clownish and awkward side to Tigress than the films.

tigress and po relationship problems

Even in the latter, she starts becoming One of the Guys by the second film and enjoying some of Po's more immature habits. She does have the extremely rare moment of actual emotion, most notably near the end of the second movie where she actually hugs Po. Also pops up whenever she's around children, who bring out a much softer side that not even her friends and family get to see.

Is the official leader of the Furious Five and the one to keep Po on track. Tigress' response to both being revived was to glomp them in a happy fit She does this to Po in the third film as well, though since the whole group does the same, it goes less noticed.

In the Legends of Awesomeness episode, "The Midnight Stranger" Tigress starts fawning over the title character like a crushing schoolgirl.

The others are left completely dumbfounded by this change in character. Bao Gu, where she was raised. Though it was only an Orphanage of Love after she learned to control her strength.

And inspired further by the marvelous work of Kippis05 'Hard habit to break', here goes my version. The timeline would be a bit ambiguous, flashing back and forth… just for the sake of putting the right suspense. And if you like TiPo fluff and romance plot, make sure you check 'Kissing Conundrum' and 'Attraction. Depends on the response, I will decide to make this a chapter or a full chapter maybe even bonus chapter. Enjoy now, read and review later: We've all been through a moment in time of our life, where we wondered who our significant other would be.

Many times, our eyes fell on a man, or a woman that carries an undeniable attractiveness to our eyes striking a lasting first impression. But, is there a love at first sight? Is it possible to love someone without knowing who they are? Sometimes that special someone entered your life as your friend, even so as your enemy. Subsequently, we stuck on the obstinate hurdle of giving the new definition of friendship into romance.

Our mind has become so accustomed to our friendship, that it does all it could to retain them. You won't regret it today, or tomorrow…. The worst feeling is regretting not having done something when you had a chance, because as life went on, you will be locked in the past and left wondering about how things could have been should you decide otherwise.

The usual head chef had absconded from his post for unknown reasons. Inside the cozy confinement of warm kitchen, four members of the Furious Five were seriously discussing the fate of two of their missing kin.

Dragon Warrior and Master Tigress. It's been a week since the duo, whom well known to be partners in crime and very much inseparable confidant, had not talked to each other. In fact, they were voluntarily avoiding places they used to rendezvous. If they confessed years ago, all these would never happen," the insect melodramatically groaned while placing his appendage on his forehead. So, I told her to nurse her bloodied paws," Crane replied, he already had a strong inkling right after Tigress received a strange message from Gongmen, which later on lead her to do incessant meditating and a lonesome trip to the Ironwood Forest.

Monkey chuckled softly to himself on the depiction of Po with a serious amount of peaches inside his mouth. He reminisced that almost every single elaborate prank they ever pulled on anyone relating to romance, had ended up in absolute catastrophe.

I bet that peach tree soon screams for mercy, Po has been there for days divulging it non-stop! Before Po came, Tigress was already emotionally-crippled-kung fu addict with a strange obsession to tofu. Are you sure they were kissing? And not something else? At the beginning of their discussion, Crane had told them that he accidentally witnessed the intimate encounter between the tiger and the panda under the Sacred Peach Tree. Which came as an absolute surprise for all the Masters, considering the culmination of recent events between the two that eventually manifested itself into a complicated affair.

Like purposefully exchanging saliva?

tigress and po relationship problems

Or maybe giving her CPR? Mantis just rolled his eyes replying his comrade defiance. His satirical comeback invited a barrage of boisterous laughter from the rest of the master on Crane's expense. The bird glared angrily at the insect, but Viper averted all their attention back to the topic. I hardly believe that guy had cheated on Tigress.

tigress and po relationship problems

Viper nodded expectantly showing her approval. She was one of the few that knew how much Tigress, even with her lack of admittance, cherished the panda's company. She couldn't let her best friend being that emotionally-crippled-kung fu addict permanently. All this story began a year ago…. Exactly one month onwards, right after the defeat of Kai, the deranged Chi collector, the life in the Valley of Peace settled back into its usual routine.

Once again, the citizen could pridefully say their village lived up to its name, and calling it 'Valley of Peace' wasn't a mere biting irony. Almost like a story out of fabled legend, a mythical tale, but Po, despite people's prejudice over his less than ideal stature as a pronounced warrior, had proven that no dream was too wild, too unattainable, too absurd or too impossible to come true.

Po had become China's most illustrious hero and distinguished warrior in his own decree. But underneath all his notable accolades, heroic virtue, famed achievement and being immensely renowned as China's keeper of justice and peace, unfortunately, just like anyone else, Po was not immune to the love-life problem.

That day, sitting among the immense beauty of Wu Dan mountain, Mantis, Monkey, Crane and Po ventured for a boys-only meditation session. Or more like gossiping session. It was uncharacteristically odd when Po either eating non-stop or not eating at all. Monkey nodded expectantly, agreeing with the green bug.

For a moment of repose, the panda remained silent while toying with his blunt claw. With a heavy sigh, he finally explained. He brought up the things about my betrothal.