Thailand and germany relationship

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thailand and germany relationship

The new German ambassador to Thailand, Peter Prügel, talks about the on a successful history of more than years of bilateral relations. Pages in category "Germany–Thailand relations". The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). We learned more about the Ambassador's personal career, her views on relations between Thailand and Germany and her take on cultural.

The recovery of this lost territory and the regime's apparent victory over a European colonial power greatly enhanced Phibun's reputation. They were able to expand their influence in both Thailand and Indochina.

The Japanese intention was to use Thailand and Indochina as their military base to invade Burma and Malaya in the future. The film carried a propaganda message from anti-war interests in Thailand: Thailand should remain neutral, only going to war to defend its sovereignty against foreign invaders. War comes to Thailand[ edit ] Main articles: The Thais were given two hours to respond, [12] but the Thai government didn't have any response.

On 8 December Japan invaded Thailand. After several hours of fighting between Thai and Japanese troops, Thailand acceded to Japanese demands for passage through the country for Japanese forces invading Burma and Malaya.

Phibun assured the country that the Japanese action was pre-arranged with a sympathetic Thai government. Thailand was rewarded for Phibun's close co-operation with Japan during the early years of war with the return of further territory that had once been under Bangkok's control, namely the four northernmost Malay states after the Malayan Campaign.

German-Thai Business Relations

Death Railway On 21 Decembera mutual offensive-defensive alliance pact between the two countries was signed. To promote greater military and economic co-operation, Pridi was removed from the cabinet and offered a seat on the politically impotent Regency Council of the absent kingwhich he subsequently accepted.

thailand and germany relationship

Allied Bombing of Thailand[ edit ] Main article: With this added pressure, the Phibun Government decided to declare war on the Allies.

The Thais, who loathed the idea of being treated on the same level as the two Japanese puppet regimes, Manchukuo and Wang Jingwei regime initially resisted, but ultimately the Japanese had their way. This section may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards.

thailand and germany relationship

The discussion page may contain suggestions. May Thai resentment on this issue lasted throughout the war, however, and resulted in Phibun refusing to attend the following year's Greater East Asia Conference.

thailand and germany relationship

Accordingly, the United States did not declare war on Thailand. Seni was able to achieve this because the State Department decided to act as if Seni continued to represent Thailand, enabling him to draw on Thai assets frozen by the United States.

Siamese revolution of The landing of French troops in Bangkok and Mergui led to strong nationalistic movements in Siam directed by the Mandarin and Commander of the Elephant Corps, Phra Petratcha. In AprilPhaulkon requested military help from the French in order to neutralize the plot. Desfarges responded by leading 80 troops and 10 officers out of Bangkok to the Palace in Lopburi[8] but he stopped on the way in Ayutthaya and finally abandoned his plan and retreated to Bangkok for fear of being attacked by Siamese rebels and deterred by false rumors that the king had already died.

Six French officers were captured in Lopburi and mobbed, one of them dying as a result. Phra Phetracha was crowned king on 1 August. They ultimately returned to Pondicherry by way of Madras. Siege of Bangkok[ edit ] Main article: Siege of Bangkok Siege of Bangkok. The village of Bangkok lower left corner, M is today's Thonburi. After a month in the Cape, the prisoners were sent to Zeeland where they were kept at the prison of Middelburg.

They were able to return to France through a general exchange of prisoners. He met with Kosa Pannow Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the new King Phetrachabut the meeting remained purely formal and led to nothing. He was succeeded by Bishop Louis of Cice — The rest of the century consisted in persecutions by the Siamese or by the Burmese invaders. Between anda French group of gunners led by Chevalier Milard participated to the Burmese invasions of Siam, as an elite corps of the Burmese army.

A treaty was signed on 15 Augustto facilitate trade, guarantee religious freedom, and grant French warships access to Bangkok. Under the orders of Napoleon III, French gunships under Rigault de Genouilly attacked the port of Da Nang incausing significant damage, and holding the city for a few months. InFrance and King Norodom of Cambodia signed a treaty of protection with France, which transferred the country from Siamese and Vietnamese overlordship to French colonial rule.

A new treaty was signed between France and Siam on 15 July Franco-Siamese war [ edit ] Main article: Franco-Siamese War of Siamese army in the disputed territory of Laos Territorial conflict in the Indochinese peninsula for the expansion of French Indochina led to the Franco-Siamese War of In the French authorities in Indochina used border disputes, such as the Grosgurin affair and the Paknam naval incidentto provoke a crisis.

You have had a very successful career.

From GERMANY to THAILAND - Travel Vlog 12

From these different but influential positions, which have you found to be the most challenging? Well, when you ask about what is my most challenging position, I would say working as an ambassador of Thailand to European countries.

Thailand is far away from Europe, and we are not a powerful country, just medium sized country. So working in Europe sometimes is not easy, particularly when we want to attract more business and investment from abroad.

Therefore, we have to work hard to promote economic and business exchanges between Thailand and Germany, as well as between Southeast Asia and Europe.

Germany: A long-standing partner of Thailand

In particular, Southeast Asia is becoming a single economic community. European business coming to Asia always focuses on China, Japan, and Korea.

thailand and germany relationship

We need a lot of effort to convince German business that their business presence in ASEAN will be mutually beneficial.

Another challenging task for me as an ambassador is promoting the mutual understanding between our two countries. As an ambassador, we have different levels to work with, i. Their views and opinions can affect the atmosphere of our bilateral relations. You have been the Ambassador of Thailand to Germany here in Berlin since How have you enjoyed the position so far and what has been the main focus of your work since you started?

I have been here for four years and two months. I learned a lot during my stay here; Germany is a model for Thailand in many things: There are a lot of things to learn for developing countries like Thailand. Thailand and Germany have had diplomatic relations for years. The main focus of my work is how to move this relationship forward, how to make our relationship stronger and meaningful.

We have to find common ground and bring more dynamism to our bilateral relations.

thailand and germany relationship

In the past few years, the area of cooperation which we actively promote is vocational education. This is an area that Thailand need a lot of improvement.