Theo wanne mindi abair flirt

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theo wanne mindi abair flirt

theo wanne mouthpiece alto - compare prices at Theo Wanne Mindi Abair Custom Alto Saxophone Mouth. $ S & H: $ It has a uniquely designed baffle (part of Theo Wanne's patented interior design) coupled with deeply Projects a sensual tone that is flirtatious and erotic. Mindi Abair on Theo Wanne mouthpiece Theo and Mindi worked together for three years to make the Mindi Abair Signature Alto Mouthpiece! They worked until.

The Only Promise That Remains feat.

I Can't Lose - Mindi Abair (Smooth Jazz Family)

A1 - Caught in the Middle A1 - Everytime A1 - Learn To Fly A1 - Make It Good A1 - One More Try A1 - Take on me Christian Ingebrigtsen - In love with an angel Christian Ingebrigtsen - Things are gonna change Aaron Carter - Crush On You Aaron Carter - I Want Candy Aaron Carter - My Internet Girl Aaron Carter - Party Girl Aaron Carter - Summertime Another Level - Freak Me Another Level - From the heart Backstreet Boys - Children of the World feat.

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete Backstreet Boys - The Call Rap remix Backstreet Boys - The Call Thunderpuss club mix Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys - 09 - Darlin' Backstreet Boys - Backstreet's Back - 05 - 10, Promises Backstreet Boys - Millennium - 07 - The One Backstreet Boys - Millennium - 09 - Spanish Eyes Don't Leave Me Give Me Your Heart Larger Than Life Instrumental Edit Larger Than Life Video Edit My Heart Stays With You Tell Me That I'm Dreaming Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable - 01 - Intro Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable - 03 - Inconsolable Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable - 08 - Panic Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable - 10 - Trouble Is Backstreet Boys - Unbreakable - 13 - Unmistakable Billy Crawford - Never My Love Billy Crawford - Trackin' Billy Crawford - Urgently In Love Billy Crawford - When you think about me Billy Crawford - When you're in love with someone Billy Crawford - You've got a Friend Billy Crawford - Ride - 03 - You didn't expect that Billy Crawford - Ride - 04 - waterfalls Billy Crawford - Ride - 05 - Ride Billy Crawford - Ride - 07 - That the way love is Billy Crawford - Ride - 08 - If it's alright Billy Crawford - Ride - 09 - I'm serious Billy Crawford - Ride - 10 - I Wish Billy Crawford - Ride - 11 - Gotta Catch up to you Blue - All Rise Blue - Back Some Day Blue - Breathe easy Blue - If you come back Blue - One Love Blue - Too close Blue - U make me wanna Bosson - Baby dont cry Bosson - I believe remix Bosson - I Believe Bosson - I Love You Bosson - It's Over Now Bosson - One in a Million Bosson - Over The Mountains Bosson - We Live Bosson - Where Are You I didn't know that a lot of the stations I was looking at were owned by Citadel.

I went to Wi.

theo wanne mindi abair flirt

The ones in Elmira, NY were given to us by a broker when word got out that I was looking. You go there and turn left for about an hour. My problem is, I do this for fun.

Yeah, we're going to do that, but we're going to have some fun along the way. Maybe we'll see if the paradigm actually works. The people I've been to see I go to the Chambers of Commerce before I see brokers are flipping out at this idea. They run a farm show at They talk atout lost dogs and trees that fell over, and they get a huge share.

Some of the FMs will probably do OK. I think we're going to get some ratings in Wilkes Barre. We've got to get past that. Fve gotten past that here. We've got a suburban AM station here in the Philadelphia metro. Everyone says you can't do that.

theo wanne mindi abair flirt

The station is profitable, we carry the Phillies, and I don't get any ratings. I'm not in the Philadelphia metro book, and we do fine. This is just the old 'ascertain what the community needs' idea. The FCC used to make us do it. I'm not a government freak, but I think it had something when it forced the radio business to do this stuff. I'm very deep in the community.

Mindi Abair - Miss You (6/18/) - Скачать видео!

That's what helps drive the business. They're not going to throw it all at the Clear Channel cluster. They might throw you a bone, let you have a piece of the budget. It's not a very happy sight in some places. You fmd stations simulcasting stations from other markets, complete with their weather forecasts and time.

It's on the other side of the mountain, so one side is snowing, the other is raining. I don't think that's very good. Tm interested in making it positive. They're not bad guys; they just don't know what to do. And I think everyone's given up on AM radio.

The five bop- billing radio stations in America are on AM. If Tm here doing bridge closings for a flood, there's no way any of them are going to bother me.

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If I ran all tunes, October 10, www. You can't do super local stuff all the time I know that but we can do enough of it so people know this is where to turn. That's why he yelled at everybody. I think he got frustrated that they weren't as passionate as he was.

That rubbed off on me a lot. That may be why we got along fairly well. Not to say he never yelled at me he did but I'm a little nuts anyway. He made me see clearly that this is a very special medium. There's nothing like it; television can't even approach it.


If you're passionate about it and do things right all the time, it'll be better than anything you can imagine. I really believe - - - that. But it's not impossible if you have the balls to go out and get yourself a little AM station someplace and do radio. We're seeing some tremendous buys on some of these low -end, big-signal AM stations everyone is giving up on.

They probably think that if they can't have the 'Soft hits of today and yesterday' or something and they can't get a ratings book in two weeks, they can't compete. One of my heroes is Jerry Lee in Philadelphia. His partner, Dave Kurtz, is an engineer.