Thirteen and house relationship

Olivia Wilde says goodbye to Thirteen and "House" - AfterEllen

thirteen and house relationship

Olivia Wilde says goodbye to Thirteen and “House” But the show has only given her one long-term relationship, and that was the snoozer. She enters into a mixed-race relationship with Doctor Eric Foreman Thirteen- hate is par for the course with House fans these days who have. Compared to Wilson and Cuddy, the two people who are supposedly the closest to House, I think his relationship with Thirteen was the best.

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Implied Houseteen and then some. Rated T to be safe, as most 'minor adult themes' are somewhat "between the lines". Hadley Lunch and TV by Citizen Cane reviews House and Wilson discuss the perils of dating co-workers and lament the decline of the sitcom.

Unapologetically Houseteen, belonging to no particular season.

thirteen and house relationship

Not too naughty language. Thirteen thinks about her future.

thirteen and house relationship

Hadley - Complete Electromagneticism by Zagzagael reviews Thirteen is exuberant. House is there to stop the bleeding. K - English - Romance - Chapters: T - English - Humor - Chapters: Can House help her from her downward spiral?

That was before she got kidnapped.

Thirteen says goodbye House, hello girlfriend

House - Complete Lucky Thirteen by labrat love reviews what happens when you add House, alcohol, and a hotel room? T for language and adult situations. House follows Thirteen to a bar. Rated T to be safe. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Hadley - Complete Racing by EvaH2Os reviews She's twenty-seven her patient's twelve, she's got maybe ten years left, her patient probably has less. Domestic tranquility has never been so hot.

thirteen and house relationship

So Thirteen changes the diagnosis to just plain crazy and everyone scrambles to try to figure out what illness makes one pass out, convulse, tremble and give away vital organs at the drop of a hat. House prods Thirteen on why she is helping. He says she is guilty about leaving humanity. Thirteen continues to wrestle with her guilt at leaving medicine.

thirteen and house relationship

Is it OK to walk away from saving lives because she just wants to have fun with her girlfriend? Yes, but only if you record it and send me a copy. Charity Guy continues to be a mystery, until House has a chat with Wilson.

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And then, some tiny non-related thing Wilson mentions causes the patented House scowls into the distance moment when he plucks the diagnosis out of thin air.

I wonder if Hugh Laurie does that face in his sleep now. Turns out it was a thyroid problem, and once treated Charity Guy is now Uncharitable Guy. But he does want to be with his wife and kids again. Choosing loved ones over good deeds. I sense a theme here.

thirteen and house relationship

With the case solved, Thirteen greets her girlfriend in the lobby for dinner with a big kiss and hug. Save the best for last, indeed. Yet for all her girlfriend kissy facing, Thirteen seems to have made the opposite decision about loved ones and good deeds. He says he can work with people with nowhere else to go, people with something to prove and people who get off on weird cases.

She tears up, says goodbye to House, and walks off with her girlfriend to have a happy life. Now, some may argue that this is just another case of drive-by gayness. So thank you, Thirteen. It took us forever to just know your name, let alone your bisexual side.