The misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

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the misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

Do not read beyond the end of this section unless you don't mind the spoilage. . Although some may recognise the protagonist Megaman as a "robot", and to some extent "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne" (that wild woman). to give a hoot about Matilda and Banner's relationship AFTERWARDS. For The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 6 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). In Manda Island, Tron Bonne jams Roll's transmission and uses a voice Roll has a cameo appearance in the ending of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, in the This is obviously hinting at a love relationship Roll has with him (reading it if.

Do this enough and You can carry one special weapon at a time. Unequip it, and Mega Man will resort in MML1 to a kick that inflicts minimal damage on anything that's not an empty soda can.

It can be used to defeat enemies. Played more straight in the sequel - in addition to the bomb-spewing variety, other fake chests sprout legs and chase you down hallways when opened. The whole ordeal takes place off-screen, but it is still humorous to see Mega Man's expression, and hear Tron's embarrassment.

The Flutter used by the protagonists, and the Bonnes' Gesellschaft. A method to defeat Marlwolf. He tries swatting you off, which inflicts severe damage if he does. The series takes place in a mostly bright and sunny world full of beautiful tropical islands with helpful, friendly locals. However, it doesn't take long to realize that the only reason there are so many tropical islands in the first place is because some catastrophic flood of literally biblical proportions drowned a more advanced precursor civilization right off of the map.

And just when you thought the obvious was tragic enough, an even more horrifying fact is eventually revealed: The original humans all died off long ago, and all of the people in the series are actually "Carbons", the Ancients' biomechanical android creations. So to reiterate, this is a game about the extinction of humanity as we know it, and the earth being left behind to extremely advanced machines who have almost no idea that their creators even existed.

The Ancients knew what they were doing when they built the Master System, if the Carbon Reinitialization Program is anything to go by. Upon the death of the last human in existence, it was designed to wipe out the artificial Carbon race and then repopulate the now-vacant planet with a fresh batch of cloned humans essentially ensuring humanity's eternal survival, even After the End. It would have worked perfectly, too, had said last human not witnessed the Carbons evolve into a race of beings virtually indistinguishable from humanity and decided to throw a Spanner in the Works in the form of Trigger.

Crystal Spires and Togas: Apparently, the Master and all of Elysium's inhabitants lived in a perfect age and artificial world in space, right after the ZX series, complete with no pain, war, nor famine, and all wore togas in a very Roman utopian future. Whether Refractors count as the spires, mileage may vary, yet it doesn't help the fact that the Perfect Pacifist People grew so bored that they got bored to death.

Bruno in Legends, without a doubt.

the misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

On Hard Mode, his health bar goes right off the screen. It's as huge as he is! Legends 2 is this to Legends, but that's to be expected considering its deeper plot. The Mother Units in 2, as well as their Servitors. Tron keeps falling for Volnutt whenever they meet and aren't trying to shoot each other. Sadly, he hasn't a clue. The first boss in Legends reappears as a two-armed Hammuru Doll in one of the portals.

However, it also behaves differently due to the terrain layout. Didn't Think This Through: While the Master's intentions for destroying the Master System were good he wanted to prevent the Carbons, whom he had grown to love, from being exterminatedhe conveniently forgot that, in addition to preserving the lives of Elysium's inhabitants and providing a failsafe in case of humanity's extinction, it also acted as a seal to keep the Elder System, whatever the hell the inhabitants of Elysium left behind on Terra, shut down.

It's heavily implied that whatever fresh hell the Elder System would unleash upon Terra is several orders of magnitude worse than anything the Master System could have caused. The Powered Buster in the first game. It's found very early in the game, is comparatively cheap to upgrade, and at max potential has very high range and power with usable energy. Early on it'll probably be your best weapon, but as the game progresses its slow rate of fire and slow projectile speed hurt its utility against faster and more aggressive enemies.

The Drill Arm in the second game. Once again found very early in the game, cheap to upgrade, and at max upgrades it has maxed out Attack and Energy. Against slower enemies it's absurd, able to instantly flip Kuruguru on their backs and knock the shields off of Gorubesshu, and it does high damage.

Later on though, the fact you can't move while firing it and it's non-existent range make it a bit lacking. By the end of Legends 2, Roll and Tron are trying and failing to make a space program to retrieve Mega Man, who's stuck on Elysium with Yuna who's still in Roll's mom's body and Sera — and the three of them are most likely at the mercy of the Elder System, whose Reaverbots or commands for the existing Reaverbots may be more on the "Kill All Carbons" side than the Ancients we've seen.

Used to get Mega Man to Forbidden Island. When the Bonnes are unable to get the key to the Sub Gates in the first game, Teisel attempts this by just digging his way down around the Sub Gate entrance in the Clozer Woods.

Unfortunately, the ruin elevator goes down far deeper than he expected, and he doesn't get very far before Mega Man intervenes. Though it costs a hell of a lot of money to fully upgrade, once you do, you've basically got an infinite-ammo Death Ray that can down almost all enemies, up to and including both games' Final Bossin mere seconds. The only thing that prevents it from truly being in Game-Breaker territory is that in both games, you don't gain the necessary parts to build it until you're practically at the end anyway.

The power plant in the first game. Quantum Refractors are used to power virtually all technology, and are also the Global Currency. It also justifies why almost all of the Reaverbots are Money Spiders. Even Evil Has Standards: During the siege of Saul Kada, Teisel steals the town's supplies, except the toilet paper.

the misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

That would be barbaric. And then the Bonnes save Mega Man from Juno. Killing off an island of people is too far for them. The Bonnes as villains have always been thievesnot murderers. Mega Man Juno again. Race memory from his Japanese VA having voiced Xelloss beforehand? He does, for a very short time, have his eyes open when he first awakens. Since it's a prequel, you already know Tron will be successful in Misadventures.

An unusually obvious example, with a painting in the museum directly showing the final boss battle with Juno. Roll Caskett and Tron Bonne. Gameplay and Story Integration: While the currency is still called "zenny," money in this world is not real money, but quantum refractors, which are used to generate energy.

Particularly large refractors are used to power machines, but smaller and weaker refractors are traded as money. Nobody knows how to make more refractors, but they were used to power all the Lost Technology left behind by the Ancients, including the Reaverbots.

This explains why robotic enemies in ancient ruins drop money when they explodeand why there's a Global Currency resources are scarce and everyone needs an extra refractor in case energy runs low.

Mega Man Legends 2 - Plot/Spoiler/Errata FAQ

Weapons are built from junk you scavenge, money comes from refractors found in digs. Even when buying from a store, it's implied you're just buying something another scavenger found before you did. You even find yourself checking garbage cans, just in case someone threw something you could use out. The Genie Knows Jack Nicholson: The test in the second game has questions about real world events, rather than events in the MML world.

Subjects ranged from history, pop culture, music, sports, even math questions, among others. Who is the famous Greek philosopher who expounded the theory of idealism?

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

What is the name of the underground aqueducts found in Iran? No one will know the answers to these questions without a lifetime of research on every subject or without consulting a guide. The first two games are a pair of over-the-shoulder third-person shooters with platforming and action RPG elements. Bola and Klaymoor from Legends 2. It eliminated all hardships from human existence; no war, no hunger, no disease. The people living under it were practically immortal.

However, they became so dependent on it that they literally could not survive outside the System, and they became so stagnant that most of them died out simply from losing any will to live. The last human left saw that the " Carbons " had started building a civilization of their own and had become virtually indistinguishable from real humans, so before he died he ordered Trigger to destroy the System so the Carbons could live and grow without interference, even if it meant the extinction of humanity.

Gotta Catch 'Em All: The museum exhibition pieces in the first game. Collecting them all nets you the Prism Crystal, a part that goes into building the Shining Laser. The Spread Buster in Legends 1 and 2 fires multiple bomblets in a wide horizontal spray. Upgrade the Special and Energy stats to carry up to 32 discharges of 7 explosives each. Averted; you have to pay to rebuild buildings that are destroyed in boss battles including buildings you need to complete the game.

The boss of the second subgate in Legends. A short, yellow pillar that Roll "doesn't pick up any readings" from when you first see it, a Humongous Mecha the next time you enter the room.

The Ground Crawler in Legends 2 can also home in, when properly upgraded; it fires a bomb that rolls along the ground, even traveling up wallsuntil it finds an enemy to blow up. This is extremely handy for disabling the Birdbot guard towers on Calbania Island. Mega Man uses a pair of jet-skates. Largely the province of the Reaverbots, though the Bonnes keep coming close. In terms of sheer size and firepower, Tron's masterpieces probably top even the biggest Reaverbots.

Bruno and the Gesellschaft, to name two especially colossal ones.

the misadventures of tron bonne ending relationship

Let's not forget the giant dinosaur found in Saul Kada in the second game, which is bigger than Bruno by a good margin.

The biggest so far would have to be the Colossus Reaverbot that serves as the endgame boss of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Heck, it's so big that its Hit Point bar goes off-screen. System Units are unable to act against the Master System's parameters, hence why Sera is so focused on executing the Carbon Reinitialization Program the System won't allow her to do otherwise.

It's implied that the Master was slowly able to break Trigger away from the System, hence why he was able to stop Sera from carrying out the System's orders. As for Yuna, she broke from the System when she transferred her mind to Matilda's body, so while she no longer has any control over the System, she's also no longer bound by its limitations hence why she's able to aid Trigger in destroying the System.

The beginning of the first game. Teisel Bonne The other games in the series prove that the Bonnes are competent. They're simply fighting against a highly advanced precursor combat android in the Legends games. The other games prove that Tron is competent. Bon has the excuse of being a baby. The Active Buster in the first game and its improved counterpart the Homing Missiles in the second, both of which produce a constant stream of autotracking missiles.

Like the Shining Laser, both can be upgraded to have infinite ammo and have high attack power, though not quite in the same league as the Shining Laser. The main difference is that the Active Buster is gotten late in the game and requires more money to fully upgrade than the Shining Laser, and like the Shining Laser it can only be used while standing still.

The Homing Missiles can be fired while moving and can be gotten extremely early in the game, which causes it to obsolete most of the other special weapons if sufficiently upgraded. Traditionally, the Shining Laser especially once you've sunk enough Zenny into its energy capacity to make it infinite. Easy Mode playthroughs also hand you a Buster Part that turns the default weapon into one.

The second game version of the Shining Laser turned out to be even more powerful than the first version. That's saying something, considering the original version with full upgrades could down the final boss in four seconds of fire.

Misadventures Of Tron Bonne PlayThrough Ending Part 2

Partially averted — you can blast them until they fry and turn a charred, burnt color. After which you can kick them for health. The first game has the Blue Sharukurusu in the Lake Ruins. As if the regular green versions weren't tough enough alreadythese blue ones will remain invisible until they are near you.

Which is probably a few seconds away from impaling you. Nothings screams "Nightmare Fuel" when you hear Reaverbot footsteps and you can't see the enemy until it's too late. Thankfully, they can't jump, and the room they're in has platforms to snipe at them from.

An odd non-romantic example. Players can choose freely among the three stage types at any time, but each level may only be cleared once.

Ending for Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Sony Playstation)

The only exception is the Nakkai Ruins, which can be explored anytime, however the player may only collect Diana's Tear by defeating the boss once afterwards the boss room will be empty.

Instrumental in the game's story is the interaction between Tron and her army of forty loyal Servbots. Each Servbot is given a personality and a few other traits, and the player's investigation and interaction is rewarded with money for the loan, additional parts and weapons for the Gustaff, or other assistance.

Servbots also play a role during the adventure and action stages limited to seven, three or one, depending on the type, generally one leading the others, and called "sniper"assisting Tron in her quest by ransacking houses or defeating minor threats as the situation and their individual skills warrant. A Servbot's skills may be increased by putting him through training exercises attack and speedgoing on missions brains or by disciplining him in the Torture Room thus lowering the sloth level ; in both cases, the effect of the action is determined by a minigame.

Some Servbots learn their special skill once their skills reach a high enough level, whilst others learn it as soon as they're given a certain special item. Plot[ edit ] The family's leader, Teisel Bonne, seeks an ancient ruin the Nakkai Ruins to try and uncover a gigantic and highly valuable Refractor Diana's Tear. He has a short rendezvous with Bon Bonne, but he and Bon are quickly subdued and captured by Glyde, a rival air pirate in the service of Mr. Tron finds out that the money used to build the Bonnes' flying fortress was funded by Mr.

Loath, and can only watch helplessly, having chosen to act as Spotter for the mission. After discovering that Teisel defaulted on his 1, zenny loan, she realises that she has no choice but to pay off the loan, or Teisel and Bon will not be seen again. Seeing no other options, Tron suits up in a custom Gustaff mecha and, along with her army of 40 identical Servbots, begins her quest to pay the ransom through any means possible; especially by theft.

During repeated bank robberies, Tron meets and to an extent, befriends officer Denise Marmalade, who repeatedly fails to stop her, even when engaging Tron in her own police-issue mecha. In the caves, the Servbots find the three Aurora Stones, help the restless spirit of a man that died trying to find the Fountain of Youth which was, in fact, a primitive form of root beerand help two Diggers fall in love. And in the ruins, Tron explores for valuable artifacts, including Diana's Tear which Teisel was meant to find.

After various adventures, Tron brings the one million zenny to Mr. Loath, who then claims that Teisel also owes interest on his loan, to the sum of two million zenny.